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  1. Lainie says

    Sara –
    I understand what you mean. The good thing about Ferber is that it’s a controlled crying method – not cry it out exactly.

    You do go in their room and let them know you are there, but then you leave.

    I’ll be honest – that first night can be awful, and it can take a couple of hours of you constantly going in to reassure her. But I can tell you that most babies will react really well to it, and by the third day, she may go to sleep without a peep.

    I always tried to look at it this way: A couple of nights of crying is awful. It hurts your heart. But it’s nothing compared to months and months of my baby not getting the sleep her body needs. That, to me, was a great disservice to my child. So I decided to try to Ferber method, which I knew would be tough in the beginning but worth it in the end.

  2. Sara says

    Laine, Thanks for the advice and I might have to try that. The reason I am so inconsistent with my technique of soothing is that I’m not sure I agree with the cry-it-out approach. One night we tried letting her go and just checking in on her occasionally and she cried for almost 2 hours solid. There is no way an infant is then going to be able to soothe themselves into sleeping when they have cried that long. I agree I do have to be more consistent in whatever approach I take. I feel like I have to find the right approach for me though. I’m not convinced cry-it-out is it, but I will do it if all else fails. She’s also been a terrible reflux baby. I eliminated all dairy completely for 6 months, so I’ve just added it back in. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t eliminate it again. She’s on zantac twice a day and it worked like a charm the first week we got her dose increased for her weight, but now we are back to this. That’s another reason I can’t do cry-it-out right now, I don’t know for sure that she isn’t crying for a real physical reason. But, like I said, if there is no other alternative, I will do it.


  3. Lainie says

    Sara –

    The only thing I can suggest is once you lay her down, you need to stick with a consistent method of consoling her, ie: Go in, quickly pat her, then leave. No more coddling, cuddling, feeding, etc. I have a 6mo and 2yo, and I know how hard the bedtime routine can be when you’re the only parent there at the moment. Ugh!

    For what it’s worth, I had a lot of trouble getting my baby to fall asleep, too. I read the Ferber book and implemented it word for word. The main idea is to go in and quickly console them with very little touching and talking – do that in ever-increasing increments.

    Worked like a charm! Now – most nights – she sleeps 12 hours straight.

    Good luck!

  4. Sara says

    My daughter is almost 7 months old and I have yet to be able to establish any kind of routine with her. I have a 2 1/2 year old son who was a breeze compared to her. By now I know we were on a nap schedule with him and we had difficulty keeping him awake until his 7:00 PM bedtime. With my daughter, naps are almost non-existent no matter when I try to get her down and bedtime takes 2 hours easily no matter what time I try to put her down. I thought I was missing sleep windows, but even changing times doesn’t help. Generally, once she’s down for the night she will sleep anywhere from 5-8 solid hours, it’s just getting her to go down. I have tried to build a routine at least at bed, but it’s difficult since I have her older brother running around and my husband often doesn’t get home until 7:00 PM. I start with bath around 6:30, dress her in her room in dim light and soft music, aim to be nursing her by 6:45 and in her crib by 7:30, but when I put her in her crib all hell breaks loose and we then spend the next 1+ in a vicious cycle of soothing, patting, crying, trying not to pick her up, and it ends with me nursing her one more time and her going in her crib and just deciding to stay asleep. She even wakes up, but resettles herself and is done for the night. I am beyond frustrated!!!

  5. Tiffany says

    My son is 6 months old. He’s not a great napper, but usually does 2 naps a day close to about 2 hours total, sometimes more. He doesn’t have a solid schedule. I think this is because on weekends he’s home, and during the week I work full time so he is with family, but 2 different aunts on different days. He travels with my husband about an hour out and back, close to where he works. We have to do this, can’t afford daycare. I love that family can watch him, but I worry that all of this throws him off. He really is basically happy though. Some days are really off from any kind of schedule, and he eats when he wants. He’s breastfed, and now has 2 servings of pureed food a day. He also is cutting teeth right now, which made the past few days difficult (he’s been waking after about 6 hours the past few nights to nurse). I just wonder if I should worry about how the scedules affect him, or not make a huge deal about it? His bed time is roughly the same time every night 8:30 – 9:00. His routine is either a wipe-down and bottle, or a bath and bottle. He gets home around 9:00 many nights, so it’s quick to bed. He has slept 10 hours before, but averages about 8, so nightime isn’t too bad. Any thoughts?

  6. emily says

    Hello All,
    How many bottles does your 6 months old take in a day.I am worried if my girl is taking enough.My little one takes around 4 bottles of 5 ounces each),She eats some solid food as well.Please reply.

