Sleep When The Baby Sleeps? YEAH RIGHT

If you’re a parent, then odds are you have heard this little gem more than a few times from well-meaning advice-givers: “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” It’s the cute, pat little advice that new moms often hear at baby showers. The idea here is that, if you sleep when the baby sleeps, you end up …

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Will Crib Toys Ruin Your Baby’s Sleep?

A question we hear fairly often from parents is whether or not it’s okay to put toys or aquariums in the baby’s crib. Lots of us use these kinds of crib toys as a way to entertain our babies, or to give them something to do after they wake up from sleep (in the hopes …

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Can You Teach Your Baby to Sleep On The Go?

If you’re a mom who thinks a lot about your baby’s sleep (and if you’re a Baby Sleep Site reader, you probably are), then you know that having a predictable, consistent schedule in place can go a long way towards helping your baby establish good sleep patterns. In fact, our sample baby schedules are some …

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