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6 Month Old Baby Schedule

6 Month Old Baby Schedule

This article outlines the average 6 month old baby schedule, including feedings, solids, naps and night sleep.

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6 month old baby’s sleep

At this age, if you are not lucky enough to have a baby who sleeps through the night, many 6 month olds are still waking 1-2 times to eat at night. Anything more and likely you have a sleep association problem (aside from the 6-month growth spurt that should only last a few days to a week). Your 6 month old should be taking 2-3 naps per day for a total of 2-3 hours per day plus 11-12 hours at night. If you’re having trouble with naps, you might be interested in helping your baby nap.

Obviously, all babies vary, but here are some sample schedules you can use to make your own for your unique baby. Schedules are iffy at this age because many babies simply can not stay up past 2 hours to get to the next scheduled nap-time, so at this age, it’s likely naps are still on the short side, but come frequently. Over the next several weeks, you can work on getting down to just 3 naps to get closer to the 7 month schedule.

I should warn you that I am in the camp that breast milk or formula should be the primary nutrition for the first year and solids come secondary. Below are the amounts we recommend. For more information on starting your baby on solid food, visit our sister site, Your Baby’s Start To Solid Foods. It includes recommendations about how and when to start solids, as well as helpful information on food allergies, recommended products, baby-friendly recipes, and more.

Amounts per day:

• At least 5-6 breastfeeding sessions per day or 24-32 ounces formula or combination (decrease solids if your baby is not taking in at least this much)
• Water is unnecessary (breast milk and formula have plenty of water in them). If your baby has any constipation issues, focus on P-foods (pears, prunes, etc.)
• 1-2 servings baby cereal (1 serving = 1-2 Tablespoons dry)
• 1-2 servings fruit (1 serving = 1-2 Tablespoons)
• 1-2 servings vegetable (1 serving = 1-2 Tablespoons)

Note: If you did not start solids until 6 months (I did not start until 6 months), you will work your way up to the amount of servings above. Don’t worry about feeding this much right away!

Sample 6 month old schedule

Here is a what I call a “staggered” approach. My first son did better with a full feeding and then having solids a bit in between. He was a little hungry but not famished. He just didn’t do well with stopping nursing or his bottle mid-way to eat solids.

Schedule 1

6:30 – Wake and Breast milk or Formula
7:45 – Breakfast
8:30 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
10:00 – Breast milk or Formula
11:30 – Nap (often 30-45 minutes at this age)
1:00 – Breast milk or Formula
2:00 – Nap (often 30-45 minutes at this age)
4:00 – Breast milk or Formula
4:30 – Catnap (30 minutes)
5:00 – Dinner
6:00 – Begin bedtime routine
6:30 – Breast milk or Formula and Bedtime
7:00 – Goal to be asleep

+Plus possibly 1-2 nighttime feedings

If your baby doesn’t mind a more “consolidated” approach to eating, like my second son, here is another type of schedule:

Schedule 2

7:00 – Wake and Breast milk or Formula, then Breakfast
9:00 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
10:00 – Breast milk or Formula
12:00 – Nap (often 30-45 minutes at this age)
1:00 – Breast milk or Formula
2:30 – Nap (often 30-45 minutes at this age)
4:00 – Breast milk or Formula
5:00 – Catnap (30 minutes)
5:30 – Partial Breast milk or Formula Feeding, then Dinner
6:30 – Begin bedtime routine
7:00 – Bedtime
7:30 – Goal to be asleep

+Plus possibly 1-2 nighttime feedings

Note: Many people prefer to follow an eat-play-sleep routine, which is a good routine to follow, however, sometimes hard to implement at this age when the amount of time between naps is not long enough and your baby wakes too early from his nap because of a feeding. I take all of that into consideration when making my schedules. The most important part is to be careful not to create sleep associations with feedings too close to sleep times, which we saw become important at 4 months old.

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What is your 6-month old’s schedule?


  1. Harlenny says

    My now six month old was sleeping through the night at 2 monthsat about 4 months old, he started waking up again about twice a night looking for something to eat or most accuretly something to suck on (mind you he never appreciated a binky), we normally gave him water a night to see if that would help in not associating sleeping and nipple at night. he often soothes himself to sleep after drinkig the water. the problem is that my doctor suggested the “crying it out” method, and im not completely comfortable with this, lately though even after drinking water, he doesnt seems satisfy and will cry until we sooth him to sleep. he doesnt really have a consitent schedule but he has been on solids for about a month already and drinks about 4 bottles a day between 5 to 7 ozs setting him on a schedule is a bit hard since we are both working parents, i know he is not overly tired because he naps around twice a day for about 2.5 hours. please give me any suggestions because listening to other parents gloat at how perfect their babies are, is making me feel like a bad mom….

    sincerely in need of some realistic advice

  2. Elaine says

    My six month old has always been an absolutely terrible napper. He had/has reflux. At the moment he is refusing to take an afternoon nap so I am constantly dealing with a very grumpy baby in the afternoon.
    Our schedule is-
    6am wake
    6-7 Play
    7am 8ozs formula
    8am breakfast
    8.15(ish) nap for 30 minutes almost to the minute
    9.15-11am activity
    11.30 8ozs formula
    12(ish) nap for 30 minutes
    1pm lunch
    3pm nap for 30 minutes if very very lucky but normally no nap
    3.30 6 ozs of formula
    5pm dinner
    5.30 bath, story, bottle
    6pm bed

    He sleeps okay overnight but we are up and down alot to replace the dummy he doesn’t take a feed anymore.

