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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Iwona says:

    It is interesting that you say that the first nap of the day tends to be the longest and MOST RESTORATIVE nap of the day. This is contrary to the book/sleep programme we’ve been using which said that the lunchtime nap must be the longest one of the day, with the morning nap lasting no more than 30-45minutes. May I please ask what is the basis for your statement? I tried it few times and actually my little one likes to nap for 1.5hrs in the morning and 45minutes at lunchtime, so perhaps I should stick with this instead?

    • Janelle Reid says:

      Hi @Iwona, thank you for your comment! I work in our Client Relations department so I don’t know where the exact source of this information came from either. I will tell you that as a mother of 2 (soon to be 3) I’ve found this to be true for my children so far. It seemed that with my kids their morning nap would start to merge into their second nap and then shift the schedule so much the one I dropped (when they started dropping naps) was the afternoon one. I did need to eventually push the start time back because you’re not going to nap your 2 year old at 9:30am most likely because that stretch to bed time would be crazy long, so that was a learning process of figuring out what time worked best for my child.
      If you want to know exactly where this information came from, feel free to email us directly at contact@babysleepsite.com and they can point you in the direction of where the information came from. Ultimately, all kids are going to be different and you’ll want to make sure your baby is getting restorative naps at least some point during the day. 🙂 If you want a little more info on naps from us please feel free to download our free nap guide with tips for longer and more restorative naps here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/free-baby-nap-guide/
      Hope this helps!

  2. Angela says:


    Thanks for the response. That’s reassuring. I felt bad that I have to wake him from a sound sleep at 5:30. If he stays home with us he goes back to sleep for first nap by 7, and I used the schedule generator so that fits perfect.

    LO does stick to a 1.5-2 hour awake time before going down for next nap, and daycare does ‘naps on demand’ rather than by a specific clock-time. So we’re trying to get him to sleep enough. LO has been going to sleep somewhat in daycare, although not as much as he does at home. It’s because he’s so fascinated by everything around him he tries to stay awake to watch everything for as long as possible. But he will eventually go to sleep there. Sometimes its 3-4 hours awake-time before he will, but its not from a lack of their trying. His teacher tries rocking and holding him to settle him down but to no avail. He’s just too interested in the scenery. I hope that once he gets used to it he’ll go to sleep easier.

    Anyways, no follow up questions, just grateful for this site and your guys’ awesome education about baby sleep. I’m a member also and highly recommend all the resources there.


    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ Angela – so glad my answer was helpful to you! Honestly, sounds like you are doing great! It can be tricky to make daycare schedules work, but it sounds like your daycare provider is allowing ample nap sleep, which is awesome! It’s also 100% normal for your LO to have trouble napping @ daycare; many, many babies do. My guess is that since he’ll adjust as he grows. Most babies who are in daycare full time from a fairly young age adapt quickly (vs. children who don’t start until they’re older, or who are only in daycare part-time). So you should be all set on that front!

      So glad you find our resources helpful – we so value you and your family and are committed to helping you in any way we can! Best of luck you and your family, Angela 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    Since I have to be at work at 7 am, I have to wake my 4 mo baby up every day at 5:30 am, knowing that if I didn’t, he would probably sleep at least another hour. His bedtime routine starts at 5:45 pm and he is in bed by 6:30 pm and usually asleep before 7 pm. But I am so worried I am hurting him by waking him up every day at 5:30 am, but that’s the absolute longest I can wait and still get to work on time. He’s in daycare during the day (7 am – 3:30 pm); he is exclusively breast fed. Any suggestions???

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ Angela – this is really common, so don’t worry! My #1 suggestion would be to use our schedule-generator to help you get a feel for when your child’s naps should be happening, based on her wake-up time. Just plug age and usual wake-up time. The trick will be getting your daycare provider to use this schedule, but if you can make that happen, you should be all set!

      Hope this helps! Good luck to you 🙂

  4. Emily DeJeu says:

    @ Diana – sounds good! 🙂

  5. Diana says:

    Thank you for your reply! I think that sounds like a good plan. Is a three and a half hour awake time okay for a 9 month old? So first nap 9 AM if he wakes up at 6 and then the second nap three and a half hours after he wakes up from the first one? Thank you again!

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