  7. Melissa says

    I have a unique situation, I think. My son is 5 months old and already 18 lbs. He was 10 lbs 4 oz at birth…we have big babies! I am VERY into sleep training from day one, and we put our babies on their belly the first moment home from the hospital. We have three children, and all three of mine were sleeping 12 hours at night between 8-10 weeks old. Yay for excellent sleepers!

    Anyway…I noticed with all three of them, that around the 3-4 month growth spurt, they regressed a little, in that they needed a night feeding a couple nights in a row until I was able to increase their feedings during the day (I am nursing). Well, my first son and my daughter both had no problems getting back to 12 hours sleep at night with no crying, no need for food or anything. But my third child, another boy…and our biggest baby, seems to always wake between 4am and 5:30am no matter what time he goes to bed, and no matter how much food he has to eat the day before.

    We started solids a few days ago to see if it helped, and no change. There is nothing in his room or our neighborhood waking him (like noises), he sleeps alone with lights out and has gone to sleep on his own from the beginning without needing assistance (that’s what we trained him to do). He is an excellent napper and sleeper–but just will NOT stop waking up at that time every early morning! He has done it before! And he will go back to sleep if I simply do not respond–but I am still awakened (and I pray big bro and big sis and daddy are not being awakened by his cries).

    I am not opposed to using some CIO methods at all. We had to do that with our first two kiddos–but they were a little older and waking for different reasons. Any ideas for getting him thru the FULL night???

  8. Candice says

    Just wanted to stress how happy I am to have found this site/page! So helpful! Here’s my issue…I have a 4 month old, bottle-fed on the following schedule:

    7AM: 6oz feed
    730AM-830AM: Playtime (chair, playmat,outside)
    830AM: Walk
    9AM-10AM: Nap
    10AM: 6oz feed
    1030-1130AM: Playtime
    1130AM: Walk
    12PM-1PM: Nap
    1PM: 6oz Feed
    130PM-230PM: Playtime
    230PM: Walk
    3PM-330PM: Nap
    4PM: 6oz Feed
    430PM-530PM: Playtime
    530PM: Outside Playtime
    6PM-630PM: Nap
    7PM: 6oz Feed
    730PM-830PM: Playtime, Bath
    830Pm: Storytime, rockingchair

    Now, once she is down for the night….she will sleep pretty much through the night except she wakes up every couple hours, she doesnt actually WAKE…she seems to just need me to put my hand on her chest, or give her the soother and she falls right back down. Im wondering if i should be eliminating some naps? some have suggested giving her rice cereal but i would prefer to wait until she is 6 months. Any suggestions would be great!

  9. Karley says

    I am having trouble with naps and whether to let them nurse before naps. What does some of your nap routines look like and how long do they last? My baby stays up for about 3 hours before he is ready for a nap. I always feed him when he wakes up for the morning or at naptime but becasue he is up for 3 hours should I be giving him a snack before his nap? It is crazy how every schedule for each baby is quite different. Being a first time mom this is what I find the most difficult, there is no one way to do anything. Every kid is so different.

    Sara’s schedule that I found from above is very similar to my schedule. However I am not sure whether to let him nurse a bit before his nap.

    7:30 Wake up, Nurse, change diaper and clothes
    8:00 Eat Breakfast.(Oatmeal cereal and a jar of breakfast food)
    8:30-9:30 Play time
    10:00 Nap time (usually about 1.5 hours) Nurse?
    11:30 Wake up, nurse, change diaper
    12:00 Eat Lunch. ( Oatmeal cereal, fruit-1/2 jar, and veggie-1/2 jar)
    12:30-2:00 Play time
    2:30-4:30 Nap time (can vary. ranges from 2-3 hours) Nurse?
    5:00 Change diaper
    5:15 Dinner (Meat veggie combo jar and fruit for dessert)
    5:30-7 Playtime
    7-7:30 bedtime routine(bath, nurse, books, bed)
    7:30-8:00 Asleep (normally falls asleep alone, little help. Maybe 1-2 paci runs and laying him back down-my son is pulling up and standing on his own at 6.5 months) He sleep straight through until morning.

    Thanks. Any suggestions are welcomed.

  10. Heather in Wisconsin says

    thanks so much for the schedule and some of the suggestions…one day on this schedule ( with slightly different times) and my daughter slep from 8:30pm to 1:15am..ate 5 oz. and then went back to sleep until 7:15 am…..Thank you Thank You Thank You…oh and Thank You!