Traveling With A Baby or Toddler: Your Holiday/Vacation Sleep Guide

Traveling With A Baby or Toddler

Who doesn’t want to get out once in a while?! While the fun of holidays and vacations, gifts and treats, parties and family time is certainly exciting, I know exactly what a lot of you are worrying over right about now: “How are all the late nights and schedule disruptions and long days spent at Grandma’s going to affect my little one’s sleep?”

Not to worry, parents – whether you’re heading to a pool party or a ski run, we have done a ton of writing on this very topic! And to make your travel preparations even easier, we’ve compiled all of those past articles here. Think of this as your one-stop holiday sleep guide!

Traveling With A Baby or Toddler: Your Holiday Sleep Guide

Take a look at the articles below, and get insights on everything from how to help your baby nap in an unfamiliar place to info on dealing with jet lag to managing schedule disruptions due to special events. Take a look!

Learn how holiday traveling, special occasions, loads of treats, and different-than-usual daytime and nighttime schedules will impact your little one’s sleep.

Read tips on how to promote sleep during long road or airplane trips, as well as info on how to make the trip go more smoothly for everyone!

This one outlines info on both managing sleep during traveling, AND how to handle holiday visitors who may unintentionally ruin your little one’s sleep schedule.

The title of this one says it all! Learn what we think about keeping your baby or toddler up late for special holiday parties and events.

This last article doesn’t come from our site – but it’s written by a family that we just love! We did a sleep consultation with them a while back, and totally admire their commitment to traveling with kids. Read info on how to deal with jet lag and time changes (along with a host of other things) when traveling with little ones.

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