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  1. Ashley says

    How do you have a bedtime at 7 if the nap at 2 is only an hour which makes it 3 and can only have a 3 hour wake time

  2. Alisa says

    my 9 month old has been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months. we’ve been very fortunate with how well he sleeps at night, but naps have been a battle for the last month or more. He sleeps for 11-12 hours at night, but I can’t seem to get him to sleep longer than an hour or less in the afternoon. His schedule is:
    7:00-7:30 am – wakes up
    8:00 – bottle with cereal
    9:00 – nap *this changes depending what time he gets up, usually an hour to an hour and half after he wakes up
    10:00 – up from nap
    12:00 bottle and lunch
    1:00 – nap * this is where we sometimes only get 45 min to an hour, some days were lucky and he’ll sleep for 2 to 2 1/2 hours
    4:00 bottle and dinner
    7:30 bed – we give him one more bottle between 6:30 and 7:30 before putting down, making sure he plays for a bit afterwards so he doesn’t need the bottle to go to sleep.
    How can I get him to consistently sleep longer in the afternoons? If he wasn’t so cranky in the afternoons and evening I wouldn’t worry about it. We let him cry for about 15 or 20 min to see if he’ll go back to sleep, but he won’t seem to do that unless we go in there. He used to, but now the only time he’ll cry himself to sleep is if he wakes up at night, which doesn’t happen often

    • Kimberly says

      @Melek- I would try working on adjusting your baby’s schedule to more closely match the one recommended here by Nicole. She wakes up late (10 am) and then with a nap at 8:30, then she can’t really be expected to go to sleep early. Ideally, she would be getting up for the day at 7/7:30 am, napping around 10 and 2, then going to bed by 7.

      It could be a matter of shifting his nap to a little later in the afternoon to help him get through the afternoon and evening. Alternatively, a slightly earlier bedtime might also help if he doesn’t adjust well to shifting his nap to a little later. Good Luck!

  3. Melek Ozal says

    dear nicole
    i have a 9 month old baby girl and was wondering if you could pleaseeee look at my schedule and tell me what parts im doing wrong i think my baby is sleep deprived though i think some parts of my schedule may need changing but just need your opinion.

    generally 7am = wake
    7 30 am = nurse and go back to sleep
    10 am = wake and have breakfast
    11 30 ish = snack
    1 or 1 30 pm = nap
    2 or 2 30 pm = wake
    4pm ish = meal and nurse
    5pm =nap
    5 30 pm= wake up
    6 30 pm= nurse and meal
    8 30pm = nap
    9pm = wake
    the earliest she will sleep for the night is 11 30 pm normally its at midnight or even later. she wakes up at least 3 times or more during the night so neither of us are getting any sleep 🙁

    i have even tried to put her to sleep at 9 pm and when she wakes up after the nap tried to nurse her back to sleep but find she woke up every hour during the night screaming and refusing to sleep.

    thanks for help

  4. Heather says

    All Ladies—For great sleep advice check out Dr. Weissbluth. There are videos on YouTube and he has some great books, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” (or twins). The most important thing is to watch your child…be flexible with the schedule but you can probably work within a 30 minute flexible time frame for a daily schedule. If your child is very still and quiet, that is the perfect time to lay them down. If they begin rubbing their eyes and getting cranky, they are over tired and it will be more of a battle to lay them down. I also wouldn’t let their awake time be more than 3 hours…maybe even 2 hours of wakefulness between naps. He suggests from 9-12 months (post due date) that a child go to bed between 5:30-7:30. This will help eliminate bed time battles, night wakings, and fighting naps during the day. If you are trying to establish an earlier bed time, you may have to move it up by 20 min increments each night until you get to a bed time that is good for your child. To know if your child is going to bed early enough, look at their behavior around 4/5pm. If they are pleasant, it’s good. If they are cranky, they need to go to bed earlier. Also, children will wake during the night if they don’t learn how to self-soothe, check out his book for different methods to gradually get your child to learn to soothe themselves or use the “cry it out” method.

  5. Karen says


    In this article, it says something about feeding after 4 or 5am so the wake time wouldn’t be too early. How is this done? Do you actually recommend waking the baby up around this time and feeding them, then put them back to sleep?

