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  1. Sophie says

    Seeing this schedule and hearing other moms’ problems, it makes me depressed feel like my 5 month old has such terrible sleeping problem. First of all, he used to have terrible silent reflux, so I tried do anything to comfort him one of which was nursing him to sleep.
    His sleeping schedule at the moment is never consistent regardless of how hard I try, some days he wakes up at 7am, some days 8am, nap either around 10 or 11am for 45mn, then 1pm to 2pm for 1hr to 1.30hr (usually it takes forever to put him to sleep so he ends up falling asleep around 2.30pm to 4pm) recently it has been too late to put him for catnap again around 5pm so he just stays up until bedtime which we try to get him to sleep by 7.30pm to 8 but he ends up sleeping at 9pm (even though he is exhausted by 7pm) because I try to wake up him and burp him after that he is just awake again. Also at night, he wakes up every 2 to 3 hours every night.
    I nurse him to sleep because I tried to pat him, shhh, rock etc. before but he wouldn’t sleep and just stayed up for hours. I’m thinking of waiting until he is 6 months or older to sleep train, we want to try CIO method then, am I right to wait? his time routine is play-bath-eat-sleep, because I tried it the other way around before but he couldn’t fall sleep until I nursed him to sleep again. Should I change up the schedule first before sleep train?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Sophie, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am sorry you are discouraged by reading the other comments, that was of course not our intent, and it does sound like what you’re experiencing is normal. I am also sorry to hear your son was experiencing silent reflux. I hope things have been improving.
      Keep in mind that some babies are not ready for a super strict schedule at this age, some need to be closer to 6 months before they really get it, so don’t worry about that, just keep trying. You may decide in order to get a more consistent routine, that you want to begin waking him everyday at the same time (I know that is easier said than done as I’m sure you are taking advantage of the extra sleep). As he gets older he will have similar wake up times so it may be good to help him start his day now and get more into a rhythm. At this age you’ll want to keep his wake times to 2 hours or so, which is looks like for the most part you are doing unless he fights you on it. So do your best and keep at it. On the days he skips the catnap, if you are able, you may want to start his bedtime earlier to hit more of the 2 hour window of wake time.
      It does sound like the issues you are experiencing at night are due to sleep associations with nursing. This is super common (it also doesn’t mean you’ll have to stop nursing to get him to sleep either, so don’t worry about that) and you can read more about associations here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/sleep-association/
      When you are ready to sleep train, you may like reading through this article series as it takes you through a few different approaches for sleep training: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/sleep-training-from-no-cry-to-cry-series-part-1/

      If you want to wait until 6 months to being sleep training, I think that is fine! I waited until then too. 🙂 Many families begin training around 4-6 months.

      I hope this helps. Please do let us know if you need and more help, we are here!

  2. Vanjul says

    Thanks for the input and support!!

  3. Vanjul says

    Hi.. my daughter is 4.5 months old. She generally wakes up at 7:30 and nurses until 8:15. Playtime until 9:45 and sleeps till 10:30. Diaper change and nurses from 11-11:45. Plat time for an hour, nap 12:30-1:15, nurses 1:30-2, plays until 4, then naps till 5, nurses 5-5:45. Plays with papa and then I bathe and massage her at 7:30. After that she wants to nurse right away (around 8) and keeps snacking until she falls asleep while we watch tv. This way she doesn’t have a true “bedtime”. She at takes a 4 am feed.

    Do you think not having a bedtime is “bad”?
    Any suggestions how to keep her sleeping in her crib for naps? Half the nap is in the crib and then granny takes her because she starts crying and the rest of the nap is in her arms. This is not a problem at night.
    In your schedules what do you mean by “breakfast”? For baby or me?

    Thanks! I find reading your site very helpful!!


