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  1. Jay says

    Baby is 4 months old, has slept well through the night since 2 1/2 months…her schedule right now is:

    7:00am – awake
    7:15am – 5 oz bottle, play
    9:00am – 45 min nap
    9:15am – 5 oz bottle, play
    11:30am – 45 min nap
    12:30pm – 6 oz bottle, play
    2:30pm – 45 min nap
    3:30pm – 5 oz bottle, 1 hour walk
    5:30pm – 5 oz bottle
    6:00pm – possible nap
    7:30pm – 5 oz bottle
    8:00pm – bath
    8:45pm – 2-3 oz bottle; bed for the night; sleeps through
    7:00am – awake

  2. Cathy says

    My 4.5 month old son is now having trouble going to sleep in the evening. He wakes up about an hour after going to sleep, cries very hard, and does not want to go to sleep. We can only get him to go down to sleep by holding/walking him to sleep for a long period of time. We typically are not able to get him to sleep again until 9pm earliest, when he is extremely tired. (He wasn’t like this when he was younger.)

    His schedule is roughly as below. (It varies day to day as some days he naps longer than others, and he tends to get tired after 1.5 hours of wakefulness.)

    8am wake, feed
    9am nap
    10.30am or 11am wake, feed, then play
    12:30pm nap (1-1.5 hr)
    2pm wake, feed then play
    3:30pm nap
    4.30pm wake
    5pm feed
    6:30pm bed

    He typically wakes up twice in the night to eat and 1am and 4am, although sometimes he skips the 1am feeding.

    Any idea or suggestion on why he is upset in the early evening, and how to keep him sleeping?

  3. nichelle says

    This is the ONLY helpful information I have found so far that I can relate with!! Anytime I look my baby’s age development milestones I never see ANY sleep routine suggestions that are similar to my baby’s. Most websites say he should be having one morning nap and one afternoon nap for a few hours each and then sleeping through the night. I’ve felt so isolated because of all this misinformation! He cannot sleep longer than 1 hr and his naps vary from 30 min to 1 hr, partly I think because he’s teething. And he CANNOT handle staying up longer than 1 hr and 15 min or he’s a wreck. I too try to follow the eat, play, sleep schedule but as you said it’s hard to follow when babies aren’t sleeping that long. That made me feel so comforted! Also, everyone else says my baby should have been sleeping through the night weeks ago and that he should be sleeping 7-10 hrs at night. He eats 3 times during the night, (he’s in the 99 percentile for height and weight ) and sleeps for 12 hrs at night. So his naps are short, but he’s only awake for 1 hr and 15 min and occasionally he’s up for 2 hrs if we have to drag him along somewhere for a long time. The only things set are that his bed time is 8pm and he wakes up at 8am, he eats every 2 hrs, and that he can only be awake for 1hr and 15 min at a time. I’ll be frequenting this website now!

  4. Kendall says

    At 4-5 weeks my 4 month old would eat 9 or 10, go to bed at 10 or 11 and sleep until 3 or 4 am for a feed (she was exclusively breast fed at this point) and then sleep until 7 or 8am.
    At 3 months she began waking up at 2 and then again at 4 or 5 to nurse. She now takes formula and breast milk (I’m back at work and she’s at day care). She goes to bed between 6 and 7, we dream feed her (when we can) at around 10 or 11 but she still wakes up at 2 or 3 to nurse. We thought that she might not be taking enough formula during the day (she doesn’t like it as much as breast milk) so we upped the amount to 6oz and asked the day care people to be more vigilant about getting her to take more of it. Then I feed her another 6 oz of breast milk right before she goest down. Regardless, she continues to wake up around 2 and then again at 4 or 5 and then her wake up time is 6:30-7. Thoughts? I realize she may just be growing and need two feedings. Is there something else I should be doing?

    • Kimberly says

      @Laura and Tyna- That’s great! Always happy to hear about babies who are sleeping good. Thanks for sharing…it provides encouragement to other parents.

      @Victoria- Looks like a great schedule!

