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  1. Laura says

    Terri: I EBF and work full time. Lucky enough to bring her with me to work. So out night sleep was extremely important to get down pat. She was 6 lbs 13 oz, 19 in. at birth. Now, 15 lbs and 25 in.

    My suggestion would be to try slowly pushing that night feeding to the morning. If it’s usually a 3:30am feeding. Try and sooth her until 4 am and then feed. I did this using a pacifier (as to not pick her up until it was actually time to eat). Belly rubbing or singing can help too. After a couple of nights of 4 am, push another 1/2 hour. This will gradually help her get accustomed to sleeping during the night and waking in the morning to a feeding.

    My DDs schedule is as follows:
    6:00 am – (pump both sides and put one side’s amount in bottle, other in fridge to freeze) Put DD in carseat straight from crib and head to work.
    7:00 – Wake DD and Feed bottle (EBM) and change nighttime’s cloth diaper (CD)
    8:30/9ish – catnap (30 minutes or so)
    10:00 – Nurse and change CD
    10:45/11- nap (60-90 minutes)
    1:00 pm – Nurse and change CD
    2:00ish – Nap
    4:00 – Nurse and change CD
    4:45 – Leave work, DD naps in car on way home
    5:30 – Arrive home
    6:30 – Bath or nakey time
    7:00 – Put on Nighttime CD and Nurse
    7:45 – Bedtime (put down awake to fall asleep on own).
    Sleeps through the night now.

    Background schedule info: We worked at dropping her night feedings at about 2 mo. old. She used to nurse 7 times in 24 hours at birth. Dropped one night feeding on her own, down to 6 in 24. Then we decided to push her night feeding until 5 am and do her last at 9 pm, so she would still get the same amount in ounces. Then worked to an earlier bedtime with a routine (so earlier last feeding), but kept the 5 am feeding the same. And finally we tested dropping the 5 am feeding during thanksgiving and it was a success! So, now she’s down to 5 feedings a day. She’s a happy baby and we are so blessed to have her.

  2. Bree says

    My 3 1/2 month girl is the best baby ever does what I want her to

    7.30 I wake her for a feed then we both go back to sleep
    until I wake her for a feed at 11am
    then she plays until about 2 then I feed her again and she falls asleep
    then wakes at 3-4 then plays until 6 then bath then bed
    and I wake her at 11pm for a feed so she sleeps untill 7.30

  3. Terri says

    Just recently my 4 month girl is waking up at 7 am but not wanting to feed until 10:00 am. We usually play for a bit then she wants to have a nap and then she will feed. She alway used to be hungry in the morning now I can’t get her to eat and the last feeding was at 3:30am. We have just had a time change which has been trying. She will go to sleep around 7-8pm, but we usually feed her at 9pm then let her wake on her own for other night feedings. Do you have any sugguestions?

  4. Ashley says

    I have identical twin girls that are only breastfead. They just turned 16 weeks old and have been doing this schedule for over a month now.
    Note: I don’t have specific nap times, they just nap when they are tired and it varies from day to day.
    9:15 pm – Bathtime
    9:45 pm – Tandem Nurse
    10:00 pm – Put down to sleep
    7:00 am – Morning feeding (one at a time b/c they don’t wake up at the same time), then straight back to bed
    10:30 am – Wake Up, get dressed for the day and then feed them
    1:30 pm – Feeding
    4:00 pm – Feeding
    7:00 pm – Feeding
    Then it goes back to the top for their bath, feed, then bed
    Sometimes the times vary, depending on when they wake up after that first morning feeding around 7am, but I always try to feed every 3 hours and try to get them in bed by 10:30 pm at the latest. My husband works evening shift so this works best for us.
    I didn’t include naps b/c they still vary, but I notice they sleep the most after the 10am feeding and then after the 4pm feeding.

  5. Katherine says

    @ Michelle: My daughter is the same age as your son and also weighs almost 16 pounds. Just to let you know that we have almost the same schedule. My pediatrician says it’s normal the amount of naps she takes – so I don’t think you’re crazy….sounds like you have a very healthy baby! 😀

  6. Rowena says

    Thanks for the reply! She is getting 3 naps, generally 3, 1 hour or so naps ( sometimes longer and shorter) . However she is still waking every aprox 3 hrs at night. Perhaps it is a growth spurt or teething? I am just not sure what is involved with getting her out of the swing to nap. Since she has no idea how to sooth herself at this point, the thought of not putting her in her swing and instead placing her in her crib unswaddled seems daunting.

