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  1. My son is almost 10 months old and from the age of about 4 months he was on a great sleeping patteren and sleeping throught the night up until about a week ago and for some reason he is now waking up at about 7:30 to 8:00 am bottle then he goes back to sleep for about 1 to 2 hours and then he is up and we have Breakfast and at about 11 or 12 he goes aback to sleep for another hour then lunch and he has now started going back to sleep at about 3 or 4 and sleeping again for about 2 hours . it just has gotten to where he is wanting to sleep 3 or even 4 times a day but he will sleep from 1am in the morning until 8 and this has just been for the last wo days so I am wondering if he is growing and thats the reason for the sudden need to sleep alot or is it just the lack of a schedual?

  2. Hi,


    My daughter is 10 months old and she is still breastfeeding.

    her routine at the moment

    7:30- wakes up
    8:00 – breast milk
    9:00 – breakfast
    10:00 – 11:00 – goes down for a nap with breast
    12:30 – lunch
    2:00 – nap with breast
    3:00 – snack
    5:00 – nap with breast
    6:00 – bath time and bed time routine starts
    8:30 – sleeps

    Her naps often is helped with giving her breast milk, I have tried to not give it to her but she doesn’t sleep at all! Her naps only last for 30 minutes at a time.

    when she does go down at night she doesn’t wake up but she toss and turns for breast every hour!! it’s becoming too much. I am planning to go back to work soon so I hope you can help me.

    I will try your schedule! sounds better than mine.

    PLEASE HELP!. Thank you!!

  3. Hi
    My ten month old started sleeping through the night when she was two month and I let her sleep as I am experienced from my first child.
    Then she somehow started waking. For five months she started sleeping with my breast. She has no formula just breastfeeding and same amount of solid food you mentioned in the schedule.
    We stopped night feeding a week ago and also I dont let her use my breast a transition object.
    First put her into her bed. There is a calming music and it is dark. First she cries just as somebody is beating her. Then I hold her for few minutes then put into her bed and touch her. Sometimes she sleeps sometimes keeps crying and I do the same. But never let her sleep in my arms.
    We also have a nanny at home. Sometimes she sleeps with her. Should I always be the only person to put her into the bed?
    Let me try to write our routine..

    6 15 wake and breastfeed
    7 30 breakfast
    9 00 nap
    9 45 wake
    10 30 fruit
    11 00 breasfeed
    13 00 nap
    13 45 wake and breastfeed
    14 30 snack
    15 30 breastfeed
    17 00 dinner
    17 30 breastfeed
    18 00 bath and sleep routine starts
    19 00 sleep

    she wakes several times we calm and put her into the bed. Sometimes me sometimes nanny sometimes dad. I dont brestfeed until 4 am.

    I cant find out what is wrong. Even my first child was better.
    thank you


  4. Hi there Nicole – I have an almost 10 month old baby. Before solids, she was sleeping through the night. Now that she is on solids – it doesn’t seem to happen very often. She prefers food over formula, and often refuses to even drink during the day. So, we get into the rut of not drinking all day, then wanting it all night. She loves to sleep during the day, and I have a difficult time stopping her from 3 naps a day. Her typical routine is:

    Awake 8am
    9:30or 10am – nap for 1.5 – 2 hours
    very little bottle, lunch
    2pm – nap for 1.5 – 2 hours
    5pm – very little bottle, dinner
    6:30 – can barely keep her eyes open, bottle
    9:30pm – wakes up for bottle (up to 180 ml)
    12:30am – wakes up for bottle (up to 180 ml)
    usually wakes up one more time, somewhere between 4 – 5am, again bottle

    She has several issues: constipation (she is on lactalose), reflux, milk allergy.

    I feel like I cannot let her cry it out, because so many times when I go to her, she has a burp. Once I burp her (this is after bedtime, but before her usual wake-up at 9:30pm), she goes back to sleep. Lately, she wakes up crying around 11pm, and needs to poop, then goes back to sleep.

    Any advise on how to get her to drink more during the day, to alleviate the constipation, but also to eliminate the waking up all night? I am getting sooo very tired!

  5. hello
    I’m a father here(yes fathers read these things too.) And I have 2 10 month old twins (boy and a girl) and the boy is ok sleeping through the night(except sometimes i think his wet diaper wakes him up at 4-5 am. But my daughter is waking up through the night with soo much energy. She usually takes a morning nap of about an hr between 9-10, she takes an afternoon nap between 1-2(both for about an hour and a half, and she takes a small 30 minute nap before dinner around 4:30. She drinks about 15 ounces of formula a day but eats all her solids,,Ive tried to get her to drink more but she refuses…she goes down about 7 and then will wake up around 12-2(like WIDE AWAKE) and we have to rush in there so she doesn’t wake up my son. i know shes not hungry cause i tried to give her a bottle before and she wont drink or will drink very little. we tried to let her cry it out a bit,,,,(we took him downstairs to not wake him up) but she has soo much energy shes crying for 10-15 minutes total..She used to sleep through the night fine,,but i feel like shes regressing…..please help

    • Hi Nicolas,
      While I know it’s easiest to have both babies on the same or at least a similar schedule, it might be that she needs more or less sleep during the day or that her bedtime is a little earlier or later than for her brother. Nighttime wakings can be the result of overtiredness either from lack of sleep during the day or because of an incorrect bedtime. Without knowing the specific details of your daily routine, it would be difficult to say for sure though. You might consider our one on one consultation services to help you with this issue. You can read about those here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/services.

