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  1. Hi! My three month old has done well with a later bedtime (around 9:30). Anytime I’ve put him to bed before 9- he’s had multiple wake ups. When and how should I start to institute an earlier bedtime for him? He’s doing very well with sleep (wake up to eat typically around 5 am then back to sleep until 8:30ish) at the moment so not sure what to do about that bedtime. I was thinking gradually move it up?

    • Hi @Nancy –
      Thank you for writing to us! It sounds like you have been working hard at getting your little guy on a good schedule! If the later bedtime works well for him (and for you), then there is no need to change it! Some babies tend to have later bedtimes, and some are early risers with early bedtimes, and unless there are problems cropping up elsewhere, of this schedule is just nor working for your family, then there may be no need to make changes now! Here is n article that may help: https://www.babysleepsite.com/schedules/owls-and-larks/
      Good luck and please contact us if you need anything at any time!

  2. Hello. I have a 9 week old breastfed baby that is sleeping 10-12 hours straight through the night. He falls asleep around 7-730pm and stays asleep until 6 or 7am without waking to feed. He is growing above average on the growth charts and is very happy during the day. He does short cat naps throughout the day and normally 1 longer nap in the afternoon. Is it ok to let him sleep so long at night without waking to feed? When I pump I get between 5-8 oz on each side. I’m wondering if he’s just getting a ton to eat during the day which is carrying over to the night? I just feel a little guilty letting him sleep so long. Any insight?

    • Hi @Krista –
      Thank you for writing and congrats on your new baby and extra congrats that he is sleeping well! Every baby is different, but it would be best to check in with your baby’s doctor to get the best answer to your question about him needing a night feed. Your baby’s healthcare provider will know him and his development best, and speaking with them should give you peace of mind and help you let go of the guilt. : )
      Good luck and thank you again for visiting!

  3. Yes she is not waking that time I am struggling very much to wake up my child for feed by taking the feed she is goING to sleep please reply me

    • Hi @Siri – Thank you for writing back with more info! If you are at all concerned that your baby may not be eating enough, please see her doctor right away!! If you are trying to get more feeds in her, work on feeding her during those very active times to get in more calories, and offer as many feeds as you can!! Without much more information, such as a complete sleep history, we cannot offer many specifics, but again, please speak to her doctor regarding her specific caloric needs and when she should be eating for her weight/development. Good luck Siri!!!

  4. my baby is 3 months old she continuously sleep 7 to 8 hours in day time she take only 2 times of feed is there any problem after wake up she is very active

    • Hi @Siri, thanks for writing to us. I apologize, could you just clarify a bit more for me so I make sure I answer your question correctly? When you say she continuously sleeps 7-8 hours in the daytime, does that mean she is not waking at all during that time? How is she doing at night?

  5. Hi my EBF three month old has a very eratic sleep feed schedule..Earlier he use to get up only for one feed at night..Now he is getting up every two hours at night for a feed. And sleeps very less during day. His night feedings are all dream feed.

    • Hi @A, thank you for writing to us. I’m so sorry you’re struggling! It can seem so crazy when they were doing a wonderful job and then suddenly switch things on you! Your son is likely hitting a big change in his sleep patterns and causing the hiccup in the sleep. Here is a link to a free guide that will give you tips on how to help your child sleep through the night: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-through-night-free-ebook/
      At this age some wake ups are still normal (as you can see from the sample schedule) but the guide should give you some tips on how to help work on those night wakings. If you need more help, let us know! We have a ton of resources that can help. Hang in there!

  6. My 3 month old is sleeping all over 13 hours.. is it ok..at night she at a stretch she sleeps for 10 hours in between that she wakes up for 2 feeds. Then the whole day she takes half an hour nap which is distributed in 6 naps. Is it ok.. her day naps are all cat naps

    • Hi Amrita,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! 13 hours of sleep is a little shy of what we’d expect for a 3 month-old, but if she seems happy, not fussy, and not overtired, she is probably doing fine. We do have a chart of average sleep needs by age to help here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-sleep-needs/baby-how-much-sleep/
      I hope this helps!