    He is constantly overtired, screams if I try to put him down in the afternoon, he is knackered and so am I, I don’t get a break to get anything done really and have a clingy grumpy baby wanting to sit on my lap and cuddle all afternoon because he is too tired to play.
    Any suggestions on how I can resolve this would be wonderful, thanks for reading.

  3. Kandis says

    Hello, my son will be 6 months on the 14th of december. I introduced solids at 5 months because he was showing interest in food and opens his mouth for the spoon etc. He schedule however is quit different then most.

    6am wakes to nurse falls back asleep
    8-930am wake up nurses
    10am cereal with fruit and then playtime
    11am nurse and nap time (naps for about 3 hours may nurse sometime between)
    3pm nurses
    330-4pm playtime/belly time
    6pm nurse
    730 fruit/vegi
    8 bathtime
    930 nurse bedtime
    wakes up once during the night to nurse

    When he is with my mother and father while I work he seems to only take a few 30 min naps and then at night sleeps 4 hours wakes up to eat and then sleeps for another 4 hours.

  4. Kimberly says

    @Sara- I would recommend that you consider a one on one consultation with Nicole, she can help you come up with a plan that you can implement to address your daughter’s specific issues. You can find information about those services here: With sleep training, the key is to be consistent and this might mean being consistent with your sleep training plan for 4 or more weeks before you see significant improvement, especially with a child with a more persistent personality (which may be the case with your daughter.)

    @Krista- If he’s not fussing after the feed, then I would just lay him down, pat him and tell him nite-nite and then leave. He will go back to sleep when he’s ready and eventually he understand that it’s time to lay down and go back to sleep and fall back asleep sooner. If he fusses, let him fuss for a bit then go in and do the same thing. The key here is to keep sending the consistent message that it’s time to go to sleep.

    @Harlenny- You are definitely not a bad mom. Every baby is different. Some babies do truly wake up at night hungry and it’s not uncommon for a 6 month old to still need to eat up to 2 times a night. Their tummies are still tiny and they are growing so it only makes sense that he might be hungry. So, I would go ahead and feed him at night, but don’t let him fall asleep while feeding. This will help avoid the sleep association of feeding to go back to sleep. If he start so slow with his eating go ahead and end the feeding then lay him down to continue to fall asleep on his own. Decide which wakings you will feed him at (even if it’s just one) and then stick with that. If you want help with sleep training methods other than cry it out and that help limit crying then check out Nicoles ebook, The 3 Step Method to Help Your Child Sleep at

    @Elaine, I’d recommend Nicole’s book, Mastering Naps and Schedules at to come up with a specific plan for extending his nap. Improving day time sleep can often help with night wakings. However, he will need to also learn how to fall asleep on his own and how to go back to sleep on his own with the pacifier. You can also consider one on one consultations with Nicole who can help with both the naps and with how to help sleep train without the pacifier. Plus take into account your child’s reflux issues.

    @Kandis- It would be hard to say why he naps differently at your parent’s house without more details. But you might want to go over your nap routine and how he sleeps at home with them to have them try to replicate it as much as possible. They could also go in right about the 30 minute mark and try to “catch” him before he wakes and shush/pat him back to sleep before he’s fully awake. After a few days or week or this, he may start to extend his naps naturally on his own.

  5. Hilary says

    I stubbled across this website looking for some help with my 6 month old baby! I have a few problems that I need some advice about.
    1. She does not sleep well at night, like many out there. She wakes up 2-3 times a night for a feeding and won’t sleep more than 4 hours at a time. She used to when she was a few months old, but now she wont. She also wakes up a few times when she isn’t hungry and needs her pacifier put back in. If I try letting her cry (naptimes too) She just ends up flipped over on her stomach with all the blankets off and her pacifier out. Which brings me to my next problem.
    2. I swaddle her so she won’t pull her pacifier out of her mouth. She WILL NOT leave it alone if I don’t. So if she isn’t swaddled with a pacifier she won’t go to sleep. I know she is too old to be swaddled now, but i don’t know what to do about it.
    3. I don’t want her to learn to self soothe with her fingers, which is what the ferber method usually turns into. I don’t mind her having a pacifier though. It will be easier to break. I just don’t know what to do since she won’t leave it alone!
    If anyone has any advice for any of my problems I’d love the input! Thank you!

