Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. meryle says

    my son is 5 month.but he doesnt sleep wel at night.wake up like 4 to 5 times at night.he wake up by 5am and wouldnt sleep till after bating by 8am.pls wat can i do to make him sleep through out the night.

  2. Jill says

    Sylvia – I also live in Taiwan and took my daughter to Canada three years ago when she was 4.5 months old. She already had a reasonable routine and we were going to BC so it was 15 hours different. Anyway, my husband and I decided to stay on Taiwan time the whole visit since it was only a week. I moved my watch to Canadian time but he kept his on Taiwan time so we could tell what our daughter needed next. We mostly stayed on Taiwan time as well. It sounded strange to our relatives, but worked out great! Most people had to go to work or run errands during the day anyway, so we could sleep in. We were able to visit in the afternoons and evenings and she was ready to be awake and alert most of that time. We could even have visits late into the night (Canada time) and she could be part of it. It was a little boring for us in the dead of the night when we had a feeding and we were still awake too but for one week it was worth it to keep her on an even keel.

  3. sylvia says

    Just curious what you can recommend about extreme jetlag situations? We are currently living in Taiwan and will be traveling back to Canada for a weeks holiday visit. I’m so nervous about dealing with a 12 hour time difference and a 6 month old baby! We’re thinking of trying to force him onto the new time as quickly as possible… but I just don’t know how successful that will be. Any thoughts?

  4. Alan Slater says

    Travelling with babies and toddlers can sometimes be a bit tricky to say the least, familiarity is quite an important thing, we found that being involved with time shares whilst our childern were small made the whole family holiday thing much easier

  5. melissa says

    My son is getting to the point where he’s almost outgrown the pack n play but is still not quite ready for a toddler bed yet. when we travel he always seems so uncomfortable in the pack n play, but when we travel to grandma’s house she bought him an additional porta-crib mattress that is 3″ thick and much easier for him to get settled than on the thin little mattress pad that comes with the pack n play. It has made the difference for us in having him sleep better when away from his crib! It’s not very portable (doesn’t fold up) but we just keep that at her house and use it when we are there.

    • Nicole says

      @Melissa Thank you for sharing your thicker mattress tip!

  6. Nicole says

    Traveling to a “foreign” place is an adjustment, even for adults. The best thing you can do is follow all of the tips here, but some babies will be more sensitive to changes in routine, including where they are. Typically it should only be a few days adjustment when you get back home. He probably doesn’t like the mattress compared to the one he has at home, so maybe a better portable crib would work better, but all in all, he will most likely travel better when he gets older and the more you do it. Good luck!

  7. None says

    Hi there. Our 7 month old boy. Sleeps great at home. When we go away for the weekend, however, the sleep pattern goes out the window. His naps are still ok. And he still goes to sleep very easily and at the same routine time. However, he wakes up about 2 hours later and will not go back to sleep unless he is picked up and held. After which, we wakes up about every half hour — to be held again. The only way we have found to have him sleep for longer periods on the road is for him to sleep in our bed. This isn’t really sustainable for us.

    Any thoughts? We use a pack n play with a thicker porta crib mattress.