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  1. Jules says

    My eldest was reliable at falling asleep in the car but would only ever sleep 35 mins. We just learnt to live with it. My youngest is less reliable at falling asleep and if he does often only sleeps 20 mins which is more of a problem. I had already thought for our next journey we should take a break just before we want him to sleep as I find it’s worse if we’ve been in the car a long time before sleep time so I will definitely try that. Luckily he doesn’t cry, he just doesn’t sleep! Another tip we’ve used when possible is to have big brother travel in a different car so he’s not distracted, but that’s not always possible! Thanks for a great article.

    • Katherine Benskey says

      @Jules You are right-some babies are just better at sleeping in the car than others! My little ones hated the carseat and would never fall asleep in it until they were toddlers. I wish I would have had this article then! Siblings can be great distractions in the car on long car rides, but when it comes to falling asleep it can be easier if they are not there as a playmate.

      Thanks for commenting and good luck on your trip!