  6. Jennifer says

    Hi. I have a 6.5 month old daughter who has been a chronic cat napper. A month or so ago she started sleeping longer but very inconsistent. Now maybe once every week she will have a nap that lasts longer than 40 minutes. I dont know what to do about these 40 minute naps. Sometimes she wakes happy but usually she is so cranky. I have tried to let her CIO for 15 minutes but she doesn’t go back down. Is CIO a suitable method to extend naps? Many of my friends who have babies the same age take 2 long naps a day. Emily is taking 3 sometimes 4 short ones
    7 am wake and 8oz bottle
    8 am breakfast ( 3 tablespoons cereal and 2 tbsp fruit)
    9 nap for 40 minutes then PLAY
    11:00 8 oz bottle, 1 tablespoon each of fruit and veggie
    11:30 Nap for 40 minutes….sometimes this extends to 1.5 hours…very rarely though
    2:30 6 oz formula
    3:00 Nap for 30-40 minutes
    5:00 cereal, fruit and veggie
    6:00 bath, massage, 8 oz bottle, massage
    630 SLEEPING ( she then wakes up right after 40 minutes and screams. I have had to rock her back to sleep. Then she sleeps till morning)

  7. Kimberly says

    @Hilary- Yes, ideally, you will want to wean her from the swaddling. The swaddling and the pacifier are most likely sleep associations for her and that’s the only way she knows how to go to sleep. At this point, she’ll need some help from you to learn how to go to sleep on her own without swaddling and without the pacifier unless she’s able to find and replace the pacifier herself. Once she’s learned how to fall asleep on her own and how to go back to sleep on her own, her sleep will lengthen and improve. I would recommend that you read this article about swaddling. (The last part of the article addresses how to stop) You might also find our sleep training series helpful. The first part starts here:

    @Jennifer- Have you tried going in right before the 40 minute mark and then shush/pat her back to sleep as she starts to stir and wake? Sometimes after doing this for a few days, she will naturally start to sleep through those light sleep cycles and extend her naps. CIO can work as a nap method but it also depends on the temperament of your child. I would recommend that you consider checking out our ebook, Mastering Naps and Schedules at

  8. Courtney says

    I have a question… I follow along approximately the same schedule, but I am breastfeeding him to sleep/nap. I can’t get him to sleep without it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break that habit so I can put him down without forcing him to cry it out??

  9. Kimberly says

    Hi Courtney- You can try just feeding him until he’s drowsy, gently unlatching him and then laying him down. With this method, it may take several tries before he starts to learn so be sure to be consistent with it for a least a couple of weeks. You might also find Nicole’s ebook, The 3 Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep to be helpful as it outlines different methods for helping to teach your baby to learn to fall asleep without feeding including non or limited crying methods. That can be found here: Good luck!

  10. Anna says

    I have a 6 month old boy and the problem I have is that he is always asleep. I know i shouldn’t complain – he’s having 6oz bottles every 3-4 hrs and I’ve started weaning him onto solids. But he can’t stay awake for longer than 2hrs, then he’l sleep for another couple of hours. I can’t keep him awake longer than 4.30 before he wants to go to bed properly, and then he sleeps until at least 10.30-12 midnight before he wants a bottle. Then he’ll sleep until at least 6am. Is this normal??? :s

  11. Kimberly says

    Hi Anna,
    Some babies just fall into the higher end of the sleep needs categories. As long as he’s not sleep so much that it’s getting in the way of enough wake time for him to reach and practice developmental skills, then you probably don’t need to worry. If you want to be sure, log or track the amount he sleeps and the amount he’s awake for a few days and then check with your pediatrician about whether it seems excessive.

  12. Tiffany says

    I have a 5 month old and is having trouble sleeping all night:

    At 2 1/2 months she started sleeping all night every night until 4 months. At this time she was formula feeding 6-7 oz. about every 3-4 hours and going to bed by about 8-8:30. At her 4 month checkup I remember telling the doctor- “yes, she’s still sleeping through the night”- almost immediately after that appointment she has not slept through the night since. It was around Christmas time so I thought that she wasn’t sleeping because of being so busy- going places and such- but once we got settled back down after Christmas nothing changed. I was so dissapointed. I started solids at 4 1/2 months- first cereal- then gradually adding other foods (apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, pears). I’ve just been giving her solids for lunch and dinner. Her schedule right now is as follows: sometimes varies day-to-day.

    7or8- wake up- 6 oz. bottle
    9or10- nap (usually 1hour- 1 1/2 hour roughly)
    11- 6 oz. bottle
    12:30- 1 TBSP cereal/ 1 fruit
    1or1:30 nap(usually an hour or more)
    2:30 5-6oz. bottle
    sometimes nap around 4ish
    5:30or6- dinner(2TBSP cereal/ 1 veg.)
    6:30or7- 4-5oz. bottle
    9-4oz. bottle

    Should I give the evening bottle a little later and give 6oz- then put her to bed and eliminate the last bottle?? She is waking up 1-3 times a night- I go give her paci and she goes back to sleep each time- can’t figure out why she keeps waking up? She also has a little bit of eczema- maybe her neck itches, but she always goes right back to sleep after i give her the paci. HELP!!!

