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  1. Rani says:

    Hi iam rani i have 10 months old baby girl

    Her Schedule is

    7AM – wake up
    7:15 – breakfast or Bottel milk 2oz
    8.15 – Break fast (Fruit) and Bath
    9.30 – Bottel milk 4oz
    10-11 – Sleep
    1:30 – Bottel milk 4oz
    2:00-3:30 – nap 2
    4:00 – Small snack(Fruits)
    5:30 – Bottle Milk 2 oz.
    7:00PM – Dinner & Bath
    9 – Sleep time + milk 3 or 4 oz

    But there is a one problem she sleeps at 9pm and she woke up at 9.40 pm immidiatly and she plays 1hr and she sleeps at 10:30 pm again i try to stop that one but she cannot stop playing and shouting in night time .

    1.Do i want to change Schedule ?
    2.how to control baby’s shouting and playing at night?

    i want she sleeps at 8pm but how i can do that one
    3.how to increase her sleeping hours at night time?

    she allways shouts very loudly
    4.how to cotrol her shoutings?

    Please advise me
    Many thanks

  2. Harvey says:


    Please could I get some advice? My 10 month old daughter’s routine if you can can it that, has changed much over the past few months but now it has settled into something along the lines of the following-

    Wakes between 6-7 (noisy house and also it really depends on how much sleep she had the day before)

    Short time after waking she has small amount of milk, around 3ozs to take the edge off I think

    Has breakfast- porridge usually – at 9ish

    A further milk feed (about 3-4 ozs) before morning nap around 11ish

    She sleeps around 1.5 hours

    Lunch – jar of solids – is around 2ish

    Snacks, such as fruit or small milk feed around 4

    Late afternoon nap at 4.30ish – recently taken to sleeping 1.5-2hours

    Wakes then dinner at 7-7.30

    Milk before bedtime around 4ozs but not always wanted

    Bedtime is anything from 9-10.30pm.

    She has always been a late sleeper and 9pm for her I feel is a reasonable bedtime provided she does not nap too late and too long. Problem is that her grandmother looks after her at home whilst I am at work and she has got baby into the mutually convenient little habit of sleeping up to 4 hours in the day, so she can get on with her housework in peace!! Baby not having been a big sleeper ever, this is too much for her I know. Is this leading to the late bedtime?

    Please advise!! Many thanks x

  3. Deepa says:

    My boy is soon gonna be 10 months old . he was sleeping peacefully through the night but lately for the past 4-5 days he gets up in the middle of the night and cries for 2 hrs before going back to sleep. His schedule is:-
    9.00 am- 4 ounces of formula
    10.00 am- 1 slice of french toast
    10.40 a.m- 2 ounces of formula

    sleeps for half an hour

    11.30 a.m- 2 ounces of formula
    1.00 a.m- oats and apple

    sleeps for one hour

    3.00 p.m – 2 ounces of formula
    sometimes sleeps back for an hour

    5.00 p.m- 5 ounces of formula
    6.30 p.m- banana, orange and more seasonal fruit
    9.00 p.m- dinner ( steamed rice with veggies)

    sleeps by 10.00 pm. wakes up in the middle of the night:( and is cranky for 2 hrs before getting back to sleep

    Please advise.

  4. Izabela says:

    I forgot to mention that she usually naps between 1:30-3:30 for about 1 hour

  5. Izabela says:

    My daughter is 10 months old and she has never slept thru the night. We are exhausted! She use to wake up 2 times a night, but now that I started giving her formula mixed with cereal she wakes up only once (sometime between 12-2 am).

    6:30 am wake & formula (4oz)
    7:30 am yogurt or cereal
    9:30 am nap (about 2 hours)
    11:30 am wake & formula (4oz)
    1:30 pm yogurt juice (4oz)
    3:30 pm formula (4oz)
    5:30 pm dinner + fruit (1 1/2 of container combined)
    7:15 pm bath
    7:45 pm formula with cereal (4oz)
    8 pm sleep
    between 12 am-2 am formula with cereal (4oz) – she usually has a difficult time falling asleep, her bed or even our bed doesn’t make a difference, so I guess it is not because she feels lonely.

    A month ago when we started mixing the bedtime bottle with cereal she stopped waking up the second time, it use to be at 4-5 am.

    Could this be because she only eats 4 oz at a time? Shouldn’t she be eating 6-8 oz by now? We started introducing solids when she was 6 months old and she loved it! But, now, for the past month or two it has been very difficult to have her eat solids, she prefers a bottle.

    What can we do????????? What are we doing wrong???????

    • Debbye says:

      Hi Izabela-
      Sometimes a snack right before bedtime can help babies sleep longer IF they’re waking from hunger. Try a snack before bed, although she sounds picky, give her a high protein snack that she enjoys, like yogurt and cereal or crackers and cheese…
      Have you tried some sleep training to stop the midnight waking? She may not be hungry but just used to getting that bottle….

      Good luck!!!

