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  1. Anna says

    Hi Nicole! My son is about 9 months old and up until the past week he’s been on a perfect sleep schedule since about 4 weeks (I’m a lucky one). He’s recently learned how to stand up in his crib and now he can never fall asleep! I’ve tried rocking him till he closes his eyes but as soon as I put him down he rolls over and stands up. Even naps have become a challenge when they never were before. He’s hardly getting any sleep. Any tips or advice?

  2. Angelica says

    Hi Nicole,

    My baby is 9 months old and until 3 weeks ago she has been sleeping very well through the night without problems, from 7.30 pm to 7.00 am.I’m lucky about that. She used to have 2 naps a day, one at 10 am and the other at 2 pm. Since she started teething, crawling and stading up in her cot she dosen’t have any naps during the day. When the time comes for her naps i put her in the cot, but instead of going to sleep she stands up on her cot or crawls, or plays with her toys. I can see she is so tired all day. I don’t know how to help her to go to sleep. please give me some advise on how to do that.

    Thanks a mill, Angelica

  3. Nicole says

    Hi Nicole,
    My son just turned 9 months old a few days ago. He started sleeping through the night consistently around 4 1/2 months and would wake for a feeding around 5 or 6 am, usually going back to sleep until 7am. Around 7 1/2 months, he started waking more frequently and the 5am feeding would sometimes be 4:30, then 4, then 3, etc. As the time got earlier, I would try to pat him to sleep, but it would not help and would end up feeding him after an hour or so of patting and soothing because he was so worked up. Finally, around 8 1/2 months, I stopped this feeding because I believe it was causing him to wake earlier and earlier every morning and that he was using it as comfort to get back to sleep. The problem is that he now wakes at 5am.. sometimes goes back to sleep for a few minutes, sometimes for an hour or so, sometimes plays quietly, sometimes cries. I wait to feed him until at least 6am, but he only takes a few ounces, so I know he’s not hungry. WIth the new wake time, I moved his naps from 10 to 9 and from 230/3 to 130/2. He naps well for the most part.
    The problem is that ever since we’ve implemented this change, he is very cranky during the day and I believe it is because he needs at least an extra hour of sleep at night (he goes to bed at 7…even if he wakes at 630, he has probably been up for at least half of the time between 5 and 630). I think he should be getting more like 11-11 1/2 hours of solid sleep at night.
    I was going to try to wake to sleep tonight to see if I could break the 5 am habit so that he can get more night sleep. I can go back to feeding him at 5am — I don’t mind getting up — but I am afraid that he is going to start waking earlier and earlier again, and I don’t even think he is hungry.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Kimberly says

      @Sidra- Often learning to go back to sleep after they wake is separately learned skill than going to sleep at bedtime. At this age, he probably really only needs to feed 1-2 times per night, so the additional feeds are probably more out of habit than hunger. I would recommend helping him go back to sleep in a similar way as you taught him to go to sleep at bedtime. Teaching him this will also help to make it easier to start cutting down on the feedings.

      @Debra- It could be that your 2nd son has a more persistent personality type and he may need a different sleep training method than you used with your first son. With the burping, if you have introduced any new foods lately, then he may be reacting those and you might want to keep a food diary for a while to see if you see a pattern between what he’s eating, his burping and his sleep.

      @Monique- I would suggest that you check out Nicole’s ebook, Mastering Naps and Schedules for help with Naps. You can find it at http://babynapswell.com

      @Nicole – I would recommend Nicole’s ebook, Shifting Schedules for tips and information on how to shift your son’s schedule to help shift him to a later wake up time. You can find that book here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-waking-too-early/

  4. Monique says

    Hello 🙂
    We have a 9 month old girl and we just don’t seem to be getting in the swing of things regarding her sleeping schedule. It’s so tiring and my husband and i feel totally lost and clueless. We need help!
    Question:- How do you get your baby to sleep longer during the day? What method works? She sleeps maybe 1- 1/12 hours during the day and 10 1/2 hrs at night. We try and get her to sleep longer but it’s the bloody murder cry and by that time we cave in and take her out of her crib. The night time sleep is fine, it’s getting her to take longer naps during the day that we need help with. I know babies her age needs an average of 13-14 hours of sleep in a 24hr period…we are so off!
    She wakes up at 6am no matter what. I wish it where more like 7am 🙁 Right now she goes to bed at 7pm. All I want is for her to take longer naps during the day. Any suggestions???

  5. Debora says

    Hi. I have a 4 1/2 old son which I never had problems with his sleeping patterns.Now having a 9 months old, which drives my head up…he hardly sleep throughout the night..there were months and months of him waking up every other hour. I’m pregnant of almost 6 months and feeling very tired… I tried the same methods as my 1 st child but my son crys a lot and screams and sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I go and give him the dummy after 5 minutes of screaming but still no success , or there are other times where I have to bring him down to the sofa to see if he falls asleep but I don’t want to go into that situation where I go to his bedroom grab him bring him down and problem solved….He fast asleep once again after 5-10 minutes cry….as the usual..
    I noticed that he burps a lot after conforting him before bed…..
    What should I do? do you think he just doesn’t want to sleep and recently he is burbing quite often, do you think it maybe gases? Also he hardly drinks water….

