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  1. Jess says

    I guess I’m not alone…my ten month old (almost 11 months) has been sleeping through the night forever 7pm-6am usually. When the time changed he got messed up and started waking at 5am but we deal with that ok. He doesnt have an issue falling asleep alone, I just put him in his bed and he goes to sleep. He just started really walking and now has been waking up at least once during the night screaming…I mean screaming. The first time I thought it was a bad dream so I got up and rocked him…now its happening at least 4 or 5 times a week and I don’t want to start a bad pattern. If I give him a bottle and rock he will go back to sleep. We tried to let him “cry it out” but after thirty full minutes of screaming I couldnt take it anymore. (example: bed @ 7 woke up at 3:45…I let him cry until about 4:20 or so then gave him a bottle..he was asleep by 5am and didnt wake up until 7..) What can we do so I don’t start a bad nighttime habit? He’s always been so good. He naps an hour or so around 9 and then two hours around 2. I’ve thought about only one nap but if he is up by 5am or 6am I cant get rid of the am nap. Would it be better to just feed him when he wakes up and then put him back to sleep? He may sleep in later so we can try only an afternoon nap?

  2. Monica Harely says

    I’m glad to have found this site. I’ve been reading about helping babies sleep before my daughter was born, and can say we’ve been decently successful. However, my 10 month old seems to only get maybe 12 hours of sleep a day, and since what is lost is overnight (well, usually EARLY morning) I’m desperate for a way to help her sleep longer so I can feel rested, too! Our schedule is pretty regular:

    6:00 – breastfeeding, get up out of bed
    7:30 – cereal with a little fruit
    9-10 – morning nap
    10:30 – snack (1/2 banana or the like)
    12:00 – lunch, solids (veggies)
    2-3 – afternoon nap
    5:00 – dinner of solids
    6:30 – breastfeeding
    7:00 – in bed asleep

    I also let her nurse on demand, which might be another 1-2 times a day (though she really doesn’t seem to take much milk during them)

    BUT, here is where the trouble begins. On a GOOD night, she starts waking up at 5 or 5:30. On a BAD night, she starts waking at 4am. It’s crying almost in her sleep and comes and goes maybe 5-10 minutes apart and then at 5:30 it picks up as she wakes herself up enough that I need to go get her. I’ve tried breastfeeding and back to bed, but after the feeding she’s usually more alert and we’re up. If I don’t go to her, I *might* get her to fall back asleep and be up at the 5:30, or maybe even 6am. On the worst nights, she’s sleeping and crying on and off from 4 am until 6, and I don’t sleep past 4 am at all.

    She’s such a good sleeper otherwise, I can’t figure out what would help her sleep in the mornings. With this schedule she’s getting 11-12 hours where it seems 10 months old need more.

    Any ideas? Should I try going to one nap? On a recent travel day, she didn’t get her 2 hour long naps and ended up sleeping until 6:30am…that was such a treat!

    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences — it always feels better knowing you’re not alone!

  3. Wheetie says

    Hello 🙂

    I don’t know if “nice” is the word to use, but it’s “nice” to read comments from other hair-pulling moms to know I am not alone!

    Sleep seems to be the biggest struggle for most moms I know. It’s like “you’re dead tired, why won’t you just roll over, close your eyes and go to sleep!!”. I find that my boy is fine to have a nap during the day, often out for 1-2 hours two times a day, but he seems to know when he’s going down for bed time and makes a big fuss, often crying out just because he doesn’t want to go to sleep. I find that leaving him for 10 minutes often helps and he does go to sleep on his own. Me going in there and picking him up gets him what he wants (a hug) but then the crying starts all over again when I put him down and so two times the amount of fussing isn’t really helping! So it’s a case of definitely toughening up and trying to let him get to sleep himself.

    I read your list of servings per day and WOAH – that’s a lot of food! I am still breastfeeding and his schedule is usually like so:
    7am – wake and breastfeed, bit of raisin toast
    9am – nap
    11am – 3 tablespoons baby muesli with milk
    12pm – half banana
    1pm – nap
    3pm – late lunch with half a jar (about 90 grams) of baby food like beef and veggies (he doesn’t have teeth yet so “grown up” food is a bit hard! Dessert will be about 100g custard/fruit gel. Usually after 2 hours of being awake he will want breastmilk. I’ve been trying to get him onto cows milk (he’ll take about 30 ml but then still come looking for me!)
    5pm – sometimes he’ll have a 1/2 hour nap, sometimes not
    6pm – dinner with again about 90 grams baby food and 100g custard
    7pm – breastmilk and bedtime shortly afterwards
    In between, he’ll have crackers and things to snack on. I do try to offer more but he just shuts his mouth up and refuses to take any more!

    So there is NO WAY that he is consuming as much as your servings suggest, but he is a good height/weight, happy and not crying out of hunger… it really sounds like a lot of food and I’m not sure if everyone else’s kid is like mine, but he won’t stay in the chair long enough to be fed that amount of stuff! It just sounds like they spend their awake time eating and not so much playing…unless I my boy is just more interested in playing than eating…? Does everyone else’s 10 month old eat that much…? So I’m not “worried’ that he’s malnourished or anything, but reading things like this certainly make me question where he’s at food wise!

