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  1. paulina says

    My 7 month old boy has following routine:
    7-8:30-wake up(it varies as sometimes i will givehim pacifier and he will sleep a bit longer) he will have 200 ml bottle.
    10:00-11:30-nap on most days, some days he sleeps less
    12:00 lunch, solids (veggies, meat etc)followed by approx 180 ml formula
    14:30-16:00- nap
    16:00, fruits followed by approx 180 ml formula
    19:00:240 ml formula
    20:00 asleep, sleeps through night
    I only feed my boy every 4 hours, seen that most people feed more often(but perhaps smaller portions) but it works for us as he is a very content baby. I have also realised though that good daytime naps are usually followed by a good night, sometimes he will have a 3rd catnap close to bedtime but that does not stop him having a good night. Usually you have to help babies sleep, i.e have a routine and put them down in their cot drowsy but awake like this if they wake up at night they know how to put themselves back to sleep.

  2. Nicole says

    My first, a girl, had a great routine, 5 hours sleep, 3 feeds a day, slept when required;
    My second, a boy has been a bit different
    7 months old and now does:
    6.30am awake;
    8.00am b/feed;
    8.30am cereal and fruit;
    9.30am down for morning nap (generally 2 hours);
    12.00pm b/feed;
    1.30-2.00pm arvo nap (1-2 hours)
    4.00pm maybe b/feed depending on how testy he is;
    5.00pm up to half an hour catnap in the car;
    6.00pm veggies and yoghurt;
    7.00pm b/feed
    8.00pm bed
    He only feeds approx. 2-3 mins. each side intially and have gotten into a habit of giving an extra feed before he hits the sack……..
    Since his 4 month growth spurt now feeds minimum twice overnight–really quick though
    Trouble at the moment is he is quite unsettled, waking sometimes every 30mins or each hour after putting him down,, mostly will resettle on my shoulder and go back to sleep,,,if on the 3 or 4 hour after a feed will need to feed from me
    Trouble is, he shares a bedroom with his sister, and I can’t start to resettle him without getting him out of the cot without waking up the entire house, let alone her.
    Hence I find myself getting him up every time to resettle him,,even if it is just for a few minutes
    I know this is a bad routine to get into
    From the above, is he getting enough to eat, does he need less naps during the day, should he be in bed earlier at night
    He’s driving me crazy with waking up to be resettled

  3. Mary says

    My little girl is 7 months old. She sleeps from about 8 pm to 6:30 am. She will occasionally get up once but usually because she has rolled into a weird spot and can’t get out, rarely to eat. Repositioning her and giving her the pacifier is enough to get her back to sleep. She usually back down for a nap by 9 am (1-3 hours). Up for about 2-2.5 hours then back down for another nap in the early afternoon (1-3 hours, depending on length of first nap, usually total 4-5 hours). She is then up by 3-4pm and up until bedtime, refuses a cat nap. My concern is that she always seems to be yawning and rubbing her eyes. She’ll get up from the nap and be yawning within 15 minutes. I’ve tried putting her back down but she just rolls around and plays in her crib so she’s not ready for another nap or seemin to need a longer one. She is generally happy when up, eats well, plays and is a very happy and smily girl. Should I be concerned? I am worried there might be an underlining problem that causes her to seem to be tired all the time.

  4. Kathy says

    My son just started eating pureed baby food well in the past few days and he is almost 8 months old. For him, I’m still trying to figure it out a little bit, but I’m mostly realizing that I should nurse him a little before we sit down for a meal – maybe about half hour to an hour. Not right before necessarily. I usually always nurse him afterwards then too. He seems to eat a lot then.

    The Dr. told me not to nurse just before or after because of how the solids would mix with the breastmilk, but it seems to be going fine and then he’s not as fussy while we eat our meal if he’s really hungry and not into his solids for some reason.

    Hope this helps! His naps are doing ok – much better since we got him only waking once during the night to eat – but he still always wakes up at 2:30pm (or even before). Today he only took a hour nap, waking at 2pm. He was yawning and obviously tired at 3:30pm but as of yet, won’t go to sleep for a nap. Just laying in crib fussing a little. I stopped rocking him to sleep for his naps last week and that seems to help a little. We do a bedtime routine at night and then a shorter storytime and songs before his naptime. If it gets really bad and he won’t go out, I let him cry for up to 10 minutes and then go in and rock him a little or sometimes even nurse him (especially if it is just a short nap later in the day).

