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  1. ankhiya says

    My baby is 8 months old now and takes 3 naps a day
    The first two for 90 to 120 minutes and the next one for 30 minutes. He is formula fed and has 4 bottles during his wake hours and 1 bottle at night. He doesn’t drink all at once but only half at a time. He is very active and always smiling but he also wakes every hour at night. He’s been like this since his 4th month. I don’t see any signs of teeth and I showed him to the ped who says he is healthy happy baby. What do I do to ensure he sleeps atleast a few hours at a stretch?

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ ankhiya – hmmm….waking every hour at night at this age is really excessive, esp. if he is formula-fed. He can most likely sleep straight thru the night by now. If his health is in good shape, then what may need to happen is some sleep coaching. Let me ask this: HOW does your baby fall asleep? Do you have to hep him fall asleep at bedtime and after night wakings? Once you tell me this, I can help you figure out how to proceed 🙂

      Thanks for commenting; hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Brittany R says


    Thanks for the feedback! For the past week I’ve been feeding my son more solid foods throughout the day (2+ jars of food/meal & 3-4 8oz bottles) and I moved his dinner UP from 7:00pm to 5:30pm – I’m happy to say that it seems to be working. I was worried about feeding him earlier, thinking he wouldn’t be satisfied through the night and that the “poop monster” might end up visiting just a little earlier in the night, however, so far it appears that eating a very hearty meal around 5:30, followed by some physical activity, gives him a chance to have a BM prior to bed and then he’s good until the am. I hope it continues to work! 🙂

  3. Brittany R says

    My 8 month-old son has been an unpredictable sleeper since he was 4 months-old. Lately, however, he’s started having a typical pattern of waking once in the night with a poopy diaper. He wakes some time between 1 and 4, is fussy or about 15 min (can’t be soothed completely) and then he has a bowel movement. After I change his diaper I feed him a bottle to get back to sleep, and once he’s sound asleep I lay him back in his crib. Overall the process takes about 1.5-2 hours every night. These are considered the “good” nights; every few nights he’ll have a “bad” night where he wakes every 2-3 hours.

    I really want to figure out what to do about his nightly visist from “the poop monster”. Should we eliminate his “dinner” meal (solids) and just give him bottles after lunch? Currently he has 3-4 bottles during the day (and typically 1 at night) with three meals of solid foods throughout the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). For dinner I try to “fill him up” in an effort to keep him satisfied through the night, in hopes of weaning him from a nightime bottle, but that doesn’t really seem to be working and even worse, I fear it might be the root cause of the nightime “poop monster”. Any ideas?

    • Debbye says

      Hi Brittany,
      Your nightly visits from the “poop monster” do sound rough, but it may be just a phase. While many babies are very regular, and even tend to poop like clockwork in the night, many seem to go through a nightly BM stage as well. I would work on making your night visits very boring, “not worth it” for him to wake for, and work on putting him back to bed at least partially awake. You can play around with the timing of his dinner (later perhaps), as well as what you are feeding him, and quantities, but I would not take away the solid food altogether.
      Best of luck!

  4. Cindy says

    I have a 7 month old boy. He started sleeping through the night at about a month old and then stopped at 3 months and has been sleeping TERRIBLY since! Every so once in a while he will have a good night…meaning he only gets up twice….but most of the time it is at least every two hours if not more often! I am soooooooo tired…And once I have done everything…change, feed, burped, etc. I just dont know what else to do and sometimes just have to let him cry for a while. It is the most frustrating thing ever! When will he start sleeping better??? I really need more sleep.

  5. sara says

    It’s crazy how much children differ. I have 10 month old adjusted age (13 months chronological) twins. My son is up at 12 and sometimes 3 due to teething. I can see his swollen gums and a few have broke through but not all. He is definitely overtired and fights sleep at his regular nap times. He doesn’t eat as well either. We’ve found he doesn’t like to be held or rocked to sleep. He wants movements such as a stroller or the cozy coupe car. Its the only way he calms down and then once he’s asleep I put him in his crib. Ibuprofen has definitely helped with the teething.