  13. hope-lynnes momma says

    my daughter wakes up at 9 930 every day eats 6 oz by 11 she goes down for a nap wakes up at 3 eats and wants to take another nap by 4 then wakes up at 8 eats and goes back to bed at 930 and is out for the whole night untill the next morning at 9 930 is this normal at 6 months?? but when shes awake shes very playfull and happy!! so i dont know!

  14. Brittany says

    so my son doesnt sleep, he takes 2 naps during the day if im lucky and they are only like 20 mins maybe 30 if im lucky to get him down.
    he is on foods since 3.5 months of age, breast milk didnt cut it for him in the hungry department, i do still breast feed him on his demand though. here is my typical day with him

    6am breast fed
    7am breast fed
    9am breast fed
    10am breast fed
    11am breast fed
    (now is when he wants to get up and out to play)
    Noon cream of wheat or some kind of cereal
    1pm snacks
    2pm he may want breast but sometimes wants veggies
    230pm nap
    3pm play
    345pm snack
    4pm solid foods
    5pm may want a breast or just a snack
    6pm nap
    630pm fruit and veggies and some of what we are eating
    7pm snack
    8pm small bowl of oatmeal
    930pm bath time
    10pm bowl of warm cereal
    1030pm breast
    11pm up
    wont want breast, cereal, nothing just wants to scream and be up
    this will last till 2-3 even 4 am
    then he will finally go down till his 6 am or 7 am feeding if im lucky he stays asleep
    idk what else to do
    doctors wont help me telling me that his no sleep is just a baby thing but here’s the thing, mo one i hae talked to is going threw this that bad.
    i need help and no one is giving me any advise. and im so tired lol.
    so anyone know of anything i can do

  15. Tara says i have a 6 month old daughter who is such a happy happy baby always smiling and just like everyone else has a different pattern for her meals and sleeping…. she wakes at 7am and has some rice cereal and 7oz of formula sometimes leaves an ounce left then she plays a bit and usually has a nap around 9 or 10 then she has another formula feeding at 11am then plays and naps sometimes around one sometimes she will stay awake then she has another formula feeding at 3pm and will maybe have a nap before her next feeding sometimes not, then she feeds again at 7pm and naps around 9pm then she gets rice cereal and a bottle at 10:30 pm then shes in bed and sleeps til the morning…she has two teeth that have just broke through so shes been a little restless through the night but she just wants her soother at times she then she sleeps through til 7 am and we start our day again…sometimes i’ll give her at lunch some veggies or fruit, all her bottles are 7 oz but she doesn’t always drink the full bottle and her cereal in the morning and at night are 3 teaspoons each….is this all normal? and is she being over fed or is she doing ok?

  16. Amee says

    Hello all…this is such a great site for sharing and learning from/with other mom’s and dad’s.
    So my 6 month old daughter does not nap very well during the day. Her current schedule is as follows – ANY FEEDBACK is welcome.

    6:-6:30 wake up
    8:00 – feed – bottle 7 oz
    8:30-:8:45 – nap (30 minutes top)
    12:00 – bottle – 7-8oz
    Nap – 30 minutes
    4:00 – bottle 7 oz
    4:30 – nap – (sometimes not always – if she does 30 minutes)
    5:15 – cereal – veggie
    6:45 bottle 7-8oz
    7:00 – bedtime

    she then will sleep until approx 3:00-4:00am – has a small bottle 4-5oz and back to bed

    I am not sure if this is a good schedule or not..on most days she is a happy baby (except when teething). I am concerned that she is not sleeping enough through the day. Literally, her naps are 30 minutes to the minute.

    I am not sure if I should be weaning the 4am bottle yet… different my first daugter was BF and slept through the night 8pm-6am at 9 weeks.

    thanks…looking forward to suggestions – input!!!


  17. Zoe says

    Hi, thanks for the basic schedule ideas.
    I have a 6 month baby who sleeps thru at night but has trouble napping during the day, i am still concerned that shes not actually getting enough sleep as she gets very tired and grumpy every afternoon.
    this is her basic schedule.

    5:00-wake up
    5:30/ 6:00- Formula feed.
    6:30/7 -Morning nap (~1 hr)
    9:00-formula feed? (sometimes wont take)
    9:45- breakfast (porridge + fruit)
    10.30- Nap (30min or more if lucky)
    11/12:00 – Formula feed.
    1:00 – Nap if im lucky
    3:00 – Formula feed.
    3:30 – Nap (sometimes this nap requires continued rocking or doesn’t happen)
    4:00 – dinner (vegetable)
    5:00 – Walk in pram
    5:30 – shes always really grump and falling asleep by this time, but wont actually go to bed.
    6:00 –Bed time routine (bath)
    6:30 – Formula feed and bed.
    7:00 Asleep ?

    Her feeding times can vary greatly (feeds every 3-5hrs) as shes not a big eater and will only really eat when shes ready. Also if she had her way she would nap every hour for 20mins and if often hard keeping her awake longer than an hr. So the above schedule is really very flexible and often changing.