    I guess everything just comes with time and falls into place.

    • Kimberly says

      @Heather- Yes for a 6 1/2 month old baby, a 9 or 10 pm bedtime is too late. It’s a good idea to start shifting the bedtime slowly towards 7 or 7:30 for that age.

      @Laura- I would say the first step would be to shift his 5 pm nap to an earlier time or to try to get him to sleep longer for his 1:30 nap and cut out the 4/5 pm nap all together. This is most likely contributing to the difficulty you are having getting him to sleep at bedtime. As for the night waking, it’s going to be a matter of teaching him to go back to sleep on his own. He may be wanting the extra formula at night if he’s not getting enough during the day, which can happen when babies decide they’d rather play than eat. In which case it may be a matter of cutting back on solids to get more formula in him. For additional specific help, I’d recommend you check out one on one consulting services with Nicole. Good luck!

      @Kathy- Have you tried different brands of baby food or making your own. Sometimes the taste of some of those prepared baby foods just aren’t appealing to a baby. If nursing right before and after eating works for him, then it should be fine to continue. Just be careful he doesn’t nurse too much prior to eating or he may not be hungry to eat. Glad to hear things are going a bit better for the sleeping. Some babies at this age do just need to learn to fall back asleep to finish their nap or the alternative is that he might just need at little catnap right around 4 (like 30 mins). If he seems tired enough for his 1 pm nap, then that’s probably the right time. You are exactly right that sometimes it just take a little time for everything to fall into place. It sounds like you are doing are all the right things to help him learn to fall asleep on his own.

      @Claudia- Your baby definitely needs to go to be before 12:30 pm. The sleep pattern she is on right now will disrupt her normal body rythms and could affect her development. You don’t mention how much or when she is napping but that would be a critical component to making your daily schedule and bedtime work better. Daytime sleep can often affect nighttime sleep. I’d recommend that you consider one-on-one sleep consultations to help you get on a good schedule that works for your baby and her development.

      @Karen- Thanks for your advice to Kathy. Sometimes assurance from another parent is very helpful. For your daughter’s naps, if that’s the schedule that works for her, then it is fine to go with it. Sometimes our babies will show us what works for them. I can understand wanting to have her awake a bit in the evening so you and dad can spend time with her and as long as she’s not showing sleepy cues since she had the 6:15 nap, it sounds find. At some point, you might want to consider trying to lengthen her naps so that you can consolidate from 4 to just 2 or 3 especially if you are finding it’s become increasing hard to get her down for that many naps. For the bottles, I’d recommend trying the 8 oz bottles and see if she finishes them consistently or if there is a time of day she prefers 8 oz over 6 oz. If she prefers a bottle before eating try to give the bottle a bit of time before she eats to give her time to digest some of it.

  5. Karen says

    I also have a problem with my 7 month old daughter not liking solids! My main question, though, is about naps–my baby doesn’t really have a set nap schedule, and I’d like to put her on one but she sleeps through the night and is generally very cheerful, so I’m afraid to mess things around too much.
    Here is her schedule:
    7:20–wake up and nurse
    8:15-8:30–naps usually for 1-1.5 hours, but sometimes less
    10:20–6 oz expressed breast milk
    (11:30-12:00–depending on how much she napped earlier, possible nap around now, but shorter, usually only 40 minutes)
    12:00-12:30–1 tablespoon oatmeal and 1/2-1 jar fruit (babysitter basically forces her to eat it)
    1:20–6 oz expressed breast milk
    1:30-2:30–depending on earlier napping schedule, naps anytime starting during this period for usually 1-1.5 hours
    4:20–6 oz expressed breast milk
    6:15-6:30–naps for 1/2 hour
    7:00–“dinner”–1 jar beans or vegetable with 1 tablespoon rice cereal; some finger foods like pieces of melon or banana
    8:15–begin bedtime routine; nurse briefly; falls asleep in crib usually right away or with help from pacifier

    Right now we basically give the baby naps when she looks tired. I know the recommended nap times are 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, but it doesn’t seem to work for her–she tends to get tired an hour after she wakes up in the morning and then can’t really stay up for more than 2.5 hours at a time. She takes the evening nap so my husband and I can spend time with her when we get home from work. Should we try to keep her up until 9:00 am? Sometimes she gets tired again by 11:30-12:00–should we try to skip that nap and push it off to 1:30, after she eats? Or giver her a nap at 1:00 and just push off her feeding until she wakes up?