  6. Brittany says:


    I am having a lot of problems with my 10 1/2 month old. he has never slept through the night and typically wakes up every 3-4 hours. Its so hard because for a while i was working 40 hours a week so his dad would watch him or one of his grandmas so he never really got on a schedule. I started feeding him fruit in the morning and a little something at lunch and then a veggie for dinner plus his bottles and that never helped. i dont know what to do any more, everytime he wakes up i will try to let him cry himself back to sleep but he just cries harder. he always takes a bottle thru the night and im trying to break him of that habit. i need him to start sleeping thru the night because im exhausted. it gets stressful because people say they dont understand how i can be so exhausted from it but i have basically been doing everything my self since he was born. i have a schedule written out for him and tried it for the first time tonight and he woke up crying and his dad was going to need to wake up for work in 2 hours so i gave in and gave him a bottle so my boyfriend would sleep but how else am i supposed to make this routine work if my boyfriend complains every night that i need to give him a bottle. some one please help me!

    • Debbye says:

      Hi Brittany,
      I am sorry that you are having such a hard time, and can personally relate.
      Kudos to you for making a schedule, and be sure that once you can start it, stick with it for at least a solid week.
      As for your problems implementing the schedule, maybe your boyfriend can move to another room for a few nights while you and your son work through the new schedule? And maybe earplugs too? You can also start the plan at a time when he does not have to work for a couple of days? The first days getting used to a new schedule are the roughest. Many families find that having Dad go to the baby in the night really helps him/her learn the new routine of not eating. Maybe he can help you out with it…
      Good luck, and hope the new schedule/plan goes smoothly!

  7. Sade says:

    sorry forgot to add he will be 10months on the 8th of april

  8. Sade says:

    I am having a hard time getting my son to #1 sleep in his own bed and #2 I have to lay down with him and not let him move for him to go to sleep… He can be sleepy but will fight it to the T. Now once he falls asleep and I try and put him in his bed he wakes up. Can you help or should I see his doctor. he takes 2 naps a day, and drinks 30 oz of formula and on stage 3 foods. Im not sure want to do at this point cause I dont get much sleep. He will be 10months on the 8th of april

    • Debbye says:

      @ Christine- Great advice on the night sleeping! AS for naps, sometimes they are much trickier. It sounds as if you have been working on getting him to sleep longer, but I would recommend choosing a “sleep training” method and sticking to it for 2 weeks straight before deciding if it is helping. Good luck!!

      @ Sade- Some babies do fight sleep, even when they desperately need it! Have you tried sitting with him and comforting him while he is in his crib? It is not quite laying down with him, but he will know that you are there for him. He may have a sleep association related to you holding him still as he falls asleep, and it may be time to help him learn to fall asleep without so much of your help. With consistency you can help him learn that this is okay, and he CAN sleep on his own.

  9. Christine says:

    Im looking for ADVICe here as well, but i wanted to comment on what Melissa is saying………..My son who is 10mo was doing the same thing your daughter is doing. waking up 2-5 time a night to nurse. What we did is…….. When he would wake up my husband (who baby knows he wont be getting a boob from) would go in lay him back down (he would stand at the crib side and cry) tell him “its sleepy time go back to sleep”(we try to keep what we tell him at night simple, to the point and the same so eventually he gets the point) and he would go back to sleep with very little fussing. If he was to get back up we would jsut repeat the above. it took about 3 weeks for him to totally sleep through but he is now and its WONDERFUL!!!

    My HELP is for my 10mo son, i cant seem to get him to nap longer then 20min, hes up between 6-7 in the am he usually goes down for a nap at 9:30 but he will only sleep for 20 min, its so frustrating, i can prity much watch the clock and when 20min is up know i will hear him. its the same deal in the pm he goes down for a nap at 2 and the same deal, 20min and hes up. Im so frustrated!! i not only get no time for myself hes normally a fuss pot for about 1hr after he gets up. i have tried just letting him cry or going in and laying him back down but neither really work. occasionallt he will fall back asleep after i lay him back down but only for 20min. any thought??

  10. Melissa says:

    Hi so my 11 month old daughter Haylen is still breast feeding and wakes up around 2 to 3 times a night to “feed” and this is her schedual. I NEED HELP i know im doing something wrong.

    7am- wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep still latched
    9am- wakes up plays for an hour
    10am- gets hungry i feed her milk she takes about an hour long nap
    11am- she eats food like oatmeal etc. and goes to play/ watches nick jr & spongebob
    12pm wants breastmilk again so i feed her, sometimes shell take a quick nap sometimes shell stay awake
    230-3ish- gets hungry i feed her lunch but then after lunch she always wants breastmilk so i give it to her and then she takes a 2 and a half hour nap.
    5:30-6ish she wakes up i give her breast milk and then feed her snacks like baby cookies or something
    7:30ish i feed her dinner but she always wants breast milk after!
    9:30ish or 10 she gets tired and wants me to nurse her to sleep
    and then wakes up an hour later for more and then wakes up like 2 more times in the middle of the night to eat.

    please tell me what im doing wrong please please please!
    anything wrong im doing with any little detail i wrote fill free to let me know i dont care what it is just tell me

    thanks <3 Melissa

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