  6. Jenn-
    Just wondering if you’ve tried feeding him at 5 then putting him back to sleep? Mine also wakes at about 5, but I feed her in the dark without stimulating her in any other way, no talking, no diaper change, etc, and after feeding her I put her back in her crib, even if she’s still a little awake, and she will go back to sleep until 8-8:30. From the looks of it, our babies have very different sleeping patterns, so it might not work for you, but if he’s just waking up hungry he might be willing to eat a little then sleep some more. Also, I’ve noticed with mine, the more prompt I am about responding to her when she calls out, the easier it is to get her back down because she doesn’t fully wake up from crying.

  7. I have a 9 month old and sleep has always been a struggle for us. She still needs 3 naps a day and sleeps 10 hours at night. She is breastfed pretty much on demand, but she only ‘asks’ to breastfeed about 2x a day, so i offer her milk whenever she wakes up from sleep and before sleep. Her ideal schedule would look like this:

    Wakes at 8:30 and breastfeeds
    9:00- breakfast, 3 cubes home made baby food
    9:30- back to sleep, easy, no fussing
    11:00- up from nap and breastfeed
    12:30- lunch, 3 cubes plus some cheerios
    1:30- Back to sleep, easy if allowed to sleep right away, difficult if kept up longer and doesn’t sleep as long
    2:45- up from nap, breastfeed
    5:00- back to sleep with a breastfeed, easy if allowed to go to sleep right away, becomes miserable if you try to keep her up past 5:30
    6:00 up from nap if I wake her up, otherwise she’d sleep until 6:30.
    6:30- dinner, 4 cubes
    7:00- bath routine
    7:30-8:00, quiet play, read books
    8:00- try for bed, does not happen ever. Up until 10pm regardless. If I try to make her stay in her room and try to sleep she will cry until 10p, if I let her out of her room she will play quietly and happily until 10p.
    10:00- goes to bed easy if I let her play quietly up until this time.

    Wakes up 2, sometimes 3, times during night to breastfeed, will not accept pacifier from me usually. I don’t mind getting up to feed her at night because my milk supply is highest at night and I feel like she is making up for the day when my milk supply is lower and she is also more distracted during her daytime feeds so they only last about 5 min. She eats for about 15 min then goes easily back to sleep.

    I have tried every thing I can think of to get rid of the evening nap. I’ve tried a 6:00 bed time, 7:00 bedtime, I’ve tried making her stay up until 8:00, then bedtime, it doesn’t matter. No matter what, the evening sleep is always treated as an hour nap then she wakes up and will either scream until 10 if I insist that it’s bedtime and she must stay in her room, or is happy and refreshed and plays until 10 if I bring her out. We have always had a consistent bedtime routine and follow all the ‘rules’ with sleep associations, etc. She goes in her crib awake and puts herself down. I’ve also tried to push out her morning and daytime nap so they start later, but even if I put her down later, she still wakes up at the same time she would have if I put her down on time.

    The thing with the naps is she is perfectly consistent IF all we had to do all day is stay at home and follow her sleep routine. As you can see, I only have 2 hours between any given nap time (and she will ONLY sleep in her crib, never ever in the car seat or stroller or anywhere out in public) and if we aren’t home right at nap time, all heck breaks loose for the rest of the day and if her naps don’t go well her sleep for the night doesn’t go well. Some nights I am up 10 times or more just trying to sooth her back to sleep, this is especially true if she had a long crying spell getting off to sleep.

    I’m not sure if these are healthy sleep patterns or not. I know 10p is a very late bedtime for a baby, but she transitioned herself into this sleep pattern at around 4 months and I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of, I’ve read every sleep book on the market. If I let her follow this pattern everything is happy and fine, it’s when I try to adjust it that she becomes difficult, miserable, and cranky.

    • Hi Nicolle,
      In looking at here schedule it does seem like she’s getting plenty of sleep during the day. I’m wondering if you have tried to change her schedule and nap time by pushing them to far ahead too fast. That is, when you tried to get her to nap later, did you move it ahead an hour all at once? Typically, when trying to shift a schedule, it’s best to try and do it in shorter increments like 15 minutes each day. She may indeed still wake up at the same time, but if you try it in smaller increments over a week or two, then she may start to adjust and gradually wake up a little later each time to the point that you can eliminate the late afternoon nap and then start to implement an earlier (and easier) bedtime. Crying at bedtime is usually an indication of a wrong bedtime and she may be crying because she’s just not tired enough and so shifting her schedule gradually would be a good route to try. Nicole has an ebook that helps with this and you can read more about it here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-waking-too-early/ (Even though the info is geared towards helping babies who are waking too early, the concepts for shifting a schedule would be same.

