Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Annie says

    My 9 week old is hard to get to sleep for naps. She stiffens and kicks when I try to rock or pat her to sleep as well as flail her arms and cry/scream. Setting her down in crib, bassinet, or swing doesn’t work either. Help!

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Annie, thank you for your comment. I am sorry your 9 week old has been resisting her naps. If you haven’t already, you may find our free guide with 15 facts about newborn sleep helpful to you. You can sign up to receive the free ebook here: There are additional links within the article for further reading. Hang in there! It can take some time for babies to get the hang of napping on their own, I have been there with my babies in the past as well, so I know how tough it is. I hope this helps!

  2. Debbye says

    Hi Sana,
    I am sorry things are so rough! I hope things have improved in the last few days, but feel free to take a break if you are feeling overwhelmed with nap training. You will want to stick with your plan for at least one straight week before deciding if it is working and before tweaking the plan. After a week- if things have not improved, change the plan a little here and there, nap times, routines, and try again! Have you read our free nap guide?
    If things continue to be rough, or for more one on one help, you may want to consider a sleep consultation package.
    Good luck!!!

  3. Sana says

    Dear Nicole,

    I just started CIO with my 10 month old. The nights went surprisingly well, however naps are terrible. Before I started sleep training he used to nap in his swing. The first day of naps actually went well, then downhill from there. The first day he cried 2 mins and then slept for 30-40 mins for both naps. The second day he did not nap at all, and cried the full hour. (I am following the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby book). Today is the 4th day and there has been NO improvement. He is still crying for 1 hour until I get him.

    I am really worried that this will effect his nightime. At least right now, nights are well. He went from being a co-sleeper and waking several times in the night just to latch on (used me as a pacifier) to now sleeping through the night. He does wake up 2-3 times and cries it out though.

    I feel like quitting already. He is not napping AT ALL, that means no sleep at all. How long is it healthy to continue this?!

    I have darkened the room…am considering darkening it even more with another curtain!

    I don’t know if I will be able to continue this for more than a week, only because I am very concerned that not getting any daytime sleep will mess his nights up.

    please help! i’m ready to go back to the swing for naps…

  4. Kristy says

    I am wondering if Nicole, or any other moms out there, have any advice regarding problem nappers in Daycare.

    My 10 month old sleeps well at night pretty consistently (an average of 10 hrs/night, usually from around 8pm to 6am), but has always been a terrible napper. For most of her little life, she would fight being put down for naps terribly, and when I could get her down at home she would only stay asleep for 20-30 minutes. It was incredibly frustrating for me, because I strongly felt that having a consistent nap schedule/routine would help her a great deal, but I was not able to implement one with her being in Daycare full time all week. At around 9 months she finally turned a corner at home, and almost out of nowhere started going down much easier (with the routine, in her quiet room) and staying asleep much longer. However, this has not carried over to Daycare.

    She is a very strong willed and active little girl. The ladies at Daycare tell me she still fights her naps there, and is very interested in and distracted by everything going on around her. Her average day contains maybe 2 30 minute naps. Some days are better, some are even worse. So, many evenings I get to pick up an exhausted little crabapple. It’s so frustrating to have our limited time together on the weekdays often be difficult because she hasn’t napped all day. I am over the moon that we finally made progress at home, I just don’t know what to do with the Daycare situation. Any suggestions?

  5. Cristina says

    Lori, I think if a baby your age (1 year) sleeps 14 hours a day, 2 for nap and 12 for night time it will be enough. If you put him to sleep at 5:30, it is very normal to wake up at 5:30am. I would put him to sleep an hour later. This is what I did with my first son and it worked perfect. He napped in the middle of the day, from 11 to 1pm and by 6:30 he was ready for bed until 6:30am. What do you think Nicole??

  6. Lori says

    I think my 1-year-old is one of those that just doesn’t like to nap. However, he is very sensitive to being overtired as well, so we’ve had to work on it. Up until about a week ago, he was doing very well with his nap schedule. However, just before his first birthday, he started refusing his afternoon nap. He just fusses in his crib for the entire hour! His morning nap has gone from 1.5 hours to 2 hours or more, but getting him to bedtime (which is now 5:30) is a hassle, and he is waking up between 5am and 5:30 which is hard on me since he is still night feeding. I’m logging his sleep this week to see if I can pick up on something and possibly shorten the morning nap in the hopes of keeping the afternoon nap. Just one question: do bedtimes ever get later? The older my son gets, the earlier his bedtime becomes. I can’t imagine moving it any earlier than 5:30!

  7. Cristina says

    Nicole….having a 5 month old and a two years and 7 months toddler is NOT EASY!! especially trying to follow sleep routines and naps. With my 2 year old, he can fall sleep for his nap easy by 1pm, but then sleeping at night is hard for him. I have tried every possible scenario: nap earlier, nap only 1 hour, rest time, no nap at all….last two are the ones that actually get him to go to bed around 7:30pm, however he always has a tantrum by 5 or 6pm because he is so tired….

  8. Jill says

    My 2 1/2 year old won’t fall asleep until you tell him to do so. Even after we read our books and sing our songs, we still need to tell him it’s time for bed and he needs to go to sleep.

    • Nicole says

      @Jill What a good listener you have there! 🙂 So interesting he won’t go to sleep until told to do so. It reminds us that sometimes we have to have a role and not just follow their lead. Thank you for commenting!

      @Cristina Juggling two kids is definitely challenging, I understand!! 2 1/2 is a tough age, too. It’s a common age for a later bedtime, too, especially in the summer. Have you tried a later bedtime but normal size nap?

      @Lori This is a common issue at 11 or 12 months, actually. In case you missed it, here is my article about that here: . He may be getting ready to transition to one nap, soon, or this may just be a phase, so don’t rush too quickly to stop offering the afternoon nap. If he is transitioning, move his morning nap a bit later, so it’s more in the middle of the day just as Cristina mentioned. And, yes, bedtimes definitely get later, eventually! If only we can have a bedtime before 9 p.m. but I think those days are gone for us. Maybe when the kids start school and my youngest finally stops napping. 🙂

      @Kristy Oh I completely understand your frustration! When our eldest was in daycare he pretty much stopped napping at daycare around 8 months. We then hired a nanny to stay home, instead, but of course I know that’s not an option for everyone. At daycare there is so much activity and things to distract from sleeping, so I don’t have a silver bullet, unfortunately. I would continue to talk with the daycare workers about things they can do to help her nap there, possibly changing the times they are trying. I promise it will get better once she transitions to a room where they all nap at the same time, which will most likely be at 12 months. Toddlers typically begin to nap much better (even better than home sometimes!) when “everyone is doing it” and the room is darkened and it’s much less exciting to lay on a cot staring at the ceiling. 🙂 Hang in there and good luck!