Why Downtime In The Crib MIGHT Be Bad For Sleep

Downtime In The Crib MIGHT Be Bad For Sleep

Is allowing your baby to have downtime or playtime in the crib good or bad? We explore pros and cons of crib downtime and playtime and how it affects sleep.

Your Baby’s Changing Sleep Patterns: Birth – 12 Months

Your Baby's Sleep Patterns: Birth – 12 Months

As a mom or dad, you already know that the first year of your baby’s life is a year of incredible growth and development. The average baby triples his birthweight by age 1 and grows an incredible 10 inches in that first year. And that’s not all — between birth and 12 months, your baby …

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5 Bad Nap Habits Your Baby May Develop

5 Bad Nap Habits Your Baby May Develop

Did you know that your baby can develop habits at lightning-fast speeds? It’s true! Even though she cannot walk or talk yet, she can develop a deeply-rooted habit very, very quickly. This explains why, after just a few days of rocking your baby to sleep, she will come to expect to be rocked. And this …

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Exclusive Wake-Time Formula – Your Missing Link For Great Baby Sleep

Exclusive Wake-Time Formula

Nap times go awry when we miss our “sleep window” — that magic snippet of time in which baby is primed for “la la land” and will drift off peacefully (in the right environment). Perhaps you’ve seen your baby’s sleep window open — a glazed look, a yawn, or some agitated movements (depending on age) …

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Baby Sleep Pattern Charts — A Must-See For All Parents!

baby sleep pattern charts

Here at the Baby Sleep Site, we’re not short on sleep-related facts and figures. Nicole, a self-proclaimed “numbers nerd” can offer our clients all the sleep-related data their hearts could desire! Not all of us are as number-nerdy as Nicole, of course, but sometimes, having data helps us understand our babies’ sleep issues, and even …

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5 Reasons Why Your Baby is Night Waking and Won’t Sleep

5 Reasons Why Your Baby is Night

Baby night waking is one of the most common issues that bring tired parents to The Baby Sleep Site. But, why exactly do babies wake at night? Why won’t your baby sleep? This article will discuss the 5 primary reasons for baby night waking. 1. Sleep Prop The official name is “sleep association” but these …

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