Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. surbhi jain says

    hello ,my baby is 22 days starting 3-4 days wasn’t able to feed her;now feeding takes 1 hour..milk is enough or not i cannot understand..please help me out

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Surbhi – Thank you for writing! We’re sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your newborn’s feeds! Please to consult with your healthcare provider if you’re worried about her milk intake or feeding issues! Good luck and hang in there!

  2. Sarah says

    My 9 week old baby has really struggled to get into any sort of schedule. He has colic and reflux as well as tongue ties that had to be cut. He was sleeping ok at night, going down at 7pm, feeding around 11pm, 2:30 and 5:30am. He would then be up for the day at 7am. Over the past two weeks though he’s awake up to 7 times a night and he’s extremely hard to get back to sleep. I’m trying to follow your schedules above, I’m hoping this will help, but any other advice you have would be very much appreciated.

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Sarah, thanks for writing to us. I’m so sorry to hear your son is struggling with colic, reflux, and that in addition to that you had to sort out his tongue ties (hopefully his recovery wasn’t too bad). It is hard in these early weeks. Here is a link to a free guide with tips for new parents when they are where you are – in survival mode – which may help:
      If you need more help we also have an ebook all about newborn sleep (and it goes through the first year) that may help give you some other gentle techniques you can try in these early weeks to get more sleep. Here is a link to read more:
      I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more help. You can email us anytime at [email protected]

  3. AJ says

    Are there any samples schedules for 10-13 week olds. Our baby was doing reasonably well in the 8-9 week mark (sleeping up to 5 hours consecutively) but then got her vaccines at 10 weeks and around that time started waking several times a night. I have read this experience is common – and we are following the tips provided here (thanks).

  4. Carolina says

    This sounds like a good schedule, but with the feed and go right back to sleep part btw 11:30pm and 6:30am, where is there a time for changing a wet/ poopied diaper?

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Carolina – Thanks for writing and for using us as a resource for sleep! Feel free to make the suggested schedule your own, and defintely take a few minutes to change a diaper when needed! You can squeeze that right into the schedule at anytime!

      Good luck!

  5. Yesenia Flores says

    My 4 week old is not really having long wake times before 4pm. She’s falling asleep right after having her bottle which is sometimes resulting in 30 min naps & is feeding every 2 hours. After 4-5pm, she’s very awake for 2-3 hours & is very difficult to get down for naps. I try to start her bedtime routine around 9:30 especially if she’s been up since 7:30. Most times she goes right to sleep, but sometimes it takes 1-2 hours to put her to sleep. If she doesn’t take a catnap before 8pm & falls asleep sometime after 8-8:30, it takes so long to get her down for bedtime. Granted she does sleep 4-6 hour stretches at night, but the late afternoons are exhausting. Does this sound pretty normal?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Yesenia Flores, congratulations on your new baby! This does sound pretty normal to me, yes. It sounds like you are trying your best to keep her wake times to a minimum – the goal would be that they aren’t awake longer than 1.5-2 hours but it sounds like you’re trying to get her to sleep in the evening. It’s normal for newborns to be fussing in the evening as well so as crazy as it can make you, it sounds like you are doing your best and it will hopefully pass soon! Here is a link to download a free guide with tips for new parents: You may also be interested to know that we have an ebook available for new parents that covers sleep through the first year and helps you learn how to establish healthy sleep habits in your baby from the start. Here is a link to read more about our ebook if you’re interested:
      I hope this helps and you enjoy lots of precious newborn cuddles! Such a wonderful time.

  6. Isabella says

    Thank you for your great article. I need some advice. I have a 2 weeks old baby and four days ago she started sleeping very long times (day and night 5-6 hours) and being awake in between also for 5-6 hours. The problem is that she starts drinking in this awake times and after twenty minutes i notice she is full. but i feel like she thinks she has to “pre-drink” for her long sleeping times and she then starts wanting to drink but gets in a crisis and cries and doesnt really drink. this can go on for up to four hours where she is just screeming as soon as i want to feed her, but makes hunger signs and stares in the air when i dont feed her. and i am completely exhausted. i m not even sure if i m right about my theory, do you have any experience with such a behavior? and do you think i should give the schedule a try? i live in a country where i cant ask a professional to come by and help me so the internet is my only solution. thank you so much from a very sleepy mom:)

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Isabella, thanks for writing to us and congratulations on your new baby girl! We would love to help. First off, here is a link to download our free guide with tips for parents of newborns:
      With a newborn you’ll want to try to keep her wake times to a minimum between 1-2 hours so she doesn’t get overtired, but I am glad to hear she’s been doing some longer stretches at night! If you find the long sleeps during the day are keeping her up at night you may try going through the schedule and waking her after a couple hours to make sure her days and nights even out. I hope this helps!

  7. Janna Rodgers says

    I tried this exact schedule sample for my 6 week old….and it worked the very first day. I was having the hardest time at night getting her to go to sleep, we would be up till 3 am. I think it was because she was napping to long in the day or not enough and I didnt really have a schedule I did what I thought she wanted….I love you for posting this it works perfect for us…thank you so much! I hope it continues to work 🙂

    • Neosha says

      @Janna – Thank you for your comment and congratulations on your new addition! We’re so glad the schedule’s working so well for you! Just be ready to tweak it as she grows – we have sample schedules for each month available for you. 🙂

  8. adrienne says

    If we were looking to try this schedule, do you recommend waking babies up from naps if they go longer than 30-60 minutes? Our 4 week old can go sometimes 3 hours if he is comfortable and in the rock n play or with one of us.

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Adrienne, thank you for visiting the Baby Sleep Site and congratulations on your new baby! If you find your baby has his days and nights flipped, you may decide you want to wake him, and it is important to follow your baby’s doctor’s recommendations on the frequency of feeding based on what they need for his current weight. Newborns can be so so sleepy!! Here is a link to download a free guide with tips for parents with newborns:
      I hope this helps! Thanks for reading and we hope we can be here to help through all the growing your sweet one will be doing!

  9. Sarah says

    My daughter is 11 days old. Do you think she is to young to start this schedule? I know that it says 2 -8 week olds. Thank you!!!!


    • Neosha says

      @Sarah – Thank you for reading and congratulations on your new baby! 🙂 We generally tell parents that it’s never too soon to start laying a healthy foundation for your baby’s sleep. So long as you work within her needs and keep your expectations super realistic and flexible as she’s a newborn who needs lots of sleep and lots of feedings at this stage, this should be perfectly fine. Best of luck to you!

  10. Sharika says

    My 3 months old baby is sleeping too much in the night.. in day time she is very active and less in sleep…bt every one hour I feed her bt its only for 10 or 15mnts…bt exact problem in the night…when ever I woke up her for feeding she will never open her mouth I tried a lot and fed up…bt after 5 or 6 hrs of continuous sleeping she woke up and ready for feed…then also it is only oru 10mnts…now her weight is 6 kg…I worried that may be she is having some issues…pls help me…

    • Neosha says

      @Sharika – Thank you for reading and for sharing. I know how exhausting and confusing this type of behavior can be – who would ever have thought that your baby sleeping for long stretches at night would be cause for worry! Babies her age are becoming much more alert during the day which can cause them to sleep a bit more in the night, for sure. Your daughter’s healthcare provider would be better able to let you know how she’s doing with her feeding and health overall depending on if she’s growing well from birth. This article goes over a 3-month old’s sleep in a bit more detail, which you may find helpful as you work through her sleep vs feeding needs: If you find you need more support, please consider connecting with one of our consultants - Hang in there, Sharika!