    My baby used to sleep from 6pm to 5am, I tried to shift her and she has been sleeping at 7.30pm. However, still waking 5.30ish, at most 6am. The last hours before wake being not really peaceful sleep. She seems to be very tired by 6pm even though she has been sleeping at 7.30pm for 2 months now. I am thinking of moving her bedtime earlier to 7pm. 5am wake time is a bit early for the adults, plus, with fall coming, it will become 4am! Also, she seems fussy after waking up for a bit. So she needs her first nap really early.

    So I wonder if I should give her a feed at 4am as suggested here for a later wake? Or should I just let her have 10hr overnight and hope that she makes up for it during the day and manage to one day not be so tired by the evening. She can sleep at 7pm even if she woke up from a 5 to 6pm nap!

    • Kimberly says

      @Tori, His longer nap is probably a result of being awake more at night. Have you tried adding the bottle back in to see if that makes a difference? Also, for his last nap, make sure he’s waking with enough time to be tired by bedtime.

      @Christine- Your son was clearly loving his new ability to get up on his own and this is much more fun than sleeping! 🙂 Glad to hear things have evened out a bit. Do be careful with rocking him to sleep as this could turn into a sleep association. Occasionally is fine but the more you can rock him to just drowsy and then put him down still awake, the more likely you’ll avoid having problems later on.

      @Sue- I would try giving her the evening bottle earlier, like before the bath. Then eliminate feeding as part of the bedtime routine. Create a routine that is soothing to her but that doesn’t include feeding. She may protest for a few days but if you do think the bottle feed right before bedtime is the problem, then it will be important to teach her a sleep routine that doesn’t include that. The 1:30 feeding does sound like she is genuinely hungry so it may be a bit early to cut that one out. It possible though, you may want to consider cutting out the early morning feeding at 5 am and work on helping her to learn to go back to sleep at this time without it to extend her sleep to 6:30 or 7 am wake up time.

      @Jessi Lynn,
      Consistency will be key here. He could be hungry when he wakes at 3 am. Have you tried giving him a bottle when he wakes and see if he falls back asleep after that. 12 hours is long time for a 9 month old to go without any food. It’s not uncommon for a baby at this age to still need a feeding at night.

      @Karen- What’s recommended here is to feed your baby when she wakes at 5 am in an effort to get her to go back to sleep until later. Most babies (and certainly most adults) are not really done sleeping by 5 am but by 5 am she is very likely hungry and a feed could help her to fall back asleep for a while. A later bedtime doesn’t generally translate to a later waking time unless you have also shifted her daytime schedule (which you may have done but I wasn’t sure based on what you’ve written). You might try for a 7 pm bedtime and see if that also makes a difference. If she’s not getting enough day time sleep then the overtiredness could affect what happens with night time sleep.

  6. Jessi Lynn says

    Hi there. My Nine month old Wakes anywhere from 2-4 times a night. Its not every night, But its pretty close. His bedtime routine hasent changed very much since he was 4 weeks old. His schedule is like this:

    8-8:30am – Wake, and bottle
    9am- Breakfast
    10:30am- Bottle
    11 – 11:30am- Nap Time Story and Nap – *45mins- 1 1/2 Hours*
    12:30pm-1pm- Lunch
    1:45-2pm- Juice & Light Snack
    4pm- Naptime Story & Bottle & Nap – *2 hours*
    6pm- Juice & Supper
    7:15pm- 7:30pm- Light Snack & Juice
    8pm- Bath
    8:30pm- Bottle, Brush Teeth, & Bedtime Story, and He Usually falls asleep during the story, and stays asleep until around 3am. And the odd night hes wide awake at 3-3:30am for at least an hour. And NOTHING I’ve tried helps… Gripe Water, Tylenol, Baby Orajel.. Nothing helps. And Its not just Being Awake. Its Screaming Like hes in pain. Hes never been Colicky or anything. And we’re not sure what to try or what might help… He’s been teething on and off since he was 3 1/2 months old. We dont give him a bottle of formula/milk unless its been more then 45 mins of screaming. We somtimes give him water in his bottle just to make sure hes not just thirsty and to make sure his throat doesnt get dry/sore. We’ve tried the cry-it-out Method. But it doesnt work. We tried ti for 2 hours (checking on him and trying to comfort him every 5-10 mins) but he just continues to scream until he either comes to sleep in our bed, or we rock him to sleep… Any Ideas would be great. Exspecially is they work!!

