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  1. Lauren says

    My daughter is just about 6 months old and an “easy” baby compared to my first- with regard to her overall temperament-she is a happy and agreeable little one. She is nursing around the clock- about every 3 to 4 hours and has shown little interest in solid food. I am pleased that she is nursing so well, however I am growing so tired of the night schedule.My ped told me she doesn’t “need” to eat through the night- she typically nurses twice a night- however I am just not able to let her cry through those feedings. On rare occasions, she will settle for the pacifier instead. In the past, she has inconsistently slept at most 6 hours straight at night before another feeding.
    Here’s a typical recent schedule:
    7AM: Wake/nurse
    9 AM: Nap
    11 AM: Wake/nurse
    2 PM: Nap
    3 PM: Wake/nurse
    5 PM: (Sometimes nap) If she skips this then earlier bedtime around 6:30 PM.
    6 PM: Nurse and/or small solid feeding
    6:30-8- Bath, bedtime routine, nurse to sleep
    11:00 PM: Nurse, back to sleep
    2:00-3 AM: Nurse, back to sleep
    7 AM: Wake up

  2. sara says

    heloo gyzzzz al of you mom’s HELP HELP HELP ME i need a mgical solution for my babies i have twins they r girls and they r so difficult problem with sleeping through the day and night since they got borned they r just cryin and cryin i have no idea what is itt i feed them i change their pampers i do everyting although NOTHING HAPPENS

    • Kimberly says

      Hi Sara,
      Thanks for stopping by. We would need to know more specifics of your situation and what the problems are with sleeping to be able to suggest some remedies. You might consider checking into some personal baby sleep consultations with Nicole where she can help you come up with a plan specific to your needs and situation. You can find information on that here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/ We’d love to help!

  3. Jen says

    Wow its amazing how different each babies schedule is!
    My little girl is just over 6 months here is her schedule:

    8.00-9.00am – Wake & Milk 8oz
    10.00 – Sleep 1-2 hours
    12:00 Lunch, Veg puree then fruit
    12:30 – Milk 7oz
    15:00 – Sleep 45mins – 1hr 30
    16:00/16:30 – Dinner – Baby Rice and fruit & 8oz milk
    18:30/19:00 – Bath
    19:30 – 6oz Milk
    20:00 – Bed

    She mostly sleeps through the night with the occasional wake once when it gets light, but just putting her dummy in sends her straight back off.

    I have been pretty lucky as she is on a 8-12-4-8 schedule and has only had 4 feeds per 24 hours from 4 months, the only problem I have at the moment is getting her to sleep! We put her down between 19:45 and 20:00 but sometimes it can be 21:00 by the time she is asleep, other nights she goes off straight away. If I made her bedtime earlier I am unsure how I would fit in her 12-4-8 schedule?


    • Kimberly says

      Hi Jen,
      If she’s sleeping well through the night, it sounds like her bedtime is just fine especially since she’s does pretty good napping throughout the day. I wouldn’t worry too much that she needs an earlier bedtime. Some kids are just wired for a bit later than others.

  4. Erin says

    Hello. I’m new to this site, but had a couple of questions. My 5 month old daughter is a very happy, healthy baby (17lbs at her 4month check up, EBF until two weeks ago). She goes down great for naps and bedtime, with very little fussing/crying if any at all – so I know I’m doing something right in that department!

    My concern is this – for about a month now, she’s been having a LOT of nightwakings. They started just before she turned 4 months, so we went from having a baby who slept straight through until about 2am, to a baby who now wakes at 11pm, 2am, 5am – the thing is, she’s happy as anything when she wakes, talking and cooing or playing with her rabbit. She does have a soother for sleeping only, and only half the time wakes up when she looses it and will usually go back to sleep once replaced. But like I said, lately, she just wakes up talking and happy – and even if she needs a diaper change, there are no lights, no talking, no interaction to make it fun for her!

    We usually do her bath and bedtime routine at 730pm and she’s in bed and asleep by 8pm; her wake up time (try as I might to extend it!) is 6am.

    Currently, we’re on 3 naps a day, each about 1.5-2 hrs @ 8am, 12pm, 4pm. We have tried implementing a dream feed around 1030pm for a full week to see if it would help extend her first stretch of night sleep – nope. We also tried an earlier bedtime for almost 2 weeks, so that she was in bed and asleep between 7-730pm – nope. The last few nights, I have tried letting her self-settle to see if she goes back to sleep, but she just happily lies there babbling … for over an hour. It’s almost like she is still on her daytime nap schedule, where she sleeps for a bit, and is awake for a couple of hours! The last two nights, I have gone in after about 20min and have been able to help her (shhh-ing, patting) get back to sleep relatively quickly after her first waking. Her second waking, I feed her, which only seems to help her get dozy sometimes.