  7. Michelle says

    Hi! My son will be 4 months next week. He is incredibly routined but I’m mostly wondering how to increase his awake times. He sleeps a lot! Our routine is:
    6 a.m. wake up and feed
    6:15 – 7 a.m. floor time, mostly just him lying on his back gurgling and cooing
    7 – 9:30 – nap
    9:30 – wake up and feed
    9:45-10:45 – play in crib/swing
    10:45-1:15 – nap
    1:15 – wake up and feed
    1:30-3:00 – errands, stroller ride
    3:00-5:00 – nap
    5:00 – wake up and feed
    5:15 – 7:00- play with Daddy, bath, bedtime story
    Bedtime at 7:00, I wake him up at 8:00 or 8:30 for a last feeding and then he usually goes through the night, but does occassionally wake up at 4:30 but doesn’t need a feeding, simply needs us to come in and comfort him, maybe give him a pacifier. He’s a happy cheerful baby but I do feel like he sleeps an inordinate amount. He always feeds well and weighs a healthy 16 lbs. Am I crazy?

    • Kimberly says

      It sounds like he is just one of those babies who tend to sleep more than others. If his daytime sleep isn’t affecting his nighttime sleep and isn’t affecting his daytime feeding or daytime playtime, then I wouldn’t worry too much. At this age, awake time for them can vary anywhere between 1-2 hours and it seem he is in that range, so he should be fine. Maybe double check with your pediatrician to rule out anything medical, but more likely, he’s just a good sleeper!
      @Rowena- Transitioning from a swing to a crib or bed, would include helping her to get to a drowsy state (other than in the swing) then laying her down drowsy but awake so she can fall asleep on her own. She might still need to be swaddle and it may take a few days or a couple of weeks to transition. However, it don’t think she’s able to self soothe quite yet, you may want to wait until she’s just a bit older.

  8. Rowena says

    What an amazing and resourceful site! I’d love some advice.
    Our little one at 4.5 months has just moved from sleeping through the night ( 5-6 hr stretch, then up once more to feed) to now waking up every 3 hours. She just started this week and already I am looking for a solution.. fast. She takes naps in her swing ( unswaddled) aprox 4-5 times a day beginning about 8am for about an 1 hr to 1.5 hours. Occasionally a long 2 hour nap mid day. We started a bed time routine about 4 weeks ago with a 1/2feed, bath,swaddle and finish feed to sleep. Was working great, now not so well. I saw that the swaddling is not a big problem at this age, but I want to work toward helping her learn to get to sleep on her own and know that between the swing for day naps and nursing to sleep at night she has no idea how to. I am starting with loosing her swaddle and leaving one arm out to help her be ok with more movement at nights. Also during the night I am trying to put her down as soon as she pulls/dozes off from breastfeeding to put her down in the crib ( not waiting for the deep sleep to kick in). So far no improvement in the wakings, but she is seeming to go to sleep when i put her down during the night when she is not in her deepest sleep and seems to be ok with the one arm out of the swaddle. Am I on track? I know she needs to feed still during the night, but would like to get back to the 1-2 x instead of 3-4. I know the swing is a crutch but I am not sure how else to get her to nap in the day. She does not like being layed down unswaddled in the day in the crib, and will cry and fuss bad. Put her in the swing in the day..3-5 min max.. she’s out..asleep. Oh and we were having her sleep in her swing almost each night up til a month ago, now with the swaddling we have her in her crib, in her own room next door. Progress. But looking to keep moving forward to help her and us get better sleep.

    • Kimberly says

      It does sounds like you are on the right track. And you are right that the swing is probably more of a crutch for her right now for naps but that’s okay for now. It would be a good idea though to start working on transitioning her out of the swing for naps. Is she only getting two naps a day? If so, she may need a third nap during the day as well. Two naps typically isn’t enough for that age. And, there’s a good chance that adding a third nap for the day might help with the night wakings since often better sleep during the day can equal better sleep at night. For more napping help and transitioning her from the swing, you might want to check out Nicole’s ebook, Mastering Naps and Schedules. You find it here: http://babynapswell.com

  9. Monique says

    My twins will be 4 months old in 6 days. They were 3.5 weeks premature so their corrected age is just over 3 months old.

    5:30 am – wake and feed and back to sleep
    9:00 – eat (5 oz bottle)
    9:30 – nap
    12:00 – wake from nap
    12:30 – eat
    1:30 – nap
    3:00 – wake from nap
    3;30 – eat
    5:00 – start bedtime routine (bath or wipe down) and 5 oz bottle
    5:30-6:00 pm – bedtime – they are both exhausted
    10:00 pm – we do a dreamfeed, they don’t wake up, just drink a bottle and go back to sleep

    They’ve been sleeping through to 5:30 am for a few weeks now. If one of them wakes earlier in the night, we give her her soother and she goes right back to sleep.

  10. Fiona says

    My 16 week olds schedule

    7am – Breast feed, change, wake time
    8.15 – Sleep
    11 – Breast feed, change, wake time
    12.30 – Sleep
    3pm – Breast feed, change, wake time
    4.15 – Sleep
    7 – Breast feed, change, wake time
    8.30 – Sleep
    9.30 or 10pm – Breast feed, change
    Back to sleep for the night