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  1. susan says

    my 16 wk old schedule

    I wake up at 6:30 pump
    pump again around 9
    11-noon he wakes up either nurses or 6oz bm bottle if I am at work
    rest of day varies with occasional naps and 4-6 oz bm bottles
    7-8pm nap then nurse
    1030 nurse
    between 10:30 and mid bed and asleep til next day 11-noon
    when i am home he nurses every 2 hrs but is still in bed for night by mid

  2. Stephanie says

    3.5 months old, breastfed baby

    7am – feed, diaper change, back to sleep
    10am – wake, diaper change, play time
    1130am – nap time
    1pm – feed, diaper change, play time
    2pm – nap time
    4pm – feed, diaper change, play time
    6pm – nap time
    7pm – feed, diaper change, play time
    830pm – nap time
    11pm – feed, diaper change, bed time

    Nap time will vary slightly. She will always sleep for at least one hour and up to 2 hours.

  3. Sharon says


    yes i tried and still trying to give it to him awake , he takes 1oz only and thats it, he starts playing with the dummy in his mouth or try to push it from his mouth.Still a hassle , but now i started some veg aswell so atleast he can make it with reducing some milk now , but still a problem for me as I cant leave him with anyone else as i am the only one (apart from my husband) which know ‘these tecniques’ on how to give it to him :(. A very stressfull thing to do, honestly but im not giving up as milk is still important in his diet!

    thanks alot for your help.

  4. sd says

    I also forgot to add we have tried the cry it out method but it did not work for us and we had a week of restless nights and very long days. Getting up for 15-20 minutes twice a night is not as bad as listening your child cry in their crib. We just create a calm enviroment to promote sleep at night just a night light in the room with minimal light entering into his crib. He is also at the stage now where he likes to try sleeping on his side. Also after his bath he is feed in the living room with the lights off and only the TV on with the sound turned down. Also when he is feed at night we leave all the lights off in the house with just some night lights and the dim glow of stove light in the kitchen on. However for naps we don’t turn down the volume on the TV or try to be quiet. We have done this since he was born and he can nap through the dishes, tv, and all other noises.

    @Sharon not sure if you are still having a problem but have you tried to keep your child awake through some of his bottle feedings. You can burp him halfway through the feeding or you can talk and entertain him through the feeding. You can also incorporate the bottle into his playtimes have him grab it hold it so he can associate it with awake time. Babies can’t resist looking or being entertained by their parents anytime of the day.

  5. sd says

    My 4 month old typical schedule I say typical because the daytime is very different from day to day depending on his mood that day but nightime is usually the same getting up twice to eat.

    7am wake up
    730am feeding typically anywhere from 3-6 oz of formula
    730-830 playtime
    830am feeding 3-6oz of formula
    830-9 playtime
    9am feeding 3-6 oz of formula
    945-1000 falls asleep for nap
    1030 wake up from nap
    1100 feeding 3-6 oz formula
    11-12 playtime
    12 feeding 3-6 oz formula
    1215pm-2pm nap time
    215pm feeding 3-6 oz formula
    3pm feeding 3-6 oz formula
    330pm-4pm nap time
    4pm feeding 3-6 oz formula
    4-530 playtime
    530pm feeding 3-6 oz formula
    530-7pm playtime
    7pm-715pm bathtime and relax time
    715pm feeding 4-5 oz of cereal mixed with formula
    730pm falls asleep eatting is burped still sleeping then into crib
    730pm-1230am sleep
    1230am wake up
    1230am feeding 6-7 oz of cereal mixed with formula, falls asleep while eatting, stays asleep through a diaper change and burping
    1245am back in crib sleeping
    1245am-4am sleep
    4am wake up
    4am feeding 4-5 oz formula, falls asleep eatting and stays asleep through burping
    4-7am sleep
    7am wake up

    He is about 16 lbs now and the dr said every baby is different some need more food than others that is why he is getting up twice a night. He said once he can get on solids is when he will start to sleep better but until then it isn’t healthy for a infant to sleep through the night without eatting with their small bellies.

  6. peet says

    I have 19 weeks old twins. They don’t sleep through the night. I have them in seperate cribs in the same room. They are breastfeed and drink aprox. 3 oz 6-7 times a day. Their shedule is as follow:
    6.30- 7.00 am wake up, one bottle each of 3 oz breastmilk
    8.15- 9.00am nap
    10.00 amwake, playing, 30z breastmilk sometimes mixed with formula
    12.00 am nap
    1.00pm awake, 3 oz milk
    2.00pm 2- 3 tsp of vegetables
    4.00pm 3 oz milk
    4.00pm nap
    5.00pm awake, playing
    7.00pm 3oz milk, bath
    7.30pm bed, sleep
    10.00-11.00pm 3 oz milk
    1.00am 3oz milk
    4.00am 3oz milk

    They wake up in the night sometimes because their paci is out. One of my daughters (who weighs 14 lbs) sleeps easier but the other one (12 lbs) has more difficulties going back to sleep in the night. One problem also is that sometimes one is awake and the other sleeps so I am the whole day busy…
    Also whem one starts crying I have to pick her up very fast so the other one doesn’t awake.
    Every day is different, but I hope they will soon sleep through the night…

  7. Cassandra says

    Hey guys!
    My little man is 4 1/2 months old and this is his schedule

    5:45am -nurse
    6:15am – back to sleep
    9:30am – Wakey Wakey! play time with mommy and cartoons
    10:00am – nurse
    10:30am – play time/walker/tummy time
    11:15-11:45 – Nap
    11:45am – Lunch time!
    12:30pm – nap
    1:00pm – nurse
    1:30pm – play time/ grocery shopping with mommy
    2:15pm – nap
    3:45pm – play time
    4:15pm – Dinner Time
    4:45pm – nap
    6:00pm – play time
    6:30pm – nurse
    6:45pm – play time/tummy time
    7:15pm – nap
    8:00pm – nurse
    8:30pm – bath time
    9:00pm – bedtime story with daddy
    9:10pm – nurse
    9:30pm – Fast Asleep

  8. Sharon says

    Sorry forgot to mention that while my son is asleep , i give him another 5oz bottle at about 11pm and remains asleep till morning

  9. Sharon says

    My 5 month old son schedule was ;

    6 – 6.30am – 5 or 6 oz formula milk
    sometimes he sleeps till 8
    10.30 -11.00am – 5 or 6 oz formula milk
    sleeps till 11.30 – 12 pm
    12.30pm – 1 spoon cereal
    2.30 – 3pm – 5 or 6 oz formula milk
    sleeps till 3.30pm
    at 5.45 pm start preparing for his bathtime
    6.45 – 5 or 6 oz of formula milk
    sleeps till 8pm, then goes to sleep again by 9pm till morning and sometimes remains asleep after his 6.45 feed and wakes up in the morning at about 6 am

  10. Sharon says

    Baby is 5 months old. Since he was 6 weeks, i had a problem feeding him, as he didnt want his bottle anymore, unless he will be asleep.So I started to time his feeds while asleep, which is a very hard work to do !!!!!! With alot of patience, I used to feed him 5 bottles/ 6oz each (sometimes 5oz ) and it takes me 1hr to feed him as he will be half asleep when he starts his formula and by half of it he will be fast asleep.Now i started some cereal, so eventually i start to decrease the bottles slowly. My problem now is that my son wakes up at about 6 or 6.30am , and he is not taking his first bottle as he will be fully awake now! Can you suggest me another alternative apart from i have to wake up at 5, so he will still be asleep?