    Also, she goes to bed at night fine but getting her to fall asleep for naps is not as easy–it can take 10 minutes or more of rocking/bouncing/singing, etc. to get her to fall asleep. Any advice?

    Should the babysitter be giving her bigger bottles (8 oz.) and spreading them further apart?

    For those of you with babies who don’t like solids–do you find it was better to give them solids right before the bottles, right after, or sometime in between bottle feedings?


  6. Karen says


    My baby doesn’t seat solids at all as well. Have tried for 2 full months. Some babies just don’t like it and it takes them a while to be “ready” for solids. My doctor said not to worry about it and just keep offering different foods. Baby might end up drinking more milk instead and might need an overnight feed, but that’s all.

    Sounds from your 2nd post that sleep is going really well. your baby’s naps sounds perfect to me! I do give mine an extra nap late pm b/c she is super tired. Mind wakes up 6am latest! So by 1pm, she has done two naps, so we give her two more! She is still very tired by 6pm, but we try to keep her up to 7pm, or she wakes or 4 or 5 am! Your schedule sounds fine and the nap lengths sound great! Anything over 50mins is great! Mine used to only do 4x 30mins, now she is gradually getting better.

    Good luck! Dont’ worry! U are going a great job!

  7. Kathy says

    We started the bedtime routine with feeding, warm bath, massage, sleeper, songs and a story – Goodnight Moon. It has been working wonders. Last night he slept til 3:15am. I then fed him and he got up at 7:30am (altho I believe he was moaning around 6am when my husband got up, but went back to sleep).

    Anyway, I’m hoping now that nights are working well, naptimes will just fall into place. His 9am to 10:30am or 11am seems to go well. Then today at 1pm I did a story and song and he went right to sleep (basically a shortened bedtime routine). But he woke up at 2:30pm. He always seems to wake up at that time. And then I can tell he seems tired around 3pm and 4pm.

    Since he always wakes at 2:30pm, do you think I’m putting him down for his nap at the wrong time? Or does he just need to get in the habit of sleeping through that time, and it will just eventually come if I keep at it?

    Thanks for the help/advice! Appreciate it. Things are going so much better already now that I am getting more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time at night. 🙂

  8. claudia says

    my 7 m0nth baby girl g0es t0 bed @ 12.30 at nigth until 11.30 am in the m0rning she 0nly wake up f0r her bottle at 8.00 am and g0 back t0 sleep.. i w0uld like f0r her t0 g0 t0 sleep earlier but i d0nt kn0w what t0 d0 ….this is the shedule every day…
    8 .00 am 6 0nzes 0f f0rmula
    12 .00 n00n vegies and fruits
    4.00 6 0nzes 0f f0rmula
    7.30 6 0nzes 0f f0rmula
    11.30 6 0nzes 0f f0rmula

    s0metimes i feed her less than 6 0nzes since she weights 26 p0unds and instead 0f f0rmula i give her y0gurt but at the same time i d0nt kn0w if thats rigth because i kn0w she needs at least m0re than 20 0nzes 0f f0rmula every day..can y0u please help me….thanks

  9. Kathy says

    I see a lot of moms here wondering about their baby overeating, but have you had any whose babies won’t eat baby food? My 7.5 month old refuses to eat. He just loves to nurse. Every now and then I can get him to eat a banana – well, he really just sucks on it in one of those feeder bags. All spoons with food he just turns his head and clamps his mouth shut. Sometimes he’ll let me put small pieces of food on my finger and put it in his mouth.

    We were having a lot of trouble with sleeping, but I think I just need to let him cry it out and then I do need to feed him at 2-3am every morning. We just started the crying it out last night and he put himself back to sleep after sleeping from 7:30pm to 12:30pm. He wakes at 6:30am or so.

    Napping is awful, but I think I am on the go too much. I need to learn to just stay at home with him and take very short trips like just to the grocery store and back again, otherwise he starts to take a nap in the car and then wakes up when we get home. He’s happy, but then I worry that he isn’t sleeping enough.

  10. laura says

    he really is just not intrested in formula feeds at all! the most i manage to get down him without him messing about is an ounce!!!???!!! please any comments!