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  1. Sandra says

    My daughter is a little over 6 months and I have got her into a routine for her naps and solids. I breastfeed on demand. It is as follows:

    7:30-8:30 am wake up.
    around 11 am: nap for 30-45 min
    1:30 pm solids
    around 3 pm: nap for 60-75 min
    6 pm: solids
    8 – 8.30 pm: sleep

    I have a routine for her but all of a sudden she doesn’t want to sleep alone preferably on the breast. I have tried to get her to cry it out and then even when I pick her up she is inconsolable. I can get her to sleep without the breast but if I stroke her or talk to her softly. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want her to cry it out, she gets so hysterical and inconsolable.

    • Nicole says

      @Sandra This is common around this age to develop a preference to not sleep alone and I can’t say I blame them! Many of us like to sleep with someone, so it makes sense. If you can get her to fall asleep without the breast by stroking and talking to her softly, try to keep doing that but then doing less and less until you are barely doing anything. It takes practice, but she will probably get better and better at it. Keep her calm, but let her fall asleep on her own and that will go a long way. Good luck!

  2. nina says

    hi. i just want to thank you for such a helpful website- it is the first of its kind that does not make me feel bad that my 6 month-old is still swaddled, takes 4 short naps every day and wakes to eat once or twice at night. thank you for sharing your experiences and advice!

    • Nicole says

      @Nina You’re very welcome! Your baby sounds very normal! Good luck!

  3. Ashley M. says

    I’m not sure if my son is normal or not…lol…he’s really great actually, but reading other schedules, he doesn’t eat as often as others…just a bit more at each feeding. for a couple weeks just before he turned 6 months he was eating only 4 times a day but 8 ozs…he was just so hungry. He wouldn’t always finish every bottle but he was eating relatively 29-32 oz every day…is that okay? Anyways, we haven’t gotten in to his 6 month appt. yet because of scheduling problems with the ped. but his appt. is on monday (only 1 week before he’s 7 months) so we’ll find out about how to start him on solids, though, I’ve already started him on rice cereal by suggestion of other mothers because of his appetite. He pretty much fell into a schedule on his own and it is as follows:

    7:30/8 – wake up and play for a bit
    8:15 – 8 oz. formula then play/wake daddy up
    9:30/10 – nap for about 1.5 hours
    11:30 – wake up and play
    12:15 – 6 oz. formula
    1:00 – 2 tablespoons rice cereal
    1:30 – nap for 30-45 mins…sometimes an hour
    2:30 – awake and playing
    4:15 – 7 oz. formula
    4:30 – take our afternoon walk for an hour or so (usually he’ll take another short nap during this time)
    5:30 – home and play time
    7:15 – 2 tablespoons cereal
    8:15 – 4-5 ozs formula
    8:30/9:00 – asleep through the night (wakes a couple times to be comforted back to sleep)

    he slept through the night as soon as I introduced his dinner cereal. Lately he’s been sleeping A LOT…seems like almost all day. He just cut his first 2 teeth in the last 2 weeks…so I know he’s going through the pain. Maybe a growth spurt too?

  4. Jessica says

    I’ve tried swaddling, giving in and nursing him to sleep, binkie, doing everything exactly the same every single day (still do it) so that he has a schedule, darkened his room with curtains, a “guaranteed to make your baby sleep or your money back” cd, (we got our money back), rocking him to sleep, crying it out, modified crying it out, patting him in his crib, wearing him in a sling, taking him for rides in the car, walking him in the stroller, putting him in a swing, putting him in a swing and placing the whole thing in his crib, putting him in a vibrating bouncer, putting him in the bouncer and putting it in the crib, laying down with him and napping along side him, setting up specific “naptimes” during the day so he has a schedule, letting him set his own schedule, doing a night time routine (bath, lotion, reading a story, nursing, bed), doing a night time routine but switching the order around, walking him back and forth through the house, turning off all lights and sounds, setting his mattress on an incline in case it’s reflux, giving him a special stuffed animal to sleep with, giving him one of my shirts to sleep with, rubbing his head, rubbing his tummy, burping him for an hour or more, baby tylenol in case of headache, gripe water, placing him on his tummy………..

    I think I’ve tried everything. I took him to the doctor and she just gave me more “tips”….heard them all before. I’m thinking of switching doctors until I can find one that will refer him to a specialist. I was looking at some pictures of him taken over the months and his eyes are so puffy, red and swollen. If I counted all the hours that he has slept since he was born, he probably has gotten a total number of hours of sleep that a 2 month old would have.

    He took a nap this morning for 17 minutes!! It was heavenly. Last weekend he did take an hour nap, which was incredible. When he first came home from the hospital, he was getting about 9-10 hours of sleep a day/night. He’s down to about 5-7 hours a day/night now. I miss those newborn days!

