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  1. Wendy B says

    My 7 month old has always been a horrible sleeper. I’m mostly at my wits end with her. I’d bet I’ve maxed 4.5 hours of sleep for Mommy for 90% of her lifetime. She wakes every 30 minutes to an hour on most nights. Can’t ever seem to soothe herself back to sleep even after more than an hour! We share a room out of necessity but I’m starting to think the couch with a pillow over my head is a good idea! Nothing I try seems to work and naps NEVER last more than 45 minutes no matter what I try! I know she’s exhausted and I don’t want her to suffer from sleep related health problems. Help!?

  2. Renee says

    My son will be 8 months on Feb 9th, and he’s definitely beginning some regression. We co-sleep. Working slowly to get him to sleep in crib; working on sleep associations, etc. He usually sleeps a solid 8 hours before waking to nurse, and is usually a very still sleeper. But this past week, he’s made big strides toward crawling, and will probably crawl within a couple of weeks. He now practices in bed while sleeping: rolling, flipping, throwing his stuffed animal around by its arm. Occasionally waking himself. But with all of his sleep practice that moves him all around, between myself, my husband, and baby in the middle, we now form a perfect capital ‘H’ in bed. Funny. Not funny when you’re tired. But funny.

  3. Ojala E Stephen says


    I am so glad that you have hinted what I have been asking myself, Why does my child have to wakeup at night and starts crying. Thank you Nicole Johnson for enlightening me. P’lse keep sending the hints

  4. Merryl says

    I have a 10 months old baby girl who always had sleeping problems from her 3rd month.
    It worsened during her 9th month. Initially i thought that she was hungry and so she is not able to sleep. I increased her feed’s quantity and still she wakes up 6-10 times a night. I was worried if I was doing something wrong but heaved a sigh of relief after reading this article.
    I am working and sleepless nights have their revenge on me. I get irritated by my child’s night wakening..

    But now that I know, she is helpless; I’ll support her and help her to sleep.

    Thanks to Nicole Johnson for this enlightening article.

  5. Deborah says

    Wow, what timing. Maybe that’s what is going on with my 9-1/2-month-old today. I think there is another issue that I need to figure out as well (he has rarely slept more than 30 minutes at a time during the day) but today was suddenly worse, with very different behavior at nap time on his part and very little sleep all day (it’s 4:25 p.m. now). And in came a very good possible explanation, right to my inbox. Thank you for this article, and for your web site.

  6. Wendy says

    It wasn’t until I read this article that I knew about 4 month sleep regression. My son was terrible at napping but at night he would only wake for feeds (every three hours) and then go straight back to sleep. At four months I was starting to get a bit worn out but then the naps fell into place, unfortunately the night sleep went out the window and he began waking anywhere from one to three hourly, I was exhausted.

    We tried sleep training on our own but after a week when it wasn’t working we decided we needed to bring someone in to help, it still wasn’t as effective as I thought it was going to be, we fell back into old habits but she came back to give us more support and we’re having another go but it still doesn’t seem to deliver the holy grail for me and now I think I can sorta see why…timing. He’s 8 and 1/2 months and when he wakes he feels a compulsion to crawl, stand and all the rest (before it was roll over but now he’s learnt to sleep on his tummy). This article gives me the strength to pat us all on the back for what’s going right and give myself a break that it’s not completely perfect, it’s just life not something I’m doing wrong.

  7. Marcia says

    My 9 month old started waking up more frequently at about 8 months of age, which was VERY frustrating because we were finally getting settled back into good sleep habits after her 4 month sleep regression (we had a lot of changes going on for the past several months). She kept waking herself up because she was practicing crawling. And her naps (which have always been a challenge) got worse. Right when I thought that I was doomed to not being allowed to sleep more than 2 hours at a stretch until she reached college, she has gotten better with the naps and is only waking 1-2 times at night again. She still takes longer to fall asleep because she “talks” to her seahorse and crawls around, but if I just leave her alone for a little while she will fall asleep on her own. My question is when do I try to wean her from night time feedings and what are some good methods?

  8. Meghan says

    We started dealing with the every-2-hr wakings around 7 months due to teething, then a cold, then who knows why. He’d fall asleep fine in my arms (we’re finally breaking the nursing association, but slowly!), but snap wide awake and start dancing and flirting as soon as I put him down. After 2 weeks of frustration, I decided my husband might be right and swaddled our son. It stopped the compulsive kicking and punching, and he now sleeps wonderfully from 730-6, waking only once or twice to nurse and he’s finally taking naps in his crib! I know at some point he’ll have to be weaned from the swaddle, but that’s somethin I can live with!