    She used to sleep right thru from 7pm-7am but is now waking up at 5am consistetly. My partner get up at 5am and isn’t home till 5pm ( but this has always been true.), Is there any way of making her night sleep longer, so that shes not so tired during the day? I have tried changing her bedtime but any earlier and she wont go to sleep.

    any suggestions on how to keep her happy, and help with the afternoon grump, would be great.


  18. Kate says

    Hi – I thought I would share the schedule I use with my 6.5 month old. It is similar to the one I followed for my first child which was really successful. Over 2 weeks I have built the solids into my baby’s routine so it is now:

    7 am – bottle 200 mls
    8 am – cereal
    9 am – nap
    11 am – bottle
    12.30 – lunch
    1 pm – nap
    3 pm – bottle
    4.30 – nap (sometimes)
    5.30 – dinner
    6.30 – bottle
    7 pm – bed

    The best thing about this schedule re feeding times is that often bottle coincides with morning or afternoon tea (ie my coffee dates) and the solids coincide with real meal times so we eat together as a family. As she gets older (say 8.5 months) i think i will just decrease the amount of bottle I give her at 11 and 3 and then as she hits 12 months I will phase them out and then decrease the morning and bed time feeds.

  19. Jennifer says

    My DD is 5.5 months and I’m still trying to get her on a schedule. Sometimes she wakes up at 5am to eat, and then goes back to sleep until 7:30am. Other mornings she will wake up at 5:45/6am. She is never consistent. Therefore, it’s hard to put her on a daily schedule since everyday is different. She is breastfed morning and night and formula fed during the day. (3 times) I’ve been trying to feed at 6, 10, 1, 4, 6:45. She also gets 1.5-2 tablespoons of cereal at 8. The biggest problem is the naps. I read so many websites that say children at her age should establish two naps (9am and 1pm). I’ve come to the conclusion that my daughter cannot stay up for more than 1.5-2 hours without getting extremely overtired. Is this normal? I rock before a nap, but she fights me. Then I put her in her crib and pat her to sleep, if she lets me. If I get her asleep she only sleeps 30 minutes and wakes up very cranky. Then the next 2 hours are hard because she’s so fussy. I don’t know how to get her to sleep longer so it’s more restorative.

    We have a good bedtime routine – bath at 6:30, nurse, then bed. But she is also SO cranky when we are getting her ready for bed. I assume that’s because of her lack of daytime naps. She’s normally asleep between 7/7:15pm.

    Basically, I’m looking for some help so that my fussy/cranky baby gets the sleep she needs to be a happy/healthy baby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  20. Marlene says

    My baby is 6 1/2 months old.
    She seems to be totally awake and ready to go between 2-5am every morning. She starts off by being very chatty and then eventually it turns into a full blown cry. She will finally fall back asleep around 5am after I have gone back and forth to feed her about twice every hour.
    The big problem is we have to share our room with the baby and we have no crib. She is in a bed with side rails and she keeps pushing herself up to the very top of the bed where her head is against the headboard (which we’ve padded with a blanket) and I keep having to pull her back down the bed every 10 min. for the 3 hours she is up from 2-5am.
    Her schedule is this:
    Awake for good by 6-6:30am. I try to leave her while she gradually gets more desperate for attention. I am so tired I just want to try to lay in bed a little longer (between getting up to help my 4 year old with breakfast, cartoons, wiping her butt etc. between 6:30-7:30am)
    8:30am breast feed (rice cereal afterwards if I have time)
    She’ll nap in the car while I do errands after dropping my 4 year old off at preschool for 30min-over an hour sometimes. (between 9:30-11:30am)
    11:30am breastfeed
    She’ll sometimes have a short nap somewhere before 2pm.
    If no nap she’ll fall asleep around 3pm (1 1/2 hrs)
    If she did nap, I’ll breastfeed her at around 4pm
    Then she’ll nap 4:30-5pm approx.
    6-6:30pm breast feed
    7pm in bed
    wakes several times before midnight. Usually needs to be fed around 11pm.
    She wakes again around am for feeding and she’s up for good, like I said until about 5am.
    Falls asleep until 6-6:30am

    Help! I am on the go with her all day with my job so I can’t be at home with her.

  21. Lauren says

    Hi everyone – it’s been great reading this site. My ‘concern’ is slightly the opposite. My 6mth daughter is a fantastic sleeper – sleeps 12 hours a night and hardly wakes up at all. During the day she’ll have 2 naps (somewhere between 45 mins & 1hr) and usually 1 sleep over about 90mins.
    Should I be concerned if I think she may be sleeping too much? She’s very happy when she wakes up and during the day will be up for about 2 hrs a time.
    I know this is possibly a ‘problem’ that most would like – but she’s my first, so I’m a bit confused

  22. Ellie says

    My baby is 5 1/2 months old and i have been breasfeeding and just in the last few weeks started giving 1 bottle of formula. I have 2 older boys and I never actually followed and schedule with either of them-wanted to but just couldn’t so gave up!