    I suppose it could be worse – she could be waking up screaming every night! But I’m just not sure how to help her get a good chunk of continuous night-time sleep.

    thanks in advance!

  5. Karen says

    My baby is 6.5mths old and have had trouble sleeping even as a newborn for longer then 30mins. Before turning 4 months old, I would have to hold her after 30mins in order to get her to sleep a little longer, but even held, she would cry and scream a lot b/f settling for another cat nap before feeding. If I didn’t hold her, she would be too tired to even feed. Since 4 months old, she pretty much has been on a similar pattern as your schedule 1 above with the exception that all of her naps are only 30mins. She was gradually able to have one longer nap with some assistance at the 30min mark from 4.5month to 6 mths, but the last couple of weeks have lost that again. She actually has started to be difficult to put down and would cry and “yell” and get so worked up that she can’t even sleep after. She has excessive startle reflex still so that’s why it is hard for her to get over the 30min mark but she never used to jerk much at the first put down. Now she jerks a lot more maybe due to all the fussing pre nap?

    She never slept well overnight either. We started to put her down for night time earlier and earlier as she is exhausted always by the afternoon. I give her the last feed at 6 and start to put her down by 6.30 and depending on the night, (she used to fall asleep easily at this time, but now it is one of the toughest times), she could be asleep at 6.30 or jerk until 8.30, or sleep 30mins then jerk an hour etc. It varies. On a good night, we pat her once or twice in the early evening sleep hours, then she cries a bit every 30mins to an hour and tries to fall asleep herself by stomping one foot and shaking her head…she could do this for 30mins with no crying for us, then she either fall asleep herself or we have to pat her. usually, she get really wide awake around midnight and I would feed her 3oz. She also get really freq wakings after 3am (of course), and she is really awake by 5 to 5.30….

    She isn’t on solid yet b/c she still has trouble finishing even 5oz.

    When she wakes in the morning, she gets tired really quick after. I have tried putting her down right after the 6am feed and she would pass out but then wake in 30mins again. I figure to not do that and throw off her schedule and maybe create a bad habit?

    She does seem to be tired a lot even after her naps, but just won’t sleep again. I think she is tired all the time just from bad quality sleep overnight even if we don’t have to tend to her, and from short naps.

    I tried swaddle, and not and even illegally putting her on her side….nothing has helped. it has been really tough waking up hourly at night even if I don’t need to “get up”. The doctor has said she is normal and some babies sleep very little, and that maybe all she needs is 30mins nap. But now they are starting to feel that maybe she has some neurological issues b/c of her jerking and development. She is a bit developmentally delayed, not reaching for things until end of her 5th month but I wonder if it is not b/c she spends most of her awake time tired and just fusses and suck her hand, and never play a lot.

    But in the meantime:
    Should I let her sleep after the 6am feed?
    How can I help her learn to nap longer when she wakes up after 30mins?
    Or how I can help her sleep in a bit longer than e.g.7pm-5/5.30am?(or maybe she does sleep enough overnight already?)

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  6. Marina says

    After reading all of these comments i realized that my 6 month old girl has a different schedule from everyone else. here is a schedule
    7:30-8:00- wake up
    8:00-9:00 bottle feed around 6 ounces
    9:00-10:30 sleep
    10:30-12 playtime
    12:00- lunch home made soup or veggies with fruit
    1:30 nap usually 1 hour or 2 it depends
    3:30-4:00 4 ounces and a little bit of yougur
    5:00 nap about 45 minutes to 1 hour
    7:00 dinner rice cereal
    8:00 nap about 1 hour
    10:00 bath time
    11:00 bottle feed another 6 ounces and then go to sleap

    She usually sleaps thought the night but latelly she has been waking up crying i usually just put her pacifier in her mouth and then she goes right back to sleep. I am not sure if this is the correct way of doing but i was told by family member that i should feed her a late bottle like 10 or 11 so she can sleap thought the night. Please help i was wondering how can i start to put her to bed ealier withought feeding her in the midle of the night

    • Kimberly says

      Hi Marina,
      It is possible at this age that she is waking from hunger. 1-2 feedings at this age during the night is not uncommon. You can certainly try the feeding when she first wakings and see if that helps rather than create a sleep association dependence on the pacifier. If she requires you to go in and replace the pacifier when she wakes, then this can be a longer term problem later on.