  9. Dana says

    My little angel is one year old, is it possible that the sleep regression you talk about comes at this age?
    He was sleeping fine, without waking up around a month ago. He is an early riser (sometimes too early) but at least he was sleeping straight from 6:45 pm to 4:30 am.
    The last month he has been waking up up to 8 times a night! just once or twice has sleep straight. His 2 naps became only 30 min cat naps, and as the previous comment from Kelley, he would sleep longer if I come and nurse him, but he would sleep on my breast!
    I let him cry for 10 min and then check, but sometimes he will just keep doing it for hours! Last night he cried from 10:30pm to 2 am. We were checking on him every 10 – 15 min, but tried not to stay too long in his room, so he re-learns how to fall asleep on his own.
    We are exausted. And if we are that tired as adults, I can’t imagine how tired he must be.
    What should we do to help him?

  10. Kelley says

    I have a boy that will turn 9 months on the 4th of Feb. I think for me I just get frustrated because he will sleep SO good one night and then the next night he is up about 5 times a night. Most of the time when he does wake up I let him cry/whine for about 5 minutes and he goes back to sleep. I have a hard time telling if it’s sleep regression or teeth most of the time. For instance, on Sunday he went right to sleep in his crib by 5:45pm, slept until 2am, had a bottle, and went back to sleep until I woke him up at 5:45am. Then last night he went right to sleep on his own in his crib by 5:45pm but woke up at 7:30, 11:30, 3:15, and 4:50. He always went back to sleep on his own but it’s frustrating because I know he can sleep and I don’ know what I can do for him. Sometimes he needs a hug from me in order to stop crying and will cry again as soon as he sees me leaving the room (assuming some separation anxiety there) and if I let him cry for a few minutes he will go back to sleep (sometimes…sometimes it takes a good hour). I’m not one that can let him cry it out so I usually check on him after about 5 minutes of him crying…I can never go much longer than that. Some nights when I put him in his crib he will talk for a little bit and then cry. I know if he cries at bedtime that it’s going to be a long night. Some days he will take 2 1 1/2 naps and sleep just fine at night, then the next day he only takes 30 minute naps (will sleep longer if I end up holding him but always starts out in his crib) and then doesn’t sleep the best at night. I just get confused and don’t always know how to handle it. He’s always had some sleep issues (he’s one that never returned to “normal” after his 4 month sleep regression). Any thoughts?

    • Nicole says

      @Kelley Inconsistency can be so frustrating, I know! See if you see a pattern between not when bedtime is but how many hours he’s been awake in relation to his last nap and bedtime. Sometimes that is an important key to better night sleep. I can imagine he is extra overtired on days when he naps just 30 minutes and that’s why the night is worse. However, you are doing great with the early bedtime and sometimes we can only help them so much. You are giving him the opportunity for sleep and the rest is up to him. He will get better at sleeping even when overtired as he gets older. Some babies are more sensitive to it. Make sure you are trying his naps at times that promote the best napping, too. Hang in there!

      @Dana If developmental milestones are affecting sleep at this age, it’s usually around walking or talking. You might look into over-tiredness. Sometimes when bedtime is a tad too late then one off day can spin you out of control. Try putting him to bed earlier for 2-3 nights and offer naps 30 minutes or so earlier and see if that helps him “catch up” (we never truly catch up but he can become rested). He may just be chronically overtired at this point and ironically, they fight sleep even more. Another factor could be his one-year molars. For some, those are a doozy. Try to see if teething remedies will help and re-dose during the night, if necessary. Hang in there!

      @Meghan Thank you for sharing what worked for you and your son! It’s always great to find a solution, even if it’s temporary. Good luck!

      @Marcia Oh good! I’m glad your daughter has gone back to sleeping better. 🙂 Read my article on night-feedings and night-weaning here for more information: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/night-feedings-by-age-when-do-you-night-wean/

      @Wendy Timing can be very important and at some ages you will only achieve “good enough for now” rather than perfect sleep. I’m sure you’re a great mommy and doing a great job! Hang in there!

      @Deborah You’re very welcome and thanks for commenting! I hope things settle down very soon.

      @Merryl You are very welcome! I hope your daughter’s sleep settles back down. It sounds like you may still have some root issues to work through to help her learn to sleep better, once this phase has passed.

      @Ojala You’re welcome!! 🙂