    His twin sister wakes but doesn’t make a peep and goes back to bed. Such a difference and she takes nap right on schedule. He is crawling though and she is not so maybe that’s a big difference. Let’s hope she keeps it up. Both my kids have acid reflux which keeps them from being able to sleep more than 40 minutes if a burp is stuck:(

  6. Sydney says

    My son turns 9 months old today. I just got him sleeping through the night this past month. My problem is that he is waking up really early. Before it was closer to 6 am which I was fine with, but lately it is closer to 4 am. I don’t know what to do! I put him to bed around 6:45 pm and he usually sleeps straight through the night until 4 am and then he won’t go back to sleep. I have tried putting him to bed later (7:30 pm), but he still will be up early (4 am). He still takes 3 naps a day. Each about an hour long. The last one is usually from 4-5 pm. Should I try to cut this nap out completely or at least shorten it? I won’t let him out of the crib until 5 am and when I do he is happy and not hungry. Usually he won’t start acting hungry until closer to 6 am so I know that he isn’t waking up b/c he is hungry.

  7. angelica says

    Hi Nicole,

    I don’t know if my baby girl, who is 10 month old now, is going through a sleeping regression or not. The thing is that 2 weeks ago she had a bad cold with high temperature and because i’ve hold her in my arms a lot in that period of time to confort her, she became more and more clingy when its bedtime/naptime. And now she would only calm down in my arms. Because she can crawl and stand up on her own in the cot as soon as i put her there she starts screaming and getting up, and getting frustrated. Her naps and night sleep routing is upside down. She might be teething now too, but she fights a lot when its time for her naps during the day. She is tired but refuses to sleep unless i hold her in my arms. I know she is associating the sleep with my arms; we had this problem before when she was smaller at around 4 months and we managed to break it and she was able to go to sleep on her own up untill she started to crawl.- 8 and a half months. Even though we had problems with the naps during the day the night sleep was still working until 4 days ago when she started to wake up and refuse to go back asleep. Crying, screaming and getting more and more frustrated. Last night for example she woke up 2 times and each time for about 2 hours, refusing t go back to sleep and screaming. I want to mention that we share the same room.
    I do not know what to do to help her get back to routine. Please advise me what to do because her new way of sleeping makes me wonder if something is wrong, I am desperate.
    Thanks, angelica

  8. wendy says

    My little guy is 9 months, and we have never recovered from the 4 month regression. However, his night-time sleeping has reached an all time low. We have shared a room out of necessity, but have recently moved to a home with a bedroom of his own. He is still in our room though until we gain the motivation to make the move. On a regular night, he is up every 1-2 hours. However lately, he has been waking up and taking 3-4 hours to settle back to sleep. Last night he was up from 9:30-1:00. He seems frustrated by his inability to fall back asleep. The frequent night-waking I assume is habit/seeing Mom and Dad when he awakens, but this new pattern has me wondering if something is wrong.

  9. Rani Callay says

    My daughter has a bad sleeping habit since she was a baby. She was colicky, and till now, (she is 9.5 mths now), she still wakes up atleast 3-4 times a night.
    On bad days , it would be almost every hour, if not..it will be every 2 -2.5 hours.
    All she wants (most of the time) is an ounce or 2 of milk. Tried giving her full amount (5-6 ounce) but she still gets up that frequent. Even tried adding cereal to her milk before she sleeps, that doesn’t work at all.
    She has 3 meals a day (breakfast, porridge for lunch and dinner) and regular milk feed.
    She sleeps around 10.30pm.. very unusual if it is earlier, but never ever a full 10 hour sleep.
    During the day she sleeps ard 1-2 hours in the morning,a nd afternoons also around 1-2 hours. Sometimes its only half n hour nap.
    Its very tiring.. at times, I do feel like taking her for a thorough checkup. She is on lactose free milk….

    What can I do to help her?

  10. Selam Hadgu says

    I have a 9 months old baby girl, she was sleeping fine before 8 & half months… after this month she is not sleeping well and she’s waking up 3 upto 4 times a night.

    But she is sleeping well mostly on a day time like 4-5 hrs. sometimes she’s not sleep at all the whole day.

    i thought that if i did any mistake on her….I just get confused and don’t know how to handle it.