    • Nicole says

      @Jessica That does not sound right at all. 🙁 I’m sorry this is happening, but 5-7 hours in 24 hours? I’d try another doctor. This reminds me of the Worst Sleeper story:https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/worst-sleeper/ Have you read that one? I would definitely seek medical help. That does not sound like normal sleep problems to be honest. I feel bad for both of you as you are both probably exhausted! If not something medical like that, you might check into Melatonin (ask your doctor) which is natural and promotes sleep. (((HUGS)))

  5. Kelly says

    Hi! I have a 5 month old that WILL NOT sleep through the night at all! We lay him down around 10pm, then he is up around 2:30-3:00am for his bink and then about 3:30 he wants to eat. We are trying so hard to break him of the dreaded 4:00am feeding. After he eats he will go back to sleep but literally every half an hour he is up cause he spits his bink out. I feed him 4 Tablespoons of cereal at 9:00pm and then around 4oz at 10pm then bed. It’s like after 5 hours he is up for the day. It’s just killing my husband and me because we go to bed around 11pm and then we both know that after 2:30 am we are getting no sleep. He is on a pretty good schedule with eating… in the morning he eats about 2 Tablespoons of cereal and a 1/2 jar of fruit and then about 5 oz. About every 4 hours he has a bottle filled with 5oz. And then gets a jar of veggies around 5pm. And then 4 Tablespoons of cereal before bed with his bottle like I said before. He also gets a bath and massage every night before bed. I don’t know if this is normal… literally all of my friend’s babies slept for at least 7-9 hours at this time. Mine will not sleep for more then 4-5 hours straight. Maybe it’s just habit for him to wake up??? Any suggestions would be great! I’m just sooo tired all the time and would love for him to sleep from 10ish till 6 or 7 straight?? Does anyone think this is possible? — I also forgot to add his naps total about 4 hours a day too!

    • Nicole says

      @Kelly It sounds like your son has an association with the binky where he can’t fall back to sleep without it. Once a pacifier/binky/dummy is more of a problem than solution I recommend phasing it out (at least at night). You might read more about sleep associations here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/sleep-association/ Good luck!

  6. Lainie Rusco says

    Jessica, all I have to say is I’m sorry. Hopefully Nicole can help you!

  7. Jessica says

    My 6 month old hasn’t napped since he was 10 days old. He sleeps anywhere from 5-7 hours at night and wakes anywhere from 6-7 times per night. He’s up for the day by 5:30am, 6am if I’m lucky, and then is awake for 16-17 hours straight before he goes down for the night for some very broken up sleep. I’ve tried all the “expert” methods. Those are a joke. We’ve darkened the room, used a “guaranteed to make your baby sleep” cd, and every single old fashioned method, new method, every friend’s/family’s expert advice, doctor’s advice and every single web page written about how to get your baby to sleep known to man.

    I think my only option left is to drink……heavily.

    • Nicole says

      @Jessica (((HUGS))) You didn’t say how you put him down for naps or what you try, so it’s hard to help. I hope one day you decide to get one-on-one help (from me!) because for some of us, no book will ever help. Our babies aren’t those that are like the babies in the books and sometimes a new method is what’s needed. Good luck!

  8. Victoria says

    I’ve been having a really hard time with naps for the past month. The only way i can get my almost 6 month old son to sleep is nursing him and then letting him fall asleep on the breast. and i think that i am probably making matters worse by letting him do this,but have no clue how to break this happen and get him to sleep without the boob.

    • Nicole says

      @Victoria Without knowing all the details, it’s not really a problem if he falls asleep nursing if he then naps well (at least 1 hour twice a day and 30-45 minutes for a 3rd nap if he takes one), but if he takes too long to fall asleep and then doesn’t nap long you probably want to help him learn to fall asleep without nursing, so he can go back to sleep during sleep transitions and lengthen his naps. Good luck!

  9. Julie says

    HELP!! I have a 6 month old girl that will not sleep at night or day for that matter. What is the best way to start sleep training? Do you start with the evenings and then nap time or do you do everything at once? She cries every time her binky falls out and also when I lay her down. Can I give her a binky during the day as long as she does not associate it with sleeping or is it best to get rid of it all together? Please give me some advice we need some sleep!! It looks like I need to get her on a schedule because she isn’t on one. I keep reading that schedules are bad when you are breastfeeding because it will decrease your supply if you are on a rigid schedule. I had a really hard time getting my milk supply up so I don’t want to do anything that will jeapordize that. Anyway any advice would be good. Thanks!!

    • Nicole says

      @Julie Schedules can be as flexible or as rigid as you make it. I certainly had a routine and schedule, but my boys ate every 2 hours, rather than 3, for a long time (both breastfed for a year). My older son also didn’t get on a schedule until more like 7 1/2 months because he became overtired so easily after just staying up for 1 hour 15 minutes. So, don’t feel too pressured that you *have* to be on a certain schedule to promote good sleep. To answer your questions, day and night sleep are handled by different parts of the brain, so you can give a binky during the day, even for naps, but work on getting removing it at night. How you sleep train really depends on the method, but usually I leave naps to last because they are usually the hardest for most people. Good luck!

  10. Katie says

    Does anyone have solutions for twins? I have twin 6 1/2 month old girls who are still being swaddled and we have to rock them to sleep still because they share a room and will keep each other up. I don’t want to separate them but I think I might have to. Also, what is the best way to get a baby to sleep without swaddling them. Our girls have been tightly swaddled since birth and now that they are getting bigger it is getting harder for us but they wont settle if their arms are loose. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Nicole says

      @Katie Ironically, I am typing up a Twins sleep coaching case study right now (no cry) that will go into the new Members Area. Help them learn to fall asleep unassisted first even if you have to temporarily separate them and then bring them back together. They do often learn to sleep through each other’s noises just like I have to sleep through my husband’s snoring. 🙂 As for stopping the swaddle, you can try one arm first and then both, but in the end, it just takes practice for them to be able to do it. Good luck!