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  1. Zane says

    My baby is 2months (today turned 2:), but as i understand we have bad habbits. We have a bedtime routine but he falls asleep in my hands breastfeeding him or if i sleep next to him and breast feed. During day he sleeps only in my arms, falls asleep by my breast or after doing something (rocking,etc). Should i do something or wait unfil he is older?
    During night he sleeps well. Fall asleep 8pm, eats 10pm-11pm and wake ap 5-6am, then usually feed,change nappy goes for nap at 6-7am and till 8(or 9am or 10am depending on what time fell asleep).

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Zane, thank you for stopping by the Baby Sleep Site and congrats on your 2 month old son. 🙂 It sounds like he’s doing great! There are certainly things you could do to help him learn to fall asleep independently, but it is normal that he is needing you for help right now. If you haven’t yet, you may be interested in our free ebook with information for new parents and newborn sleep. Here is the link to sign up to receive the guide: I hope this helps! If you need more help as your son gets older, let us know!

      • zane says

        Thank you for reply!It all changed when he was 2months 2weeks old. He is not sleeping like that. He is waking up a lot during night. He wants to chew and bite something. Like sleeps for couple hours and then wakes up every hour. Its very exhausting. Could he be teething?

      • Danielle says

        Hi Zane,
        Thanks for writing again, though I’m sorry to hear your son’s sleep has gotten worse 🙁 It can be very normal for a 2 month-old to need to eat a couple of times overnight, even if he didn’t when he was younger, so you may want to consider adding a feeding if you haven’t already. It is very uncommon to see teething this early – usually it’s closer to 6 months-old. We have an article with tips for 2 months-old that I hope will help you here:
        Good luck! Please let us know how it goes.

      • zane says

        Thanks for your comment. But what could be the reason why he is now eating during night and sleeping worse?
        He is almost 3months now. After week he will be 3months. Should i look up 3months tips?

      • Danielle says

        Hi Zane,
        Sorry about that! We have an article on 3 month-olds for you here:
        Many babies do need more calories per day as they grow and develop, so it’s pretty common to need to add a feeding, or sometimes 2, depending on the baby. If you’re having a lot of trouble with sleep and have spoken to your pediatrician to rule out any medical problems, then you may want to consider one of our sleep consultations. A trained sleep consultant could look at your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule and make adjustments to help him consolidate night sleep and get back on track. If you’re interested, you can read more here:
        Good luck!

  2. Crystal says

    I have been following the baby sleep site advice for 3 months. My son now 6 months has transitioned to a much better sleeper because of everything I learn. I tried everything and we had ALL the problems. From Cat naps, sleep associations and now teething problems. After establishing night time sleep and having that routine we have solved ALL of the “problems”. Getting started we bathed our son every night. then Jammie’s, short story last last feed and then a quick cuddle And kiss goodnight. Lights off and close the door. My son has been sleeping in his own room for 3 months. Now that he knows our bed time routine we “fake bath him” we take him to the same place in the bathroom lay a big fluffy towel out and wipe down all the important parts. It’s a lot of work having a routine but well worth it when you watch your child get the sleep he needs. The bonus! So do you.

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Crystal – awwwww, thanks so much for the kind words! Love the idea of the ‘fake bath’ – whatever works, right? 😉

      Thanks again for commenting, Crystal – much appreciated!

  3. Desiree says

    Thank you for the great articles! My baby is 14 weeks old and I’m trying to sleep coach her so she’ll be okay for the 4 mo sleep regression and after. Our bedtime routine consists of walking around quietly to say “goodnight” for a minute, 1-3 books and then I hold her upright to settle her. Usually at some point during the books or soon after, she will start fussing and whimpering. So I comfort her holding her because that’s what works. Sometimes she doesn’t fuss and will talk quietly to herself (or me) and then drift off to sleep. I try very hard to put her in her crib soon after she falls asleep slowly. Sometimes she wakes up and I shush her to help her fall back asleep. If I try to put her down drowsy but awake, her eyes flash open and she’s awake and either won’t fall asleep or will start to cry if I don’t pick her up. If she’s fallen asleep already, she will cry if I don’t pick her up and then immediately fall asleep when she’s being held. How do I break her of needing to be held without CIO? I I’m afraid if I leave her after she’s woken herself up, she won’t be able to fall asleep and then become overtired, making it harder to fall asleep, same if I let her cry. Normally I start the routine about 75 mins after she’s been awake. Even if I start the routine 45-60 minutes after, she still falls asleep at about the same time. Thanks for any tips!!

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Desiree – great question! First off, I wouldn’t work too hard at sleep coaching right now – your gal is still pretty little 😉 Instead, I’d work on helping her fall asleep while you hold her still in your arms – that’s a step in the right direction. From there, you’d work on gently weaning her to falling asleep on the crib surface – but again, that doesn’t have to be perfect yet. You can just try working on falling asleep alone in the crib at bedtime, or maybe for one nap.

      Hope this helps, Desiree! Thanks for commenting. 🙂