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  1. Kendra says

    Please help! My 6 month old daughter has never slept through the night. She used to wake up every few hours to eat when she was 0-3 months old. Then she would wake up every hour. Now, she wakes up every 20-30 minutes crying. All I have to do is put the pacifier in her mouth and she rolls over and goes to sleep. If I don’t put the pacifier in her mouth, she stays awake and starts screaming. Have I created a terrible dependency in my child? I’ve tried sleep training, but no method has worked (CIO, Ferber, modified Ferber). Please help! She’s a great napper during the day, but nighttimes are very hard and my baby and I both need some sleep. Thank you!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Kendra – Thanks for writing to us, and sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with your 6 month old’s sleep! We know how tough it can be when baby is waking and crying so often! It does sound like she “needs” that pacifier to fall asleep/back to sleep, and replacing it every 20-30 minutes sounds brutal! You may want to check out this article that we wrote, about when and how to wean from the pacifier:
      If things don’t smooth out, please consider talking with one of our expert sleep consultants. You can check out our email and email + phone options here:
      Hang in there Kendra!!!