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  1. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Jenni — sounds to me like you’re doing all the right things here, in trying to gently nap train him so that he can learn to fall asleep on his own at nap time, and stay asleep. But, as you point out, the ‘stuff’ of life got in your way, and caused some inconsistency, and that’s no doubt what has set you back.

    I’d say take break if you need it; no harm in that 🙂 Then, when you feel ready, go back to trying some nap coaching, but try to time it so that you have at least a week (preferably two) when you can keep things as normal and consistent day to day as possible. That may mean changing some plans, which is no doubt hard to do, but try to keep your little guys universe as consistent as possible during the nap coaching. That’ll go a long way towards helping him create long-term habits.

    Thanks for commenting, Jenni! Hope this helps. 🙂

    @ Kristin — Oy, this is tough! You’re definitely not the only parent to struggle with the lack-of-sleep-at-daycare issue. I wrote a post on this very issue earlier in the year: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/how-daycare-impacts-your-babys-sleep-schedule-and-habits/

    As for what to do — sounds like the daycare is trying to accommodate as best as they can (which is great!) So there may not be much more you can do there. You can try creating different schedules, for weekdays vs. weekends (i.e. earlier bedtime and perhaps later wake-up time on weekdays, to compensate for the lack of nap). But short of making permanent adjustments to your childcare situation (which isn’t usually realistic, for most families), this may be something you just have to get through as best you can.

    Hope this situation improves soon, Kristin! Keep us posted. And thanks for commenting! 🙂

    @ Jessica — I have to say, it sounds like you’re making all the right adjustments day to day (depending on her naps), and that you’re working to maintain as much consistency as possible while still ensuring that she doesn’t get overtired. So pat on the back to you for that — good work! 🙂

    As for why this is happening — it likely has something to do with the sleep regression that happens around this time. You can read more about that here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-sleep-patterns/8-9-10-month-old-baby-sleep-regression/ Sleep gets wonky around this time. And it sound like this regression is overlapping with your daughter’s transition from 3 naps to 2, which is kind of a double whammy (since nap transitions throw of napping, too).

    My guess is that if you wait this out, things will adjust in the next few weeks. In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing, and stay flexible (easier said than done, I know!)

    Hope this helps, Jessica! Thanks for reaching out, and do let us know if things have improved in the next few weeks! 🙂

  2. Reinette says

    It’s nice to know Im not alone!! My 10 month old only naps for 30min at a time and we very lucky if he naps for an hour. He takes 3 naps a day, total of 1&1/2hours. I also tried everything and nothing seems to help. I’ve made peace with it, as he sleeps well at night, wakes up at 4am for a feed and then awake anytime between 5 and 6am. I also hope that he will start napping longer when he transitions to one nap. Should it be a concern if he happy & energised during the day?

  3. Amanda says

    I’m with you, Gracie! I feel like I have tried everything to get my 11 month old daughter to nap well and it feels like a crap shoot. Some days she “happens” to nap well, but most of the time she naps poorly. I’ve tried so hard to be consistent with her naps…how I put her down, the times I put her down, etc. But nothing seems to work consistently. I think some babies are just soooo sensitive!

  4. Helen says

    Hi everyone!
    My 11 month old (9 month old adjusted) has taken short naps since we transitioned her out of her swing. Like many of you, I have tried EVERYTHING, and definitely follow the advice in this blog post (though it is good advice and certainly well-intentioned).
    The only piece of feedback that has helped me through endless research and conversations is from our daughter’s physical therapist. She said the short naps have to do with her nervous system being sensitive and she has a hard time being “grounded” and calming herself after her first 30 minute sleep cycle. So we have started doing a firm (and relatively brief – like 5 mins) full body massage before each sleep. You can also do the “Wilbarger protocol” – just google it and you’ll find it — which helps calm and ground the baby too. The baby doesn’t need to have a serious sensory integration problem – it’s grounding and helpful for everyone. Done consistently, we have seen some improvement.

    I have also talked with a few moms whose babies took short naps until they transitioned to one nap a day and then it just mysteriously came together and the toddler is a good napper now. So I’m hoping that time will help…I hope this is helpful. The chronic short nap situation is so challenging!

