6 Awesome Smartphone Apps for Baby Sleep

Fact: being a parent has never been easy. It wasn’t easy thousands of years ago, and it isn’t easy today! Throughout history, babies have always been exhausting, and parents have always been exhausted.

But here’s some good news for those of us who are parenting in the twenty-first century: we have technology on our side! Our mothers and fathers didn’t have an entire virtual storefront packed full of apps to help them navigate the early days of parenthood, but guess what? We do. 🙂

Parents, there are literally hundreds of apps out there designed to make your life easier — everything from apps that will create your grocery list to apps that will direct you to the nearest baby-changing facility when you’re out and about.

Today, though, we’re going to focus on 6 apps that deal with our favorite topic — baby sleep! We know you’re all eager for your babies to sleep through the night and to take regular, scheduled naps. Is there an app for that?

Read on!

Baby Connect

There are many baby-tracking apps out there, but if you want the most comprehensive and most detailed (not to mention most popular) one, check out Baby Connect. With features that allow you to track feedings (breast, bottle, and solids), diaper changes, activities and milestones, and medicine, it’s truly a one-stop app for all things related to your baby.

And let’s not forget about tracking sleep. Baby Connect lets you track sleep cycles and then turns your information into graphs, helping you to spot trends and patterns. Truly helpful for those sleep-deprived parents who couldn’t for the life of them remember when baby took her last nap. (And hey, if you’re a “numbers nerd” like BSS reader Beth, turning your baby’s sleep information into beautiful graphs might just make you squeal with joy! 😉 )

Baby Connect can be used on both Android and iPhones. For a more detailed analysis of all its features (including the ability to sync between multiple devices, like dad’s iPhone or babysitter’s iPad).

White Noise Ambience

We’ve written a lot about the power of white noise to induce sleep. One of the best ways to counteract irritating background noises is to simply mask them with another, “whiter” noise.

Now, trust me when I say that if there are many baby-tracking apps floating around the internet, there are even more white noise apps. You have lots to choose from here! Our favorite, though, is one called White Noise Ambience which is available for iPhone. (For Android users there is this White Noise app, which is very similar).

The White Noise Ambience Lite version is free and offers 12 sounds options, like Thunderstorm, Ocean Waves, and Sprinkler (we think that one sounds fun!) The paid version, however, offers a whopping 50 ambient sounds. Your baby’s bound to like one of those, right? Both versions allow you to set timers and to create sound playlists (in case your baby has a few favorites.)

Another reason we love this app: the fantastic story behind it. It was developed Matthew Nitfield, a bleary-eyed father of twins who found that certain sounds helped his daughters fall asleep faster. Read more here about how his sleep deprivation sparked him to create one of the most popular white noise apps on the web.

(An aside: we have to mention another white noise app we think is very, very cool. It’s called Sound Sleeper, and it’s available for iPhone and iPad. Its “listen” feature is what sets it apart: when the phone “hears” your baby cry, it automatically starts playing one of the white noise tracks.)

Baby Lullaby Apps

Nothing beats you softly crooning lullabies into your little one’s ear. But let’s face it — if little one requires you to perform encore after encore, you’ll eventually reach your limit! Enter a lullaby app. These apps come with lovely pre-recorded lullabies that will enchant and soothe your baby long after your own voice has given out.

We love the adorable Lullabies and Teddies app for the iPhone; it comes with 21 lullabies along with a variety of cute “plushies” for baby to look at. And the best part — you can set the lullabies to play for as long as you want! Win!! Android users can download the Lullaby for Baby app to get a similar range of songs and features.

Baby Shusher

Ever “shushed” a baby to sleep? I have. And I’ll bet those of you who read even a little bit of The Happiest Baby on the Block have tried it, too! Contrary to appearances, shushing isn’t a desperate attempt by parents to get a baby to stop crying; the rhythmic shushing noise actually re-creates a womb sound that young babies find comforting (and sleep-inducing.)

Here’s the catch, though — you may have to shush for quite awhile before it begins to affect your baby. And you have to shush LOUDLY, over the sound of your baby’s crying. And that can make for some painful, hoarse shushing after awhile.

Thank goodness for the Baby Shusher app (available for use on both Android and iPhones). Not only does the app create the rhythmic shushing noise your newborn needs to relax; it also comes with a timer feature (you can shush for hours) and a sound equalizer (when your baby gets louder, so does the shush.) Fancy!

Don’t believe shushing can work? Watch this video of an actual mom using the Baby Shusher app with her crying baby. Let’s just say that the results are pretty amazing.

YouTube video

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors offer a great way for parents to hear (and even see) their babies without having to constantly hover over the crib. But it would be nice to have a more portable option than a traditional baby monitor, especially for those times you’re away from home.

Turns out there’s an app for that! This Baby Monitor app for the iPhone is an excellent portable choice. Simply place the phone near baby and you can program it to call you (on another phone, obviously) when baby begins crying. You can even use the iPhone’s Facetime feature to turn this into a video monitor. Android users can download this similar Baby Monitor app.