  7. Christine says

    @ Rebecca

    A couple weeks have passed and he’s settled down. I think he was just so excited to be able to stand and play and didn’t want to go to sleep! too cute. We tried a number of things but I’m not sure that any of it helped. We worked on teaching him to sit and lie down and then we’d try to let him settle himself (which usually failed). If all else failed we’d walk him in his stroller or rock him to sleep in the end.

    Now that he’s able to sit himself and lie down in the crib he can fall asleep on his own. Of course his preference is to have us rock him to sleep but that isn’t a good solution.

    For his 1st nap I’m usually able to give him his blanket and put him into bed and he goes to sleep with very LITTLE fussing.

    Nap number two he usually has a bottle and then falls asleep with little to some fussing.

    Bedtime is another story! After his bath we read a few books, have a bottle, followed by a short cuddle and then into bed. He usually fusses quite a bit but we try to let him fall asleep on his own. This sometimes fails so we resort to the stroller or I give in and rock him to sleep (he’s just way to sweet not too). I have to say he is MUCH better at falling asleep on his own – almost like post 9 months!

    The hardest time to get to to sleep is at bedtime – the two naps are quite a bit easier.

    Hopefully your babe adjusts soon. It isn’t easy to get through but when you do it’s great. GL!

  8. Sue says

    My 9 month old gets up at least twice a night and lately, does not go to bed until 10 and up again at 7-8.

    Her day goes like this..

    7-8 wake up
    9ish, cereal and fruit
    1030ish, bottle and nap for about an hour
    1230ish, lunch (baby food with pieces of whatever I am eating)
    4ish, bottle and another nap lasting over an hour
    6ish, supper
    730ish, bath
    830ish, cries for bottle

    This is where the trouble seems to begin because that bottle seems to recharge her battery and then she is active until close to 10.

    She wakes at 130ish, crying as if she is hurt lol….so there is no consoling and rocking her back to sleep, she neeeeeds the bottle and she always finishes it off (7ounces).

    She wakes again around 5, sometimes just needing to be consoled, other times, crying for her bottle again.

    I wish I could have a child that has her bottle at 8 and puts herself to sleep in her crib, but she thrives on the attention she is now used to getting!

    Please help! Her dad works away so the majority of time it is just me home, combining this with the fact that all she wants to do all day is walk, walk, walk, it`s making it hard on Mommy!

  9. Rebecca says

    @Christine. My son is doing the EXACT same thing…. would love to know solutions…

  10. Christine says

    My baby is about to turn nine months this Thursday (5th). Last week he learned how to get up on all four and then how to pull himself to standing in his crib. We are now experiencing difficulty when putting him down to nap and at night – he keeps standing and doesn’t know how to get back down. He cries and we go in and help him down, reassure him that all is okay, and then he rolls over and gets right back up on all fours to creep, explore and stand. It takes a minimum of an hour of trying to get him asleep, usually by then he is exhausted and will fall asleep if we rock in the rocking chair. In addition, he’s cutting his top teeth (the first came in Sat.) which isn’t helping the situation. He’s also in the process of dropping his third nap with more awake time between the two naps.

    For example, today’s schedule:

    6am awake
    6:15 bottle
    8:30 am breakfast & small bottle
    9:15 asleep (he was tired at 8:15)
    11:15 awake
    12:00 pm lunch
    2:30 bottle and attempt at nap but no luck – very tired but won’t sleep
    4:30 nap time (after rocking to sleep – see above)
    6:15 we woke him up
    8:00 bath
    8:30 bottle and bed
    9:15 asleep (again had to rock to sleep after standing and crying).

    He sleeps throughout the night well and is up at 6am (sometimes a bit earlier but plays in his crib) like clockwork. He recently napped every 2-2.5 hours and I noticed that he starts looking and acting tried at that mark. He will fall asleep in the car or stroller after the 2 hour mark but not in his crib.

    What can I do to help him fall asleep now that he wants to stand in his crib?