    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Vanjul and thank you for commenting! It looks like you are doing a great job of keeping her wake times to around 2 hours and offering naps then so she does not get overtired. The “Breakfast” is referring to if you are giving your baby solids. It is most often recommended to not introduce solid foods until 6 months, but many pediatricians are now giving the go ahead at 4 months, so we include this so that everyone has information based on what they choose to do. 🙂 So if you are not giving her solid food yet, feel free to disregard that.
      As she gets older you will likely want to establish a more clear time for bed, but the main thing you have it a solid routine which is what she needs! At this age it is pretty normal for time to fluctuate a bit because her naps may vary day to day. Here is an article on crafting a bedtime routine if you’d like more info (though it sounds like you have a pretty great one going): https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/bedtime-routine-baby-toddler/
      Nap time and night time sleep are different so it is not uncommon that she is still struggling with this a bit. It may take a bit of teaching to your daughter to help her sleep in her crib on her own for her naps. She is still young, but it could easily become a thing she needs in order to stay asleep for naps. We would call this a sleep association which you can read more about here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/sleep-association/
      If you haven’t yet, be sure to download our free nap guide with a few other helpful tisp: https://www.babysleepsite.com/free-baby-nap-guide/
      Thank you for using the Baby Sleep Site as a resource!

  4. Makayla says

    Hello! My babies current schedule is killing me so I came here to find something more suitable to our needs. Currently we start a bedtime routine at 6:00pm (bath, book, music) she is typically asleep between 6:30p/7:00p. Then she is awake from 8:30p to 11:00p sometimes later (a few times until 1:00a). She wakes 4 or 5 times a night to eat. Then wakes for the day at 7:30a to 8:30a then sleeps until 11:30a/12:00p. When it comes to napping it is just chaos. Some naps are 20 minutes and some are 2 hours. They will typically happen around the same times each day, but the duration is never the same. On top of all that I exclusively pump. The importance of sticking to a schedule is crucial and lately I have been all over the place. Because of the frequent night wakings and her not going to sleep so late, I find myself sleeping with her until 11:30a/12:00p. It throws off my whole pumping schedule. So my question is if I start implementing this schedule is there a chance that when she goes to sleep between 6:30/7:00 that I can get her to stay asleep? Any advice is appreciated!

    • Danielle says

      Hi Makayla,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m sorry you’re struggling so much with your daughter’s schedule. If she’s 5 months-old, generally healthy, and was born on time, then at least the morning wake-up, the first nap, probably the second nap, and definitely bedtime should be on a schedule, and this will often help smooth out naps and night sleep a lot. Younger babies do often go to bed very late, as you describe, but bedtime usually starts to move earlier naturally around 4 months-old. Assuming she was born on time, it sounds like she’s treating bedtime as a late nap, which makes me think there’s something not working with your current schedule – maybe she’s napping too much and throwing off her night sleep. I would encourage you to try this schedule, or something close to it, for two weeks, and see what happens. It should be possible to reset her bedtime to be earlier so she’ll sleep through. If you try it and it’s still not working, you might consider a sleep consultation package with one of our sleep consultants – a consultant could put an expert eye on your daughter’s current sleep, schedule, and routine, and help you develop a plan for bridging sleep through that 8:30-11 period: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/
      I hope this helps, and very good luck to you!

  5. Stephen says

    Is it ok to have a sleep time schedule from 10pm to 10 am / 9 pm to 9 am rather than the 7 til 7 that seems to always be suggested….? Our boy is 5.5 months old and has some sleep associations we are trying to deal with, plus getting over jet lag (!)…we have tried cry it out but he just won’t stop crying….I mean for hours at a time, so we rather he keep the sleep associations than let him cry for hours at a time….so difficult to get him to sleep through the night by self soothing!

    • Danielle says

      Hi Stephen,
      Thank you for your comment and for checking out The Baby Sleep Site! I’m sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with your son’s sleep! Although there are certainly babies who do well on slightly alternate schedules than 7A-7P, in our experience, most babies will naturally end up synched a little earlier, just because of the way exposure to light affects our sleep cycles. If a later schedule works for you while you’re dealing with the jet lag, feel free to keep it, and you can always shift earlier once sleep is better overall, if you want to. If you haven’t checked in with a pediatrician lately, we do always recommend that with babies who are crying excessively, because sometimes a lot of crying during sleep training can be due to an ear infection, undiagnosed reflux, or another health issue. It can also be due to overtiredness and/or a schedule issue, though. If you’d like to write to us at [email protected] with a little more information about your situation, we’d be happy to help you troubleshoot further, or the sleep consultants also work with this kind of situation all the time in our personalized consultations: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/
      Best of luck to you, and please let us know if we can be of any further help!