  7. Anonymous says

    Hi everyone,

    If there is one things I have learned from my first daughter who is now 11 months old is that babies go through so many emotional and physical developmenta changes it’s incredible. When my daughter was about 6 months old, she was very demanding – always wanted to be held, always needed someone to be around her to play with her, woke up through the night (well, this part hasn’t changed much, unfortunately). As soon as she begun being more mobile and walking, at around 8/9 months, it was heaven! I can now do simple things like make myself some breakfast without having to have her cry when I put her down.

    I still rock my daughter to sleep at night (despite disapproving feedback from friends and family), but slowly I’m teaching her to fall asleep on her own (I am following Elizabeth Pantley’s methods). It’s been a pretty long road, but I am determined and slowly I am seeing results

    I think it’s really great that there are websites like this where we women can support and encourage each other. I think what I have learned so far is that we need to trust our instincts, do what feels right for us and our baby in our circumstances. These schedules are really great guidelines and thank goodness we have things like this to refer to.

    Keep doing the amazing jobs that you all are, being a parent is pretty tough, so we all need to step back and congratulate ourselves for being the best parents we can be for our kids.

  8. Holli says

    Hi there! I have a 6 mo old who i think is addicted to his binkie. I think it’s affecting his sleep, because all of the sudden this month he is waking up at night and if I rush in there before he gets too worked up and put the binkie back in his mouth, he’ll fall back asleep.

    I started cereal in the evenings so that he wouldn’t be hungry in the night. I nurse and supplement with the bottle for feedings and that has gone well. He gets about 1/2 cup of rice cereal for supper, then nurse/bottle before bed.

    ugh, i am tired and I thought we were doing so well. now, he is getting fussy and won’t sit very long with his toys, only like 15 minutes or so. I feel like i am training him to be high maintenance!!!

    I was reading on some previous posts that i should get rid of the binkie at night. How do i do that? I am guessing it involves a lot of crying! Doesn’t that confuse him if he can have it for naps then, and just not a night?


    • Kimberly says

      Hi Holli,
      It does sound as though there is a sleep association with the pacifier but the bigger issue here is that he isn’t able to put himself back to sleep or re-settle when he wakes. What happens if you don’t rush right in and replace the binkie? Does he cry for an extended period of time? Also, at 6 month, there’s a good chance he’ll need at least one feeding to get through the night, is he eating all during the night? He does sound overtired. You didn’t specifically mention his naps, but are those going okay? Does he fall asleep on his own for those? My recommendation would be to start putting together a plan for sleep training to help him learn and understand how to fall asleep or fall back asleep on his own. Nicole has an excellent e-book out that covers several different ways to go about sleep training that I’d highly recommend you check out. You can find it here: http://www.babysleepswell.com/

  9. Sylvia says

    Great info. Thanks everyone. I’m in the process of figuring out a loose schedule for our little guy who is almost 6m now. He’s a great baby… it’s mommy who needs the schedule so I can plan my days! I’m amazed at how different babies are. I’ve read through a few of the posts above and good golly… what works for one will certianly not work for another. Little bundles of mystery and joy they are!

    Oh and about crying to sleep… I don’t think it’s ever necessary for a little one to cry themselves to sleep. Imagine the feeling of being abandoned and no one is coming to help…even though you cry and cry and eventually you give up in exhaustion… who would like bedtime after that? Anyway, I highly, highly recommend the following for suggestions on a no cry sleep solution:
    1. The No Cry Sleep Solution (book) by Elizabeth Pantley. She also has the no cry nap solution.
    2. Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp (he has a website and a CD). Recommend the CD. HIghly, highly, highly…

  10. Sara says

    @Danielle: your lo probably isn’t satisfied by just milk anymore. It is definitely time to start solids. @Priya: I know it’s hard having a baby that doesn’t sleep. Lord knows you are both exhausted. Unfortunately I don’t have a definite answer for you. I’d start solids immediately. If you haven’t done so already, I’d also start your daughter on a strict schedule. Put her to bed no later than 8. Create a bedtime routine, something short and precise. I bathe my son at 7, nurse him at 7:15, read a book at 7:25 and he is in bed by 7:30. Also allow her to cry. I know it’s hard but it is necessary for her to wind down and learn to go to sleep on her own. What is her daytime schedule like? What is the longest she has ever gone without nursing?