      @Kendall- It is not uncommon for a baby 3-4 months old to need 2-3 feedings at night and some 5-6 month olds will still need 1-2 feedings at night. It varies by child, of course, but I just wanted to let you know that two feedings at night at this is not uncommon. Babies tummies are still tiny at this age and so they can’t really take in too much at one feeding and since they are constantly growing, feedings every 3-6 hours is really the norm. As she gets older though, you’ll want to be sure to only let her drink or nurse until drowsy and then lay her down so she can learn to fall asleep on her own and not fall into the habit of associating the need to nurse in order to fall asleep.

  5. Victoria says

    My baby is now 18 weeks but has been sleeping 12 hours every night since she was 10 weeks old. Right now she is fed every 4 hours, though she does have a top-up feed at 5.15pm. This will eventually become tea-time in a few weeks time. Her current schedule is as follows:

    7am wake, change into day clothes, feed
    7.30am play
    9am nap to 10.30am
    10.30am wake and play
    11am feed followed by more play
    12pm nap to 2.30pm
    2.30pm wake and play
    3pm feed followed by more play
    4.30pm nap to 5.15pm
    5.15pm wake, small feed followed by more play
    6.30pm bath time
    6.45pm final feed and bed

  6. Tyna says


    It is unbelievable, last saturday or so my boy also started to kind of sleep through the night. It is not exactly sleep but he wakes only to feed between 1 and 2 midnight, then go back to sleep. And finally wakes up at 6 in the morning.

    We are both resting nice now!

    Thanks so much for The Baby Sleep Site.

  7. Laura says

    My little man is breastfed and 15 weeks old

    6:30am wakes to feed
    7:00 back to sleep
    9:30am wakes to feed, then play time
    11:30 nap
    12:00 wake and play
    12:30 feed, then play time
    3:00 nap
    3:30 wakes to feed
    4:00 playtime with daddy
    6:00 nap
    6:30 wakes to feed, then play time
    8:15 bathtime
    8:30 feed
    9:00 bedtime

    My boy has been sleeping through the night since about 6 weeks. He slowly eliminated his night feed on his own now typically sleeps straight through from 9pm to 6:30am.

  8. Tyna says

    My baby will turn 5 months 21 August. I donot have an established schedule yet. He sleeps between 6 and 7, wakes to feed between 1 and 2 and then at 4 to feed and make noise till 6.

    Then he takes naps from 9 and through out the day. This makes me to be sleepy at work. How do I make him go back to sleep at 4 in the mornings.


    • Kimberly says

      Depending on his daytime schedule, he could need more naps or longer naps during the day and this could help with extending the nighttime sleep. At this age, if he’s waking for the day at 6 or early, then his first nap really should be before 9 am. You don’t mention what time he goes to bed, but this could also be a factor.

  9. Nazli says

    My 4 month girl
    bath around 8:30pm with change and feed falls asleep by 9:30
    sleeps through the night wakes up @ 9-10 in morning
    she’s on 6 ounces of formula now
    9:30am feed change and nap for an hour or so
    10:30 wakes n play
    she plays for couple hours
    12:00 feed change n play
    every 4-5 hours feed and change naps approx half hour couple times in day until bath time. I’ve not started solids yet will start baby rice n solids at 5 months. She’s always slept well and is healthy n fine

  10. april says

    my four and a half month old is an eater and a sleeper!!!

    anytime between 7-8am:: wake up
    8-8:30:: eat 2-3 icecubes (thawed) of pear or 1/2 smashed banana and oatmeal
    8:30-8:45:: 4-5 oz. of formula
    8:45-9:30ish:: play
    9:30ish:: nap
    11:00:: wake up and 5 oz. of formula, play time after
    1:00pm:: nap time (this is our big nap!!!!)
    3:00ish:: up and ready to have a snack! sometimes puffs or yogurt melts
    3:30:: 4-5oz bottle
    3:45-4:30:: play time
    4:30:: starts to get crankyyyyyy! ready for dinner (3-4 thawed icecubes of a veggie and oatmeal if still hungry)
    5:00:: bath time and final 5 oz bottle then off to her crib!

    amelia sleeps all night, some nights she gets cranky a little early so we skip bathtime and she is in bed before 5. it has progressively been getting earlier. she is consistently gaining weight and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers (believe me! we cloth diaper… so i KNOW there are plenty hehe!) so i don’t worry about how much she sleeps.

    she has also been in the 95th percentile until this last month where she is closer to 75th for weight. my girl is totally food motivated, but just so sweet and cute!