  5. Emma says

    My 13 month old is struggling yet again with short naps. He was finally doing somewhat consistent naps – two 1.5 hour naps daily until he started teething/walking/separation anxiety at the same time about 1 month ago, I cannot seem to get him back on track, and now early wake ups have started again. :/ Question: is early wake up defined by hour or by hours of sleep? We try putting him down early and sometimes he sleeps until a our established wake up time and then often will struggle with short naps after that. , other days he wakes up way early and still struggles with short naps. Feels lose lose. Help!

  6. gracie says

    My baby has taken thirty minute naps since month four (she is 12 months now), and there has been absolutely nothing I have been able to do to extend them. I almost never make things inconsistent for her unless there is a really exceptional circumstance, and I’ve tried CIO, etc. NOTHING has worked. So these short-nap posts, as well-intentioned as they are–and I hope they help some people out there– they are starting to get depressing, because I have tried everything, and I cannot get her to take longer naps. And every time I read that anything less than an hour is not a real nap and really needs to be addressed, I can’t help but feel like something is terribly wrong, without being able to do anything about it. It’s depressing.

  7. Nicole T says

    My 4.5 month old sleeps for only 30-45 min if in his crib, pram or car seat but will sleep up to 2 hours in his swing. I have tried gradually reducing the swing speed but as soon as it is off he reverts to cat naps again. I am desperate to get him out of the swing as he s getting too big for it! He falls asleep swaddled, with white noise, rarely takes a pacifier (I give it if he is being particularly hard to settle), and is always put down awake. His awake time is about 1.5 hours, but I watch for tired cues and will put him down earlier if he is sleepy. We don’t have a timed nap “schedule” as such, but follow his tired cues. Pre-nap we follow the same routine nappy change, wrap, cuddles, close curtains and sleep.
    At night he sleeps swaddled without paci from 7, dreamfeed at 10 and wakes 7/730 am in his crib.
    I have tried various strategies to help lengthen naps but no luck yet…

  8. Jessica says

    Short naps are driving me nuts. Although there are days when my little girl takes great naps, over the past couple of weeks she has been doing the catnap thing and it’s driving me crazy. She’s nearly 9 months old (8 months adjusted) and has been trying to transition to two naps, but her two naps aren’t nearly long enough and she basically always ends up going down for a third. For a while the first nap was long (an hour and a half or so) most days and then she would take two 45 minute naps in the afternoon. Her regular 45 minute naps (she was taking 4 for a while and then 3) have now dropped to being 30 minute naps. Yesterday she took 3 30 minute naps and Saturday it was 2. I’ve tried putting her down sooner (2-2.5 hours between naps like she used to when she was taking 3-4 45 minute naps) and putting her down later, as long as 3.5 hours or sometimes 4 before bedtime. It doesn’t seem to matter and getting a long nap is just hit or miss. This morning she took a wonderful hour and 10 minute nap and I was in heaven. The thing is, it’s not predictable and I can’t figure out why she sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t. Any suggestions?
    She’s going to bed between 6:30 and 7 depending on what time she’s woken up from her last nap and most mornings wakes between 6 and 7. If she’s not up by 7, I wake her up to try and keep her day semi consistent. Thanks!

  9. Kristin says

    My 7.5 month old naps pretty well at home on weekends with minimal help. She will take an hour and a half nap in the late morning, an hour in the early afternoon and sometimes 45 minutes later. Sometimes she needs a binkie put back in or a pat on the bum. We try not to pick her up. However, everything we work on is ruined when Monday rolls around. She is at daycare every day of the week from 730 or 8am until 430 or 5pm. she will go that entire time on sometimes as little as 20 minutes of nap. The daycare has tried white noise, patting her and putting her binkie back in. Some things like the light or noise in the room they can’t control. Her pediatrician said she wasn’t worried about the lack of daytime sleep but its hard having a cranky baby at the end of the workday! Any tips?

  10. Jenni says

    My 7 month old is STILL catnapping unless he’s being held. I have done some nap training where I leave him in his crib for an hour during the first two naptimes, and over several days I saw progress, but things kept happening to screw us up (travel, dad putting him down on weekends instead of me, etc)… then we’d be back to day one after each interruption where he’d cry for the entire hour on the “first” day! After this happened three times, I just felt like I needed a BREAK from his crying, but most of all I wanted him to have a break from it. I’m thinking of taking a week where I just hold him again, then get back to it and be as consistent as I can possibly be. What do you think?