Baby Night Lights Do’s and Don’ts (And Night Light Recommendations)

Baby Night Lights Do's and Don’ts

Lots of parents assume that a night light is one of those baby essentials that every nursery requires. After all, a well-placed night light can reduce the fumbling usually associated with middle-of-the-night diaper changes and feedings. But is a night light distracting to your baby? Do you really need one? What kind of night light …

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Vacation With Baby/Toddler: How To Preserve Sleep AND Have Fun!

As you may know, an overtired child can ruin even the happiest of vacations in a snap. (Just visit Disney World and you’ll see what I mean….soooooo many crying and exhausted children in the Happiest Place on Earth!) But what if I told you that you didn’t have to sacrifice vacation fun in order to …

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Traveling With A Baby or Toddler: Your Holiday/Vacation Sleep Guide

Who doesn’t want to get out once in a while?! While the fun of holidays and vacations, gifts and treats, parties and family time is certainly exciting, I know exactly what a lot of you are worrying over right about now: “How are all the late nights and schedule disruptions and long days spent at …

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11 Holiday Baby Sleep Tips

With the holidays upon us, many parents wonder and worry about their baby or toddler’s sleep, particularly during visits from family or holiday traveling. Here are several things to keep in mind for this holiday season. Jump to Visitors | Jump to Travel Baby Sleep and Traveling First and foremost, the holidays and traveling, in …

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