    Anyway having a 3rd is major! it is so different from having two so for that reason i really want to get him into a routine especially becuase I have to do so many school and nursery runs. The only routine baby has is that he seems to have feeds every 3 hours apart from that the time he sleeps and wakes up differs almost on a day to day basis.
    We have to leave home for school between 8.15-8.30am, then i got to pick my middle one up from nursery at 11.45am for lunch and drop him back off for 12.45pm. Then school pick up at 3.30pm and for all these runs i have to take baby with me. I want to give him formula twice a day at least because breastfeeding is an absolute battle with him-since day one but i just stuck it out-but its wearing me down now. I also have after school clubs which is from 4.30-6pm. My husband works far and he does not get home untill 6.30pm so i dont have any other help. Baby does not sleep through the night so he ends up next to me feeding when ever he wants and sometimes it feels like all night! I have decided on trying a schedule to try out during the easter break. could you suggest a routine that would work around my busy life.

    thank you

  23. Debbye says

    @ Marlene- I know it is hard to get a baby on a regular schedule when we are so busy with other things, just do what you can to make it work for you guys! Firstly, your daughter is awake so many times in the night, and it sounds like it could be a sleep association problem. Check out these 2 articles, and hopefully some of the information will help:

    As for her schedule, do what you can to try and have her sleep after only about 2 hours of awake time, follow the above schedule with the times moved a bit to suit your schedule. Sometimes schedule problems, and being overtired contributes greatly to babies being awake for long periods in the night. Good luck!

    @ Lauren- Generally babies at 6 to 9 months need 11-12 hours of sleep at night, and 2-3 hours during the day in 2-3 naps, and are awake for 2 hour stretches. It looks as if your daughter is right on track (and yes- we are all jealous). Of course, if you are concerned about her possibly sleeping too much and missing out on learning time, please talk to your doctor. Best wishes!

    @ Ellie- Yes, with 3 kids and so many drives to school and such, I think you’ve both no choice but to get used to being on a “tight” schedule. It may help both of you feel more secure and grounded, and may help him get on a more predictable sleeping schedule too. Try the above schedule, tweeked to fit your schedule and trips to and from school. As long as the car ride is short enough, and he doesn’t fall asleep on every trip, you should be able to easily use the above schedule suggestion. Good luck, and I hope the “Spring Break” scheduling goes smoothly!

  24. Leslie says

    i would like to post my 6 month old’s schedule and maybe get some feedback. this is my first child and sometimes i wonder if im “doing it the right way”. there is so much conflicting information from the peditrician, to the internet, to other moms. any help is appreciated:

    wake at 7am
    bottle 8 ounces formula

    serving of fruit and oatmeal

    nap at 12-2pm

    bottle 8 ounces at 2pm

    5 pm serving of veggies

    8pm bottle 8 ounces

    sleep by 9

    i often worried about overfeeding at first because baby always seemed hungry and is always way above the percentile for weight, however he was born 10.6 and i always thought he needed more becuase he was a big boy. finally got into this schedule but wonder now if its too little

  25. Toni says


    First of all I just want to say how relieved I am that my son is not the only 6 month old left who doesnt sleep through the night! I have been trying to eliminate his night time feed but after reading all the other posts I have decided that I will let Lincoln decide when he is ready to stop feeing at night. I have tried CIO but he ended up hysterical and I end up crying to – I cant stand to see him so upset when i know all he wants is me and then he will be ok.
    Lincoln had a lot of trouble napping when he was first born – he would nap for 20 minutes and then be awake for hours – this lasted till he was about 2 months then I took him to see a chiropractor and what a huge difference it made! After his first session he napped for 3 hours!
    Now he is an excellent sleeper and has a huge appetite, he has been on solids since 13 weeks purely because I could not fill him any other way! I have just this week weaned him from breast to formula and I make all his food myself so I know exactly what he is eating.
    Now we have the following schedule and it works awesome for us:

    7am wake up – 180ml bottle
    8.30 fruit and yoghurt
    9.30 nap
    11.30 wake up – 180ml bottle
    play / run errands
    1pm vegies
    2.30 nap
    3.30 – 4 wake up – 120ml bottle
    walk / play
    6 cereal and fruit
    6.15 bath
    cuddles / bed time songs
    6.45 180ml bottle
    7 in bed – he goes down awake but very drowsy

    We usualy have a night time feed of 120ml at 3.30 and then straight back to sleep. Im hoping that in the next couple of months Lincoln will decide he no longer needs the night feed.

  26. Danielle Heinzmann says

    I have a 5 month old who has a hard time sleeping… He goes to bed around 8:30 with ease but he will wake up 3 hours later to feed and seems to wake up 3 other times in the night. I try hard not to soothe him- the most i do is give him his binkie. He wakes up around 8am and seems to be pretty fussy. Ive been keeping a log to see common sleep times but the big problem is he only catnaps. I know he needs to sleep longer in his naps!! Do I cut out one of his three naps? Will starting him on solids help?