  4. Britney says

    Hi, my almost 10 month old girl wakes ever night at least every 1-3 hours. She will always fall back asleep right away with the breast. But we are not letting her have that anymore as we don’t want her dependant on it to fall asleep. She never did take a bottle so I am still BF, she sorta drinks from a cup but wont take it at night. She doesnt want a pacifier ethor. I don’t want to not feed her as she is small already, only 16 lbs. I don’t know if she is waking up because she is hungry. She only eats little bits when she has solid food during the day.
    She usually wakes between 6-8 a.m and usually has her first nap an hour or 2 later, and she only sleeps for 30 min, unless I am right beside her the whole time. Otherwise she can sleep for up to an hour and a half with me there. Her next nap isn’t untill between 12-2 p.m and again only for 30 min unless I am there. I don’t sleep with her because I want her to get used to sleeping alone. I do once in a while when I am very tired and want a good nap myself!
    I try to get her to so sleep during the day more and she wont, she just cries in her crib or squirms in my arms. She has never slept during the night for more then 3 hours. We are very tired and need any suggestions-thnx
    What can I do to get her to sleep better during the night and for her naps?

    • Nicole says

      @Britney I’d need to know how it’s going helping your daughter learn to fall asleep without the breast. Make sure you don’t replace one sleep association with another. I have lots of suggestions all across this site and in my books. The key is to make a plan that you can stick to to help her fall asleep on her own. Good luck!

  5. Jennifer says

    We had the hardest time putting him down to sleep last night due to teething and just not wanting to go to sleep, he finally had to cry a little and get rocked. He went to bed finally at 11:00pm. He woke at 3:30 for a bottle and went back tilll 7:30 this morning. It is almost 10:00am and he is having a nap. He is really hard to put down at night now. But, I think he did good as far as your advice went (waiting till 4:00am). Now if we can only get him back to getting to sleep by no later than 9:00pm.

  6. Jennifer says

    Is it normal for an almost 10 month old to still wake up for feedings 1-2 times a night? I was told he should be sleeping throught the night. He goes to bed anywhere from 9-10pm. He wakes at 1-3 am and then finally wakes up for the day at 7-9 am.

    • Nicole says

      @Jennifer Feeding once a night at 10 months isn’t too outlandish, but feeding twice is probably more habit. I would try to delay the feedings until you are at least at a single feeding after 4 a.m., which is definitely reasonable for a 10-month old. Sometimes just breaking the habit of the first feeding will lead to sleeping all night, so it’s definitely worth a try! Here is my article on night-feedings and how I view “reasonable” feedings by age. https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/night-feedings-by-age-when-do-you-night-wean/ I don’t agree that all babies can sleep all night by any particular age or weight. Hope this helps and good luck!

  7. Leanne Bowen says

    Hi, i have a problem with 10 month old baby he will go to sleep on his own with a story and sleeps in a grobay, the story is read to him when he is is his crib. he will fall to sleep within a few minutes, however after about an hour he wakes and cries, i have tried reassuring him and then leaving him to cry then going back, but he just continues crying sometimes he will go back to sleep, only to start again in half an hour. Me and my husband both work full days so have to get up in a morning, so we have taken to having our son in bed with us to get some sleep, he sleeps fine like this. he naps in the day fo about an hour to half an hour once a day then will not go for another nap. he used to sleep perectly but this has been happening for the past 6 weeks please help!!

    • Nicole says

      @Leanne 10 months is a common trouble age but since it’s been happening for 6 weeks, it sounds like you need to change your routines. I’d need to know more details about your son’s routines and schedule and what you’ve tried so far. You might want to consider a personalized consultation. I hope to hear from you!

  8. Marisol says

    my problem with my 10 mth old daughter is that she will only take a 30 min. nap twice a day…. it used to be twenty min. and has recently jumped to 30. at night she goes to sleep at 7 and usually wakes up four hours later, i soothe her, she goes back to sleep for another 40 min. and the pattern begins yet again until i give up and put her in bed with me. i have also noticed that during naps if she is in bed with me she can sleep up to an hour and a half. what can i do to get her to sleep longer in her crib. thanks!

    • Nicole says

      @Marisol Your nighttime problems sound like your daughter has a sleep association and needs “help” to fall asleep. The key to better night sleep (and probably daytime too) is to help her learn to fall asleep on her own. Mostly it takes practice practice practice. None of us get better at something without having to do it. It’s also about changing expectations. If she expects to sleep next to you all night and day, she will start to feel she “needs” to in order to sleep well. If co-sleeping is not what you want, you want to encourage her to sleep more on her own. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  9. Mandy says

    My daughter turns 10 months next week. She is just now learning how to go from laying to a sitting position and sitting to pull herself up to standing. It has been a reall rough few days getting her to lay down for naps and bedtime. She will not stay laying down. Yesterday she was in her crib whining and crying (but obviously really tired!) for over an hour and I finally just got her up because I didnt know how else to get her to sleep.
    She usually sleeps 7pm-8am and naps from 10-11:30am and 2:30-3pm. Yesterday she only slept from 1:15-2… the entire day she only had 45 mins of sleep. She slept well lastnight and woke up at 9:15, obviously because she was catching up on sleep from yesterday.

    What do you suggest for an active baby who won’t settle? how long do I try to get her to fall asleep before I go in and get her up again?

    Thanks in Advance!!

    • Nicole says

      @Mandy This is a common problem at this age when the developmental milestones start coming very rapidly for awhile. It sounds like you did great! I’m sure she’s past this phase, now, but in general I say to try for a nap for an hour and if she doesn’t sleep, get her up and try again an hour later. Be careful about letting her sleep in too much because that can become the new norm. There is only so much sleep to be had in 24 hours, so if she’s getting too much sleep at night, she might not want to take naps. Don’t get me wrong, I’d let her “catch up” for a few days, but much past that and you might have more problems. Good luck!

  10. Shoukie says

    Hi!I have a 10month old and he’s sleeping paterns are diff every day. he mostly goes to sleep around 11pm sleeps till 1am and drinks breast almost right through the nite he drinks 2and a half bottles of formula during the day but i only make it till100ml cos most of the time we must make fresh bottle then it will be standing for 4hours he will rather drink breast then formula (And iam working so its hard ) he gets up 6am in the morning