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  1. Tash says

    Hi, My 8 month old baby girl was sleeping 8 hours straight about a 2 months ago until she started badly teething(she has 6 now) Now she refuses to sleep more than 3 hours at a time at night and will only go back to sleep if i breastfeed her. Sometimes she just stays awake for 2 hours before she will finally give in. She ususally goes to bed about 8 and gets up for the day at 6.30. Then she will nap 8.30-10.30 and then 2-3.30. She is on 2 meals a day and she has 3 breastfeeds in the day as well as 1-2 at night(upto 4 at the moment) Please help

  2. Julie says

    My almost 8 month old (turning 8 months on the 22nd) will go to bed around 7pm and wake up anywhere between 5:00-5:45 AM. We’ve tried putting her to bed later to see if she will sleep longer, but no matter what time we put her down, she will wake up at the same time. She sleeps through the night (no night feedings at all). Is there any way to get her to sleep until 6:30-7:00 AM or do we just have to accept that our daughter is an early riser (like her parents!). She averages about 10 hours a night… and will take about 3 naps a day… her total nap time is about 3 hours a day. I’m pretty sure she is getting enough sleep, but would love to see if we can extend her wake up time in the mornings. Thank you!

  3. Sara says

    My almost-8 month old son’s sleeping is erratic. I can’t get him to have decent naps in the daytime, and even if I do he falls asleep at different times every day. On top of that, he’ll only have a good nap when he’s in the car. At night he’s up every 1-3 hours, with the occasional stint of 4 – 5 hours. We have a bedtime routine, I nurse him every 3-4 hours in the pitch black, we’re quiet at night, and he even falls back to sleep on his own after I feed him. Why won’t he sleep more than an average of 2 hours at a time?! Any help is appreciated!

  4. Paula says

    my 8 month old goes to sleep at about 10/11pm then he wakes up again at 1,2am but thats only recently he did start going through the night, he doesnt wake for a feed or change he just wakes and plays then goes back to sleep when he wants.

    He wakes 11am, has porridge and 7oz bottle
    Naps for half hour
    Banana for lunch at 3pm then 5oz bottle
    Naps for half hour
    Baby powder dinners/jars or home made at 6pm
    Baby pudding at 7pm
    5oz bottle at 9pm

    And thats him finished until the next day.

  5. Claudia says

    My 8 month old baby seems to be changing his sleep patterns.

    He used to sleep at around 8.30-9.30pm (depending on whether he takes a 3rd nap in the day) and wake up at around 7-7.30am. (So about 10 hours of sleep at night) He will have 2/3 naps totally about 3hrs. His 1st morning nap was fairly predictable, usually 2.5hrs after he first wakes up.

    Past few days, he has been waking up at 8-8.30am instead (so getting about 11 hours of sleep at night) and he will fight sleep for his morning nap (keeps crying) so I started letting him take his morning nap 3.5-4hrs after he wakes up.

    While I understand that baby sleep patterns change as they grow… i have also read that we should fix a routine for a baby and that begins with a fixed bedtime and morning wake time and naps will change and consolidate as baby grows.

    Question –
    Should I wake him up at 7.30am regardless? Or is this a natural shift in his sleep patterns where he starts sleeping more at night and consolidating his naps into 2 short naps of about 1hr each in the day?

  6. Heather says

    I realize that I have a great sleeper, and I owe it in part to your website. So first, thanks!!

    My 8-month-old is on a great schedule. She still takes 3 naps a day, for a total of 4.5-6 hours. She is in bed by 7pm, and sleeps till 6:30-7am. So all in all, she is getting around 15.5-18 hours of sleep!! (YAY!)

    I have two questions:
    1. Is this too much sleep? I really don’t think so, but it seems to be way more than most are sleeping here.
    2. How will I know that she is ready to transition to 2 naps instead of three?

    Thank you for all your help!!

  7. Kitty says

    When my son was younger, he refused to sleep through the night, he would have two naps during the day, one around 10am for 2 hrs, then another around 3pm for a 1hr or so, and we would put him to bed around 8pm, and he would be up every 2-3 hours crying and whining, sometimes nothing would help him go back to sleep, and i would have to take him into the living room to calm him so my husband could sleep (he works, I don’t) and then he would wake up around 8am, but recently, my husband suggested that we try something different to see if that would work better at making him sleep through the night, we decided on 1 2hr nap, and put him to bed at around 9-10pm, IT WORKED! The only problem, is now he sleeps until around 11am, (which makes it VERY hard for me to catch the UPS guy when my husband orders stuff) but I don’t get much sleep, so I have enjoyed the sleeping in, but I’m not sure if it’s healthy for him, should i try to change his bed time back? or should I just let him choose his own schedule for now?

  8. April says

    My 8 month old daughter has been sleeping very well since she was 3-4 months old. We have stuck to the same nightly routine and seems to be working well! We start at about 7am. I get her ready and drop her off to the sitter by 7:30. She eats a 5-7 oz bottle and then cereal mixed with fruit. By 9:30-10am she goes down for a nap (about 1-1 1/2 hours). 11:30, she eats another 6 oz bottle and meat/veg. She plays until 1:30-2 and then goes down for another nap. 3:00 takes another 6 oz bottle. 6:30 takes a 6 oz bottle, cereal and fruit. 7:00, I give her a bath, get her ready for bed, read a story, and then place her in her crib still awake. Within a couple minutes, she falls asleep to her music (by 7:30). She sleeps through the night until I wake her @ 7am.

    I recommend placing them in the crib still awake and let them soothe themselves to sleep! They may cry for the first few nights, but if you stick to the same routine and are consistent, you will have a child sleeping well through the night!

  9. Mary says

    My 8mo has been sleeping great since she was 3-4mo old and continues to sleep 12hrs at night from 630pm to 630am and transitioned from 3 naps a day to 2naps a day in December. About the same time, she got her 2bottom teeth in and she’s lost her ability to nap! She was napping well both mid morning ( 9-10a) and mid afternoon ( 1-3p). Now, even though her teeth are ” in” & I can’t see any new ones, I can only get her to sleep about 30minutes ( 930-10a & 130p-200p). As a result, she is super cranky in the late afternoons and is dying for sleep around 5pm, but I keep her up until 545pm and then start her bedtime routine. Any suggestions? I was thinking of pushing back her naps to start at 10am & 2pm. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  10. Dyan says


    I have posted on here several times before and had a few questions answered, but I wanted to let you know about what happened recently.

    My son is now 14 months old. At about 8 months we learned quite a bit from this site, especially about his being overtired making his nighttime sleep poor and causing early wakings.

    At about 9 months (crawling) he started to wake at night and would stay up for about 2 hours. He never needed anyone but he had trouble falling back asleep. This lasted until 11 months. I assumed it was the learning to crawl, but it continued after he learned.

    At about 12 months this started up again on and off. He learned to walk at 13 months but he was still waking up every night. I went to a chiropractor for my neck/back and they checked my son for me. His neck was out of alignment. That night he didn’t sleep but for over a week after his adjustment he slept from 8 pm to 8 am. He began to wake up again a week ago and I took him back to the chiro when I went. Another adjustment (neck again) and he is sleeping soundly again.

    I wish I had taken him earlier, just to get checked. It seems to have made a world of difference. Next time, I will wait for the phase to pass, then if it doesn’t I will try the chiro again!