    He used to sleep really well in the night until a growth spurt a couple months ago. He used to go to bed at 11 and I have bumped it to 830 thinking it would help too

    also, he only eats 4 oz every three hours. Is this not enough? Ive tried so hard to get my boobs to produce more- but no luck if anything its dwindling away.

  27. melissa says

    my son is 6 months old and i need to try to get my son to take longer naps his schedule is

    7ish wakeup
    play in our bed about 45 min
    8ish breakfast oatmeal with fruit or yogurt sometimes bottle
    nap about 40 min
    11ish bottle and nap
    1:30-2pm lunch veg and fruit
    nap around 2:30
    bottle around 5pm
    7pm dinner meat and veg
    8ish bottle and bedtime. I would like him to take less naps longer than 40 min. He cant stay awake much more than 1.5 hours. At night he wakes up one time to eat a bottle. If we dont feed him he will scream and cry untill we do.

  28. Debbye says

    @ Leslie- You can sneak in a little more formula by offering him a bottle after his solids. This will assure he is getting enough. Do talk to your Doctor if you are concerned about his weight gain!
    Good luck!

    @ Toni- Thank you for sharing your schedule and your successes!

    @ Danielle- He may be waking for his pacifier, and this contributes to short naps sometimes too. Sometimes just time helps with cat-nappers, as some babes begin to consolidate naps at about 6 months. I would not cut his 3rd nap, and usually starting solids does not help either. :( Helping him learn to fall asleep and back to sleep on his own without the pacifier will probably help the most. If he is satisfied and growing well, then he is getting enough breastmilk. Talk to your Dr if you are concerned!
    Best wishes!

    @ Melissa- Staying awake for 1.5 hours between sleep is common for your sons age, and like I mentioned above, sometimes naps lengthen around this age with no or minimal help. Try catching him before he fully wakes from his nap by sitting with him and trying to soothe him back to sleep right after he begins to wake. After about a week, he may just do it on his own.
    Good luck!

  29. Emma says

    Hi my son has just turned 6 months. I’m BF and he is now on 2 solids a day. At night sometimes i offer some formula after BF sometimes drinks between 20-60mls. Bedtime routine then wrap/song while rock/bed/kiss/leave
    I ‘ve been having trouble with his day sleeps for months constantly fighting an overtired baby. But now the most useful thing i found was to time how long he was up for and watch for those tired signs. That window of opportunity to get him down and (hes usually up for between 1hr 15min – 1hr 30min) if i catch it in time he goes down without a dummy. I give him a short feed before a sleep and find he sleeps for 1-2hrs otherwise he wakes within 30-45 mins hungry. Apparently theres a difference between a ‘nap’ and ‘sleep’ where anything under an hr considered a nap and a sleep over an hour is more restorative.
    I figured that sorting his day sleeps may help his night…cause for the last few months hes waking 2-4x a night not always hungry. Where previously he would wake 1-2x to feed sleeping between 5-7hrs. A while ago i started a dreamfeed but I think its distrupted his sleep. He goes down between 6.30-7pm and up for the morning at 6.30-7.30. I find he gets more worked up after all attempts (dummy/pat/shush/rock) until hes on boob and he switches off in a few minutes. I know this is creating a problem associating boob with sleep…I don’t want to stop feeding him before his day sleeps though and thought maybe a better rountine may help during the day?
    I’m starting tonight to stop the dreamfeed and only offer boob 2x during the night and persist in getting him down without it. I know it will be sleepless nights ahead but I hope it will make our sleeps better than this up 4x a night business!! Would like any suggestions….would like to wake up not feeling like a zombie!!

  30. Debbye says

    Hi Emma,
    Because daytime and nighttime sleep is handled by different parts of the brain, you can (usually) handle naps and nights differently without a problem. So go ahead and continue to nurse him for naps if it helps him sleep longer, and yes, good idea to work on a good nap routine, just keep it short.
    It sounds like you are on your way, so keep up the hard work, and good luck on the night time sleep!

  31. Liz says

    Is it terrible to shorten baby’s afternoon nap from 2 1/2 hours to 1 1/2? My baby has been taking one extra long nap which kind of affects her late afternoon “catnap” and it’s stretching her evening awake time to 4 HOURS!!! I think it’s too long for her to be awake and I’ve noticed it’s getting more difficult for her to fall asleep. But I don’t want to wake her up if she needs the sleep. She usually gets 10-11 hours of sleep per night (7PM-6AM-sometimes 5:30).

  32. Joanne says

    My son is 5 1/2 months old and sleeps maximum of 7 hours day and night. he wakes at 4am plays till 7am has breakfast refuses to take a bottle has 30 minutes sleep from 7.30 till 8. plays till 12 then has a bottle sleep for half hour. then is awake again till 3.30 when he has 10 minues nap on way back from school. then is awake till 6pm had feed another 10 minute nap awake till 9.30pm drinks full 9oz bottle and has a rusk yet still only sleeps till 11.30pm. He then wakes to play till 2am then he falls back to sleep till 4am. I am at my whits end I have tried everything leaving him to cry I have downloaded all the sleep cds for babies. I tried cutting out the solids completely to he has to drink the bottle more but he just refuses. This has gone on for 2 weeks now and I’m walking round like a zombie. My son is super happy though after such little sleep yet refuses to drink anymore than 2 4oz bottles and 1 9oz bottle a day. He falls asleep everytime by himself so doesn’t have a problem with going to sleep its just he never has a sleep longer than half hour through the day and no longer than 2 hours at night. Up untill 2 weeks ago he was sleeping 4 naps through the day and then 9-2 and 2-6 at night. Any help appreciated.

