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Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Caroline says

    Hi! We recently moved across the country with our 14 month old daughter. We went from our own apartment to living with my husband’s parents while we look for a house to buy. My daughter has never been a great sleeper, but she loved her old room and crib, and usually was only up once during the night. During the move (7 days drive) she surprised me and slept great in the hotels in her travel playpen. But now that we’re mostly settled in, she wakes up crying every hour all night long, sometimes staying awake for hours at a time. All of our belongings are in storage so it’s a totally different crib etc., although she does have her favourite blanket and stuffed animal. I’ve tried everything to get her to sleep, but nothing has worked, and I can’t do any kind of sleep training because everyone in the house works and needs their sleep, so I end up literally staying up all night trying to at least keep her quiet enough that everyone else can sleep. I know it’s only been 9 days and I should give it more time, but just wondering on average how long it takes for toddlers to adjust in this kind of situation?? Any tips would be appreciated!!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Caroline – Thanks for writing and so sorry to hear that your toddler’s sleep has been so affected by moving homes! This can be a tough transition! She should be used to the time changes by now, but you may want to take a look at her day and night schedule to make sure that you continue to offer naps and bedtime at good times for her, especially as she adjusts. She may need more time to feel more comfortable at the new home, and continue to help her feel comfy there in her awake hours! If this continues beyond another week or so, she may have picked up some new habits of waking to make sure you’re there every hour. The insomnia can be really tough too (the long awake periods in the night), and you might want to consider getting some one on one help from one of our consultants. We can help with very gentle plans, and really work to minimize tears while also working towards your goals!
      Hang in there Caroline, and please contact us if you need any further assistance!

  2. Kendra Seay says

    Me and my family moved a week ago into our new home. Our daughter has her own room in this new place. At first we were sharing the same room in a one bedroom home. Now that we moved and got a 2 bedroom, our daughter isn’t sleeping through out the night. She cries and screams in the middle of the night. She adjusting to the new place and it’s not going too great. What should I or can I do to help my baby girl feel comfortable and sleep throughout the night? Please help me. I have no sleep

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Kendra Seay, congratulations on your recent move! I’m sure you’re not super excited about it right now since you’re exhausting, but it sounds like it’s pretty exciting! We recently moved too, it was certainly an adjustment period so my first piece of advise is to hang in there and give it time for her to adjust. If there is anything you can recreate to her to mimic the old house, then that may help. If she is missing maybe smelling you so you could sleep with tshirt of yours or something (if she is old enough for a lovey type item, you didn’t mention her age). There are also developmental things that happen at certain ages so depending on her age she could also be in a sleep regression or tacking a milestone that will mess with sleep on top of the adjustment to move. If you’d like more help, please email us at [email protected] with a little more information about your daughter and we’ll be happy to recommend more specific advise from there. Hang in there!

  3. Naseem says

    We just moved to a new city last month with my husband and my son. My son is 35 months old. He was sleeping fine in our previous house in his own room. He would wake up may be once or twice at night may be once or twice per week. We talked a lot about moving and we tried our best to show him his new room, new house and talked about all of the changes two months before moving. Now that we moved the first two weeks I slept with him in his new bedroom and after that I told him I’ll sleep in my own room and I can see you in the camera, if you need me. Now he wakes up every single night, sometimes between 12:30 to 3:00m and cries and asks me to sleep with him. I tried to put him back to sleep and go to my room but he wakes up again and cries. Heee doesn’t even accept to sleep with his dad anymore. After a few times I get so tired that I fall asleep in his room beside him. He also started going to preschool twice a week here and I have to stay with him or he cries non stop and he became a little bit aggressive and unpatient with other kids which is very unusual for him like grabbing toys from them or crying if he wants a toy and someone else is playing with it, etc… (he used to go to daycare and doing fine in our previous city). I really appreciate any advice you can give me to help him and me to adjust to his new environment.
    Thanks a lot

    • Danielle says

      Hi Naseem,
      Thank you for visiting The Baby Sleep Site! I’m so sorry to hear of your troubles with your son’s sleep. It sounds like he could be experiencing a surge of separation anxiety related to the new environment and new school. We have an article with tips for that here:
      I’ll also link our article on toddler discipline tips, since often at this age, good sleep habits are more about being really consistent with the home routines, schedules, and expectations, and less about your toddler actually needing help learning to sleep independently:
      I hope these will help, but this is absolutely an issue our sleep consultants can work on with you, if you continue to have trouble and you’d like a detailed, step-by-step plan. Good luck!