This definitely won’t replace a traditional baby monitor (and it certainly won’t replace good parental supervision!), but for those times when you’re traveling and a baby monitor simply isn’t a practical option, this app will prove useful.


Confession: this app won’t do a blessed thing to make your baby sleep better. But it can make things a little nicer for you. 🙂 If you’re a tired parent (and many our readers usually are), you know all about those long, middle-of-the-night marathons of sleeplessness, right? The feedings that feel like they’re taking forever, the endless rocking, the insomnia that kicks in right after you’ve finally gotten baby to drift of…

Those hours of sleeplessness can be a little easier to bear when you have something to do. And the Flipboard app (available for both Android and iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch) offers just that. Flipboard is a social news magazine; it allows you to import feeds from all your social media sites as well as content from online magazines and niche blogs (like this one! Shameless plug!!)

Not only does Flipboard put everything you want to read in one place, but it also lays it out in a gorgeous, graphic, magazine-type spread. It’s truly lovely to look at.

Complete Our List!

This most definitely isn’t a comprehensive list; there are way too many baby apps out there for one blogger to review! So we’re counting on you, our trusty readers, to help us add to this post. Have you used any of these apps? Give us your thoughts! Any apps you wish we’d included? Mention them below.

We want your input! Give us your thoughts on these apps, and be sure to mention any you think we should’ve included.

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21 thoughts on “6 Awesome Smartphone Apps for Baby Sleep”

  1. One more thought…

    I use the Meal Board app to help turn my recipes into a grocery lists/meal plans quickly. Since having babies this app has become one of the biggest timesavers. Hopefully it can help others too.

  2. I use Total Baby as well, and have for 2 babies (almost 3 years). I couldn’t live without it. It’s been great to track milestones, too, since I’ve been too tired to write them in a baby book. Lol.

    Thanks for the list! I’m always looking for new, helpful apps 🙂

  3. @ Kendra — you’re probably right (in terms of the bugs being the cause for the lower ratings.) The toddler app has better reviews, though, and seems popular…

    @ Christine — Thanks for sharing this! Nice that it’s free, and nice that it’s a web app, so you can access the info on different devices. Here’s the link, for anyone who might be interested…

    iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/babybix/id354635300?mt=8
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babybix.android&hl=en

  4. I love babybix!!! I used this app and accompanying website extensively for the first 2 years. I even sent Nicole the graphs for my sleep study. It’s a great app. Sometimes buggy but they’re usually very good at updating quickly to fix said bugs. This app does everything!! It can track feedin (bottle or breast), diapers, sleeping, vaccinations, growth, and more. Plus it has a website that everything is stored on as well. It’s also free which makes it even sweeter!!! I often recommend this app to everyone I know that’s expecting or has young children.

  5. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Weissbluth apps are not very highly rated because they do tend to be a little buggy. That’s why I’m looking forward to future versions, hoping for improvement!! I looked at the reviews and there were a lot of complaints about it crashing or trouble using it. I’ve never had those problems myself, though it is not super intuitive sometimes! (c: Yes you’ve got the right links!

  6. @ Angela — Glad to hear the monitor app has been useful for you! I’ve never tried it, but it looks so cool. I love the idea of having a portable monitor option like that.

    @ Kendra — it looks like you’re talking about this infant nap app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/weissbluth-method-infant-nap/id362542876?mt=8) and this toddler bedtime app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/weissbluth-method-toddler/id425019406?mt=8) I included the links so other parents can check them out.

    I hadn’t realized there was a toddler one — it looks really good! I didn’t include the infant one because it wasn’t as highly rated as some of the others, and I hesitate to recommend something to our whole community unless I feel confident that the majority of people will really like it.

    That said, however, a personal recommendation like yours is a good endorsement! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  7. I love the app Total Baby. It’s saved me so much time worrying and wondering about newborn diapers and feedings. I continue to use the feeding timers throughout the entire nursing stage. I’m now on Baby #2 and use it daily. I also log the doctor office visits, milestones and memorable moments. It’s my favorite app created!

  8. I have both of Dr. Weissbluth’s apps, one for baby sleep and one for toddler. They are both helpful, although sometimes buggy. I look forward to future versions of them. I think they are worth the money despite that.

    The infant nap allows you to graph sleep, it has reminders for nap and bedtime, and it has some of his best tips.

    The toddler sleep app lets you graph, has a few tips, and prompts you at 4pm and 5pm to describe your baby’s behavior/mood in order to calculate bedtime. I find this helpful some days, but after using it a few times I started to already know what it was going to say.

    I’m surprised those weren’t on here! (c: But I’m glad to learn about these others. I didn’t know any other baby sleep apps existed.

  9. I absolutely love the baby monitor by mva on the android. Totally free as well! I use it pretty much every time we go out rather than unplug the monitor. So helpful!

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