  6. sidra says

    Hi, I am having problems with my 9 month old baby. he is following the schedule you have on your website for 9 month olds. he naps twice a day for 2 hours in total (as listed in your schedule) he HAS learn’t to fall asleep by himself at nap/bedtime when placed awake in his crib but wakes up 3-5 times during the night,( 11pm/2am/3:30am/4am/6am) sometimes for a feed, for his binki or sometimes binki and feed aren’t good enough and he wont stop crying until i cuddle/rock him to sleep. How do I teach him to fall asleep by himself like he usually does at the beginning of nap/bedtime. where am i going wrong? should i cut out the extra 4 feeds (of 3oz per feed) he has at night?
    Thanks I would really apreciate your help!

  7. liane chalmers says

    Hi, my previously well napping and sleeping 9 month old has been a nightmare for the past 2 weeks now. Hardly any naps, 1hr at 10am and 1hr at 1pm then awake till bed at 6. She was sleeping through to 4/5 then feed and back to bed til 7:30 but now she has been waking up screaming at 9:30 or 3am and for the past couple of nights at midnight and is up for 2 hrs, not crying, just awake and babbling and only cries when i leave the room. I check she is clean and dry, offer her a drink (not always milk as first option) pick her up, rearrange her night clothes then settle her. She has been teething forever and only two teeth have appeared and she is trying to stand independently which has led to her no being able to sleep on her tummy as she like to because she starts trying to stand. I am sooooo tired. She will settle eventually if i let her cry for a bit but my other daughter will be disturbed as will my husband who is up at 6 for work. Any ideas, i keep offering naps as my other daughter slept longer the more sleep i offered her.

    • Kimberly says

      @Melek- How much is your baby eating/drinking during the day? I would try to feed her more during the day and work on feeding her a bit less at night to encourage her to be hungrier during the day. At this age, she should be able to go through the night without a feeding. She could be going through a growth spurt and be a little hungrier than usual. You might also want to check with your doctor to rule out any other problems.

      @Liane- It might be a matter of shifting her schedule a bit such as moving her morning nap to a bit earlier (depending on what time she gets up for the day) as well as shifting her afternoon nap to a little later. I would also suggest that if she is teething that you try giving her Motrin before bedtime, (if you aren’t already). Be consistent at night with her wakings in going in and soothing her but leaving again to help her understand that she needs to go to sleep. Staying in the room with her the entire time reinforces to her that crying will not only get her mommy but it will be her way of asserting what she wants. All of the developmental things she has going on may be contributing as well. Be consistent with how she goes to bed and how she goes to sleep to avoid creating sleep associations that you will have to work on breaking when she’s passed teething and other developmental milestones.

  8. Melek Ozal says

    hi im abit concerned,
    my 11 month old baby wakes during the night only once when she is hungry for a feed, the problem i have lately is that she isnt full with breastmilk and doesnt stop crying until i feed her something else, so i have been giving her a bowl of rice ceral when she wakes during the night, though i was kinda expecting that by now she should be used to sleeping during the night without getting hungry, i have tried feeding her till she is full before she goes to bed for the night i have also just tried to calm her down and put her back to sleep when she wakes but she wakes up screaming like she is starving? is this normal? is there something i can do to change this? please help, thanks in advance

  9. casey says

    Ok help needed.
    My son hit 9 months today. We’ve had such issues with him since he was born. 5 weeks premature but NO issues at birth. He started sleeping great thru the night around 5-6 months. He had surgery 3 weeks ago and since then his sleep has gone to pot. He was sleeping from 7-5 which was great. 2 naps 30-1 hour nap at 10 and 1-2 hour nap between 12-2. CIo method with him has never worked. He is so stubborn and would cry for hours. Never once falling asleep or settling on his own, Now after surgery He falls asleep in his bouncer between 7-8 we move him to his crib he sleeps for 30 mins to an hour and wakes up. Hes now sitting up and crawling to the milestone issue comes up. We then must rock him back to sleep or let him lay with us, This is a bad habit but at this point only thing that works. Again we put him back to sleep and he will wake at 9 and than sometimes at 11 than finally he will sleep to 5-6. Its driving up nuts. We have followed the same sleep schedule since 2 months. bath at 6 last feeding at 7 and than songs and bed. What else can we do so we can get him back on track.??? He has also had reflux since birth. He is on ranitudine which does nothing for him. It seems he waling up because of this. Maybe theres something else out there for reflux

    • Kimberly says

      Hi Casey,
      You might want to check with your pediatrician about trying a different medication to see if that helps. It would be best if he was on medication that he was responding well to before moving forward with a sleep training plan to get him back on track. Not sure how he was falling asleep before the surgery, but if it was same way as he does now, then he probably will need some additional help from you to learn how to fall asleep on his own and how to go back to sleep without rocking or bringing him to your bed to sleep. I wouldn’t attempt that though until you’ve spoken with your doctor about his reflux meds and as long as he completely recovered from his surgery.

  10. Melek Ozal says

    hi kimberly
    thought i would just let you know i have taken your advice and and we now wake up at the latest 8 am most of the time 7 30 am, and finally my baby sleeps at 9 30 pm she even slept through the night once which was amazing. i know we still have alot of work to do i still think 9 30 pm is too late but im going to gradually move the bedtime to an earlier time, the best part is now that she sleeps better she is so much more happier and a bubbly baby compared to her old fussy and moody behaviour,thanks so much for the advice