  7. Hi!

    My daughter is 12 weeks old and she is breastfeeded. Her bedtime is around 8pm and wake up time around 7am. She wakes twice during a night, at 1am and at 5am, she is set up like a clock! People around me keep telling me that it is a bad habit that she wakes at the same time every night, therefore it would be very hard to reduce night feeding when times comes. Do you have such an experience? Should she wake at different time during night? Also they keep teling me that 1am is too early for waking and that she should wake around 3am if I want to her to prolong sleeping through a night in the future. Should I wake her at 11pm just for feeding? By doing this will she likely sleep during whole night? I am afraid that if I start waking her at 11pm that she will either have problem for seting up to earlier bedtime or problem of falling asleep after it…

    • Hi Nina,
      Thanks for your comment at The Baby Sleep Site! I’m glad to hear your daughter is doing so well at night, and it sounds like, for her age, she’s doing exactly what she should do. If her schedule is working for you as-is, please take our permission to go ahead and ignore those people – I’m sure they mean well, but they are not correct. Introducing an earlier feeding that she’s not waking for could induce her to wake more often, not less, and we rarely recommend it. Some formula-fed babies *may* sleep 12 hours a night at this age, but it’s rare, and for a breastfed baby, we wouldn’t expect it at all at this age. We have a chart on how many night feedings is normal by age here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/baby-night-feedings-age-chart/
      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks a lot Danielle for your answer, it was helpful! At least I am more selfconfident 😉

        Just one more question, acording to your experience, do you know what I can expect in a future, what is more usual? Will my baby prolong the first period of night sleeping and instead of waking up at 1am she will wake at 3am, or will she prolong the second period of night and wake up at 7am instead of 5am? Also, should I do something special and encourage her by time or will she do it by herself when time comes and when she is ready?

      • Hi @Nina, thanks for writing back to us! I’m glad Danielle was able to help with your first question. 🙂 For your second question, it honestly can vary! From my personal experience (I have 2) that first stretch got longer and eventually was pushed back into the one feeding later in the night that stretched them until the morning. It’s going to be gradual of course as the baby grows. Some babies will need more help than others, so if she was to regress backwards and start waking up every 2 hours or something, then it’s likely time to start teaching her to fall asleep on her own (and we have lots of resources available for you on our site if this happens). Here is a link to a free guide that will give you tips on helping your baby sleep through the night: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-through-night-free-ebook/
        Now just to remember, she doesn’t need to sleep through the night without any wake ups (and some babies will not do that until closer to 9-12 months) so when you read the guide think of it as giving you tips to assist in building healthy habits so she can learn to go back to sleep on her own if she wakes and isn’t hungry yet.
        I hope this helps! Let us know if you have more questions along the way, we are here! There’s lots of changes that go on in the first months so just when you think you have it figured out, it often changes! Thanks again for visiting the Baby Sleep Site.

      • Thanks a lot Janelle! Your answeres are helpful too, as well as the web site, so many useful and interesting topics, thanks for existing! 🙂

      • @Nina – You’re very welcome! Please keep reading and sharing! 🙂

  8. Hi, my boy is 3 months old and falls asleep for bed at around 12am and sleeps till 930.
    Yes that’s good.
    But I would like to try and get him to fall asleep earlier so I can have some down time to myself.
    Any suggestions??

    • Hi Kaeli,
      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear you’re 3 month-old is generally sleeping well at night, though I agree it can be tough that bedtime is so late at that age. Although there’s not much you can do to move it earlier right now, the good news is that the majority of babies drop a feed and start wanting to go to bed for the night much earlier, around 7PM, right around 4 months-old. So, if you can hang in there a little longer, the schedule will adjust for you. Good luck!

  9. Hi, I’ve a 11 wk old and was going to try your 3 mth schedule as it seems to fit well. However, how do you transition from 3 mth schedule to 4 mth schedule? Bedtime seems to come forward by 2.5 hours and I’m not sure how to make that change happen when the time comes? Thanks

    • Hi @Helen, thanks for writing to us! In our 3 month schedule you’ll see there’s a catnap at 7pm, and then bedtime is at 9, and then wake up the next morning is at 7am. On the 4 month schedule bedtime is at 6:15, and wake up is at 6:30am. You’ll want to tweak our sample schedules a bit to fit what your baby is leaning towards doing (some babies are good sleeping until 7, others will prefer a little earlier 6:30 wake up) so let’s say 7am is working for you at 3 months, you could transition the 4 month schedule accordingly. Then the only switch is that the “catnap” going on in 3 months is then changing to the bedtime and the final nap of the day is dropped. I hope that makes sense, as your baby gets older they’ll begin to consolidate their sleep a little better (perhaps with your help at first). If you need more help let us know! We are here to help.

  10. Hi, I see your schedule shows 10+ feedings per day. I thought babies gradually ate less times per day as they got older and became more efficient at eating? My EBF 11 week old generally feeds 7-8 times in 24 hours, waking up only once at night. Should I be feeding him more often?

    • @Sarah – Thank you for reading and sharing with us. A night time feeding is still perfectly normal at this age – good job, little guy! Our sample schedules are definitely intended to be more of a guideline than a exact schedule for you to follow. You’ll likely need to go by how your little guy is growing and developing overall to gauge whether he needs more feedings – his healthcare provider should be able to give you better direction there. Good luck!