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  1. Jennifer says

    I hope he outgrows this! Not enough spraynwash in the world!

  2. Mandy says

    Jennifer…. My daughter was the same way!! Threw up sooo much that I would be changing her clothes and mine numerous times. She finally outgrew it at 7.5 months! Good luck!

  3. Jennifer says

    How do you know if the spit up is normal or is it an allergy? He spits up and it runs out like a faucet. it is pungent as well! Thanks for the advice before, but this is worrying me. He does not act like he is bothered by it?

    • Nicole says

      @Jennifer The best thing you can do is talk to your doctor. It could be reflux or allergy, though some spit up is normal. My sons both had sensitive gag reflexes and it took some time to learn not to overeat. But, I would still mention it to your doctor, to be sure. Good luck!

  4. Jennifer says

    Well do not knwo what happened to my earlier post? Anyway Nicole, just wondering how do you figure out how much formula to give before solids an hour later? My little on used to be on 6oz every four hours but at 5 months added solids and do not know what I am doing? ANd how do you know how much solids to give at a feeding also?

  5. Jennifer says

    I am wondering how many oz of formula to give before the solids an hour later. My little one is a bottomless pit, till he sits in your lap after his feeding and spits up half his food and milk! He was taking 6oz of formula before 5 months old adding solids to the mix. Now I am perplexed on how much to give him throughout the day and I am talking about formula and solids. He never acts full. He is so active these days and it is hard to prevent him from moving after his feeding. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Nicole says

      @Jennifer It takes some time for babies to learn to stop overeating and it takes their body some time to “catch up” and tell them they are full, so it’s best just to limit the amount of solids, give him time between “courses”, and don’t necessarily wait until he seems full to stop. At 8 months, I’m pretty sure my boys were eating 2 cubes of homemade baby food at one sitting (or about 1 jar). Good luck!

  6. Mandy says

    Thanks Nicole!
    I have another question though, yesterday my 8 month old missed her afternoon nap because we were at a friends house for dinner. So she had a morning nap from about 10-12 and then went to bed at her regular time of 7pm. She was grumpy around dinner because she was so tired. So I thought she would be overtired and be harder to get to sleep and would wake frequently at night… But she slept great at night and usually I would have to go in about 3 times a nght to put her soother back in. I loved that she slept great, but she was really grumpy that evening because she was so tired. Should I change her bedtime at all? Maybe she’s going to sleep too early if she’s waking at night for me to giver her her soother?

  7. Cate says

    Well, my baby is 8 months today, he has seven teeth now and since he started teething he has’nt slept through the night. I give up around half 5 and we are up altogether a hour later. BUT if my mother takes him hes an angel sleeps the whole night. What the hell am I doing wrong?

  8. Jennifer says

    Well, what schedule would you suggest since he has always ate on a 4 hour schedule. do I give him 6oz everytime with a meal or split it up a hour difference? I was splitting it up, but it just seemed I was feeding him when he wasn’t telling me he was hungry. He would eat though, he loves food period! Now I feel I need to change again, but I hate changing things on him! I tried feeding his cereal and fruit with his 6oz bottle after today and he spit up a little. So I do not know what I am doing anymore….I am so tired of thinking about it. But then again like today, I have no idea what to do with him and his feedings.
    It was so much easier when he just ate the bottles! What do you suggest?

    • Nicole says

      @Jennifer He’s still learning to regulate how much to eat so he doesn’t overeat, so a little spit up is common. I’d offer 1/2 the bottle, then solids, and then the rest of the bottle. I would not rush through it so his body has a chance to know he’s getting full. Try not to stress too much about it. He will tell you if he gets hungry. At this age, I’d just try to have the 3 meals and look for cues he needs snacks between as he gets older. Good luck!

  9. Jennifer says

    Well now that my son has almost turned 8 months…I am stressing about a feeding schedule to suit him. Please help! He usually eats 6oz every bottle and eats a whole jar of stage 2 at every meal. I am trying to come up with a way to incorporate this into a schedule. He usually has always ate every 4 hours.

  10. Emma Speers says

    My almost 8 month old has trouble sleeping at nite….naps during the day are round 930 and then again at 230ish for about an hour sometimes a little longer.Occasionally he’ll have a power nap at 4ish but not every day.
    But nite he goes to bed between 930-1030…he wakes 2-3 times a nite sometimes more.and akes with us round 730am.
    We try to give him a bath 1st then quiet time with a bottle feed.
    He eats 3 meals a day,and is combination feeding now as breast wasnt enough for him – he was feeding very often but now less frequent.I always give a bottle at nite tho! (The nite time milk=thicker formula).Is this enough and how do i stop all this wakin thru the nite?
    He went into his big cot and own room last nite and i tried leavin him 5 mins,quick cuddle, then 10.cuddle,then 15 but he didnt get to 15 (8 i think) then zonked and woke once in nite for feed then straight down again…hopin this will wake – is this ok?

    • Nicole says

      @Emma Bedtime is most likely too late, which can cause more wakings. Babies this age need 11-12 hours at night, so try to bump bedtime a bit earlier to 7:30. The controlled crying plan you’re doing sounds like it will work if he had such a good night last night. Hope it’s going well for you! Good luck!