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Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Timilyn says

    We’ve started sleep training our 8 mo old & it’s been challenging. Some nights, he sleeps several hours & wakes up to nurse & goes back to sleep, but the last several nights he has woken up about 20-30 minutes after being put to sleep & cries very hard. If I go to him, he immediately calms down, but as soon as I think hes asleep & put him down, he starts crying again. Any thoughts?

    • Neosha says

      @Timilyn – Thank you for stopping by our sleepy little village and for sharing with us. I can imagine how exhausted you all must be with such frequent waking and crying. 8 months can be a pretty tough age for sleep, for sure, since your little guy is experiencing tons of brain and physical development that usually sets off a sleep regression (see here for more on that: Separation anxiety rears its ugly head around this time, too, which makes sleep a bit more challenging for a while since he may be fairly anxious when you go to leave him. This article overviews it a bit:

      And, it sounds as though you’re still working through his sleep coaching in that he’s not still awake when you go to put him down, which likely means he may have a sleep association there that is still being worked on but that causes him to wake and fuss when he’s not still in your arms/being rocked/fed, etc when he wakes from sleep. Please give the regression article a read and if you feel that your son is in the midst of it, you’ll just want to get through the next few weeks. If you feel that it could be separation anxiety or still working through his sleep associations as you work on his sleep training, you’ll just want to try to stay consistent with just a bit more TLC for that anxiety.

      And if, at any point, you decide you need (or want!) more support, feel free to connect with one of our sleep consultants either in our Members Area or with one of our consultations. You can see all of those options here: and here:

      I hope this helps, Timilyn. Hang in there, and please keep reading!

  2. Fazlyn says

    Hi. My seven month old does not like sleeping in his crib. He falls asleep during nursing and also wakes up several times to nurse. I am so exhausted. . I’m tired of co-sleeping.. please help!

  3. Wc says

    Hi quick question. My daughter just turned 9 months today and while i have no complaints because i know she can do 10-12 hours night and 1.5-2 hour naps (naps twice a day) im just wondering why sometimes… (This week she woke MOFTN 3 times already around the same time 3-4am and although i feel she was a bit congested earlier in the week and teething for sure) how do we stop the MOFTN wakings 100%? She sleeps independently no association. If she wakes MOFTN we pat her back and if she seems upset we pick her up and put her down. Thanks

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Wc, Thank you for writing to us! It sounds like your daughter is doing really well for you generally, that is wonderful! As your baby goes through different developments, it is common for their sleep to be disrupted from time to time. There is a sleep regression that hits around 9 months that you may be experiencing as well, not to mention any illness or teething that may be playing in as well! Just like there are nights you or I will wake up in the middle of the night, it is likely if it’s occasional for your daughter that is what is happening too, and is not really a problem. Here is a link for info on the 9 month sleep regression: Thanks for your comment and I hope this helps!