  6. Paulina says

    Hello! Thank you for all the info available here! It has been very useful to me.
    I have only one question for you. My 5 and a half year old has a good schedule and sleeps well except for a routinary wake up around the same hour every night (around 4 or 5). I usually go to his room and put on the paci but sometimes he stays awake complaining for half an hour or even an hour and a half. If me or husband are not there he cries and cries. He’s been doing this for two weeks now. What can I do???? Please help

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Paulina, and thank you for your comment! I am glad to hear you have a great sleeper, but am sorry you’ve been having that wake up each night. From your description, it sounds like he is only waking the one time, so it may be possible he is wanting a feeding. Many babies at this age he may still need a feeding (or two) so you may consider giving him a small feeding on the nights he is particularly fussy if you are not already at some point in the night. I hope his sleep smooths out for you soon!

  7. Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for writing! Those early mornings can be tough! This is a common issue at many ages, since this time marks where babies typically sleep the “lightest” and have a hard time staying asleep! Yes, it may be that if she is napping too much, she may not sleep as long at night. On average, babies naps about 3 hours total at this age. You may want to play round with waking her a bit early from her first or last nap. Have you read this article with more info on waking a sleeping baby?:
    for more help, you may want to consider our eBook: Mastering Naps and Schedules. This eBook includes over 45 sample daytime nap and feeding schedules, as well as tips on how to lengthen and extend short naps.
    You can read more here:

  8. Anna says

    My daughter is 5 months old and she like to have a long nap in the morning 2 hours at least and then another long nap her third nap but she get total of three naps a day her second nap just a cat nap. She likes to wake up around 5:30am and her bedtime is usually around 6 or 7pm. Do you think because she has such a long nap during the day is causing her to wake up too early?

  9. Rachael says

    @hayleyjenkins for some reason this popped up in my email even though I commented on this post 4 years ago. I wanted to tell you that you are doing NOTHING wrong. If your instinct is to hold your kid and that’s what works for you then do it. I was so stressed with following what was “right’ with my first child and it stressed me out so badly. With my second I followed what worked for her and what felt right to me and I was much happier. Your baby will eventually go to sleep without your help. If you’re going crazy and need a way to put your baby down, by all means find what works for you. I just wanted to say that you’re not doing anything wrong and your baby will eventually sleep and you’re doing a great job.

  10. Nate says

    You can definitely let your 5 month old cry it out. We have been using the following rule since our son was about 2 months old. We put him down for nap or sleep and give him 2-3 min to get settled, if he is still crying (I mean really crying not just cooing or talking to himself) then we start a timer for 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes the crying hasn’t stopped we go in, check the room (temp right, no pets left in, baby soother on, etc) then we change him…no matter if it was just done or not. Burp him for a minute and then put him back down (the goal is to be in and out of there under 5 minutes). We then give him another 2-3 minutes to settle and if he still has not fallen asleep ..a 15min timer gets started again…if he still hasn’t fallen asleep, we go in but this time he doesn’t leave the crib, we just rub his head put a hand on his chest reassure him that it’s time for sleep etc etc. Goal is to be out of there under 3 min. We repeat this “15 minute cycle for up to a total of 3 times..if after that time he still isn’t asleep(that has only happened to us once) then we feed him.

    We have been doing this since he was about 2 months old..he is now 6 months. I’d say 90% of the time we just lay him down and he goes right to sleep. Occasionally we still use the 15 minute rule, but it definitely works to teach them self soothing.

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do. Having an overtired baby is tough, we’ve had our days when traveling or visiting where a nap doesn’t happen or gets skipped and it is always way harder to get him to sleep when he’s overtired than when he’s on schedule.