  33. Cyndi says

    I like this schedule for the most part. The only thing I do differantly, which most babies will probably do better with, is i will feed my 6month old her baby food 1st then finish with the breast/bottle as oppossed to the other way around. Cause once that bottles in her mouth she likes to finish it even if its not much. As long as she knows its emptied she’s fine. Plus i think its mean to stop them in the middle of enjoying it. At least with the food first, they start out hungry so they don’t play with it as much and eat most of it and you can show them “all done”. Finishing with the bottle also gives me an idea of how much she is really taking now bc after the food she doesn’t always finish the full 6oz. So when a baby stops drinking their bottle, you know there done! :)

  34. Debbye says

    @ Liz- Go ahead and shorten the nap a little if it causing bedtime problems! Try just shortening it by 15 minutes every few days, and see how that works. Or consider removing the last “catnap” She will let you know which works better! Good luck!

    @ Joanne- Try to shorten the time in between naps, to be no more than 2 hours between each sleep. He may be over tired and this can cause many sleep disturbances. You can get him to sleep in whatever ways work for you and him, and let him get used to the new schedule. See if that helps!
    Best wishes!

    @ Cyndi- Thank you for sharing what works for you~!

  35. Hilary says

    Riley (5 1/2 mo.) is just about exact on the schedule 1. It is nice to see validation as I wasn’t quite sure I was “on” so to speak. Riley wakes up though about 930-1000 pm for a feeding and again at about 2 am. Is this too much at her age? Also, several times a week lately she wakes up at around 4 am and wants to play- it is a struggle to get her back to sleep taking about an hour (sometimes more). Her normal wake-up time is 6:30 am and she goes to sleep at 6:30 pm. Her nap schedule is just like sch. 1. How can I end these desired 4 am playtimes? Last question- for my husband’s work we are required to attend dinner functions from time to time. I want to bring Riley but not destroy her schedule. Is it advisable to bring her pack n’ play and try to put her down to sleep in this in someone else’s home until we are able to leave? Thank you so much for your time in advising me.

  36. Debbye says

    Hi Hilary,
    She may just need a little more time to “figure things out.” Many babies need a little more time to learn how to fall back to sleep on their own too. If she is waking to eat 1-2 times in the night that is okay…for now! Keep those 4 am wakings boring and dork, making it not worth it to get up, and hopefully she will get past this stage soon.
    Regarding the pack and play, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do! It is a better idea to get her to sleep before she gets super tired, and if she will sleep in the pack and play when you are out somewhere, without too much disturbance, then go for it!
    I don’t know if you’ve read this article, but it explains why some 4-5 month old babes often are not sleeping well!
    Best wishes!!

  37. Angel says

    My 7 month old sleeps very well on her own, we are lucky. She will sleep for about 8 to 10 hours at a time without waking. She takes catnaps the rest of the time. My problem is, she sleeps her “long sleep” when we want her to be awake and catnaps when we are trying to sleep. She’s backwards! How do we fix this? Should we keep her awake? Is it bad to do that? Should we wake her up when she’s asleep?

  38. Marlene says

    My baby is almost 10 months old. She goes to sleep at 7pm, wakes often but goes back to sleep, until about 1-2am at which time she wakes and will not go back to sleep. I breast feed her just in case she’s hungry, but even afterwards, she cries angrily and out of control like she’s gone mad. I go back to her every 10-20 min. or so, just to try to calm her down. Finally she will go back to sleep around 3am. She doesn’t want formula, baby cereal, avocado or anything else to eat, so I don’t think she’s hungry, however she doesn’t eat much during the day (I don’t think so anyways). She’s pretty much weaned herself off of breastfeeding, except for when she wakes at 1am. She eats 3/4cup of rice cereal in the morning, the same in the afternoon and the same at about 5:30pm. She snacks on baby Mum Mums, sucks on orange slices, has a few bites of avocado, a few bites of banana sometimes throughout the day. She refuses formula and does’t like to drink any water from a bottle, sippy cup, or a spoon. I feel like I’m doing it all wrong for her. She doesn’t have a consistent nap schedule. A good day she will nap for one to one and a half hours between the time she wakes up at 6-6:30am until she goes to bed at 7pm. If she does get a nap it’s between 11-1pm somewhere usually. I am on the go all day long with my work and she comes with me so I can’t put her down anywhere to sleep. She just dozes off whenever and wakes up whenever. Am I doing it all wrong?
    By the way, she has her bottom two teeth and her top two side teeth are half way through. She can’t crawl yet. She is angry and fussy and cries a lot during the day.


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