  4. Natalia says

    Hi I have a 9 month old who is sharing bedroom with us. We will be moving to bigger house in a month or so and I want him to sleep in his own room in a new home. I am also fed up with him sleeping in our room as he wakes me up all the time. I was thinking about moving him to the small bedroom in our current flat. However I am worried it will be too many changes in such a short time. Would it be better to wait and move him to his own room in the new house?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Natalia, thanks for writing to us. I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with your son’s sleep recently, but I’m excited for your upcoming move! We just moved too and it was definitely a transition for my baby too. My question for you before answering is – when your baby wakes you up at night is it to feed, or is it just baby sounds that are causing you to wake up and have to continually resettle? If he’s waking up a bunch to feed, while it may be exhausting to maintain another month, you may just decide to wait to break him of those habits until you move and he can do all the big changes at once. If he’s sleeping well and you’re just waking up from hearing him, I’d give it a try if it’ll make you more sane. 🙂 It may not be perfect doing that either, but hopefully the transition is smooth! If you are struggling with frequent wake ups from him needing to feed, let us know and I can help point you in the direction of more information that may help. Good luck with everything!!

      • Natalia says

        He dropped his middle night feed couple weeks ago so it is not hunger. He now eats between 4 and 5 am and only his movement was waking me up so i thought it would be good idea to move him to his room. However now i think i have another problem! He started waking up at 12:30 and is crying, does not want to go back to sleep. It took us over an hour to settle him and last night half an hour. I thought it was one off but it has happened 3 times now, at exactly the same time. At first i gave him some milk but it didnt help so it is not hunger. I am thinking separation anxiety. I dont think moving him to another room is a good idea at the moment. I am also very worried about lack of sleep as i am going back to work in January. I dont know what to do, i cant sleep after all this crying.

      • Janelle Reid says

        Hi @Natalia, thanks for getting back to me. I’m so sorry to hear that he’s suddenly waking up! There is also a developmental leap some babies go through around 9 months, so hopefully that’s whats going on and things will level back out soon. But I think you are right, making changes now (especially so close to a move) may not be best right now. Here is a link to read more about the 9 month sleep regression and what may be going on for him:
        Hang in there! If you can’t figure this out or just want a professional to look at the full situation before you go back to work, our team of sleep consultants would love to work with you. They can help you before the move and transitioning over, or if you just wanted to wait they can help you settle into the new house as well. To read more about our different options to work with them you can check it out here:
        Good luck with everything! I hope things improve for you all soon!

  5. Crystal says

    How long does the adjustment normally take? How long is too long? We moved two months ago and our 3.5 year old son is having issues at preschool (same preschool we only moved across town). He has been aggressive and very clingy- things he was not before and his teachers are concerned about his sudden personality shift.

    I suggested he may not be sleeping well and my husband informs me that he has been having nightmares since we moved. My husband is a light sleeper and would hear him crying before it could rouse me and never said anything to me.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Crystal,
      Thank your for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s nightmares – that must be really difficult 🙁 We would usually say that the bulk of adjustment would be there by 6-8 weeks. It is possible he’s having a sleep issue unrelated to moving that is causing him to have trouble at school, so you can look at his schedule and check in with his doctor to rule that out. We also have two articles on nightmares at this age, and how to help, here:
      If he’s still having trouble after all that, you may want to consider talking to a counselor or similar to see what other interventions might be available for your family. Best of luck!