Nutritious and Yummy Smoothie Recipes for Toddlers

Smoothie Recipes for Toddlers

Making healthy and great-tasting smoothies for toddlers can be a game-changer in your child’s nutrition. The struggle to get toddlers to eat their fruits and veggies is real, parents! Fret not. There’s a tasty solution that even the pickiest of eaters won’t resist – smoothies! The Importance of Healthy Nutrition for Toddlers When it comes …

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Zipadee Zip vs. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – Which is Better for Your Baby’s Sleep?

Zippadee Zip vs. Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

The Zipadee Zip vs Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – both the Zipadee Zip sleep sack and the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit are popular swaddle transition products to help your baby sleep longer at night. But, do you need both? Is one better than the other for your baby’s sleep? In this article, you’ll learn about …

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Annie Baby Monitor Review: About the App and The New Way to Monitor Your Baby – Travel Anywhere

Annie Baby Monitor Review

The Annie Baby Monitor lets you watch your baby or toddler from anywhere ensuring their safety and giving you peace of mind. All you need are at least two devices, no separate camera, and you can use it anywhere. But, how does it compare to other video baby monitors? I was given a premium membership …

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17 Month Old Sleep Schedule: Bedtime, Naps, and How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep Through the Night

17 Month Sleep Schedule With Meals

If you use the right 17 month old sleep schedule, your toddler is able to take 2-3-hour naps and sleep through the night for 11-12 hours! Most toddlers this age are taking one nap, sleeping through the night, and are night-weaned completely. This article will share everything you need to know about your 17 month …

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4 Reasons Your 4 Month Old Is Not Sleeping at Night or Napping

4 reasons why your 4 month old is not sleeping

4 month old babies sometimes suddenly stop sleeping at night and napping during the day. This can be concerning and most parents want to understand why. In today’s article, I share the 4 most common reasons your 4 month old is not sleeping at night or napping during the day. This is based on my …

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3 Must-Have Teething Products for Babies Not Sleeping

Flower Teething Bracelet

When your baby is teething, it can lead to exhausting and frustrating days. Your baby might be irritable, fussy, and miserable. In addition, your baby might take short naps and start waking at night, too. In this post, I want to share 3 teething products to help your teething baby. When Do Babies Start Teething? …

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How to Get Your Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet

How to get your newborn baby to sleep in a bassinet

Newborns like to be held in your arms a lot so it’s no wonder why it’s hard to put them down to sleep. This post will share how to get your newborn to sleep in a bassinet based on my experience as an infant and child sleep consultant since 2008. Why Newborns Won’t Sleep in …

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Is Your Baby Sick? Try These 5 Remedies

Smiling baby not sick anymore

When babies are sick, it can mean long sleepless nights for everyone in the house. What remedies can you use to treat your babies with mild illnesses such as a cold, fever, or flu? How do you help your sick baby sleep? And, how can you protect your baby from getting severely ill? If you’re …

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