  8. I had a great 10month old until this past week. She has been sleeping through the night – 11 – 12 hours for a few months now and suddenly it has all stopped. She puts herself to sleep with no toy, pacifier or any music – she does suck her thumb but that is it.

    We do the whole normal bedtime routine of bath, bottle, story, rest of bottle, into sleeping bag and into the cot awake and we say goodnight. She would often cry out now and then but re-settle.

    Lately she is waking and crying on and off (just whinges) for up to 45mins to an hour and then just going mad. Full on screaming. We go in and try and comfort her – hand on her tummy, shhhhing, saying good night and time to sleep now – all of what we say at bedtime. We continue this for maybe up to 30-45mins. It is unbearable – she is throwing herself around the cot, visibly distressed. We have never had nightlights or anything to soothe her. In the end I pick her up as I have run out of ideas and lately she has come into bed with us.

    I have just returned to work but that was 4 weeks ago and this has just started happening.

    Her routine is as follows:

    6-7am wake up
    7am breakfast (toast or cereal) plus 6oz formula and often bits of our breakfast
    9:45 – 10am – nap for normally 1.5 – 2 hours
    12/12:15 – lunch with water
    2:30/3 – snack with formula
    3:15 – nap – 30 to 45mins (am worried this is too late)
    5:00pm – dinner with water
    6:20pm – bath
    6:45 – formula – 8oz
    7pm – in bed and normally asleep by now or by 7:15pm

    She was doing this absolutely no problem. Is the last nap too late? I am useless at work and I am just so upset by her change – she is clingy and just not happy. She has had a virus so we have been limiting milk and dairy as doctor said this would exacerbate the upset tum. However, she is eating really really well but am wondering if she is hungry but she has not been fed in the night since she was 6 months old!

    Please help!

    • Hi Emma,
      It could be that the last nap is a bit too late and so you might try shifting that to be a little earlier. You mentioned that you have just returned to work. Were you at home with her full time prior to this? It could very well be that these wakings are related to the change in having you return to work and she could be experiencing some anxiety over that. Some extra play, snuggle or cuddle time with you prior to bedtime or when you get home from work, may help with any anxiety she might be having. I would avoid bringing her to bed with you if possible (I do understand though that sometimes you just want to help them get back to sleep) but bringing her to bed will only reinforce that her waking and crying will get her to mommy’s bed. Hang in there. She’s most likely just trying to adjust to the change, but kids are very adaptable and it will get better.

  9. What advice do you have for the moms who think they are in the nighttime chicken and egg feeding scenario you discuss?

    My son is just over 10 months old. Sometimes he’ll make it til 4am (goes to bed around 7pm or 8pm), but more commonly he’ll wake at 2am or 3am to nurse. (This week he’s been waking at 1am and 4am to nurse, but he has a cold/teething/etc. and isn’t feeling well.)

    I have tried letting him cry it out. He used to wake up more so crying out helped him, but I could never get him to skip the 3am feeding. He would just fuss and wine and until I’d go nurse him. I think we waited an hour or so. Then as soon as I’d nurse him, he’ll sleep til 6am or 7am.

    Would it be a bad idea to nurse less during the day in order to get him to eat more solids? He has never been a huge eater. Or to give him water at night? Or just let him fuss the rest of the night, and not get good sleep?

    • Hi Kathy,
      He may still need at least one feeding at night. Some babies are like that. If you want him to eat more solids during the day, then I wouldn’t necessarily cut back on nursing but to just try to have a good amount of time between nursing and meal times. For nightweaning, rather than water, you might work on trying to feed him a bit less each time so that he gets used to not filling up so much at a night feeding which may lead to him eating more during the day and can also help to nightwean him from feeding all together at night. You might find this post on night feedings and night weaning helpful: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/night-feedings-by-age-when-do-you-night-wean/

  10. Katherine I really dont think you have to concerned about…. I honestly believe smart babies dont sleep very much…How is her sleeping going?

    I think reading all these posts made me feel worse….. None of these babies have anything to worry about…

    Jacks Routine:

    9am: Feed

    11am cereal+ 60mls milk and fruit

    12 pm or1pm Bottle and sleep/nap till 2pm

    3.30 Fruit yogurt biscuits

    5:40 pm Bath

    6;00pm sleep
    If I ignore his sleep he will scream and fall asleep on the floor… he go to sleep 9 30 then be up half hour later and be up till 4 or sleep till 3 and wont go back to sleep….

    8:30pm awake

    9;30 Dinner

    sleep/bottle at 12pm or 1pm —- Every night…….. EVERY NIGHT!!!!!

    I do not want to say poor me… but honestly it seems I am the only one that has this possum sleep …. Cutting out sleep doesnt work…. So what am I to do ? —- I get upset sometimes when mum brag about their child sleeping but then I look at their child development and think well yes but your child isnt advanced so you dont know what is like to have such an active, alert and constantly on the go child………( I do not mean my comment in a way that lowers the other child or I think Jack is better at all…. all child are different but it seems sometimes I am the only one that knows this?)

    Should I be concerned…

    Jack has been standing since 7 months and fully walking now… His fine motor and gross motor skill are 2 months ahead…. I just think this has something to do with his sleep… Being smart means sleep sleep ?