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  1. Cara says

    I have an almost 2.5 year old girl (29 months) whose sleep schedule is driving me crazy. On days she naps (most days), she wakes around 7:15/7:30, naps 1:30-3, and is asleep by 10. If she isn’t awake by 3, I wake her then. But the 10pm bedtimes are a beat down. If we skip nap, she’s pretty cranky by 3pm and super cranky by dinner. She’ll be asleep by 8 at the latest and sleep until 8 the next day, but she always wakes up multiple times at night, so I know she’s overtired from the day. I can’t find a happy medium. Her brother has to be picked up from school at 1, so napping before 1:30 isn’t an option. She isn’t tired enough to fall asleep at 12, so I can’t really get a good nap in before 1pm pick up. But the 3pm wake up means she’s not going to bed until 9:30 or 10. She’s soooo much happier on nap days, though. She is cheerful and plays by herself nicely, so I feel like she really needs that nap. Do I just start waking her up earlier and earlier. How early is too early to wake them from a nap? Is a 1 hour nap the shortest? Or can I do a 30 or 45 min nap and then wake her?

    Any insight you guys have would be sooo appreciated!


    • Neosha says

      @Cara – Thank you so much for commenting! What you’re going through right now is VERY normal, so don’t be worried. At 2 years old, many toddlers start needing less overall sleep (10-12 hours) and if they are also napping, like your little girl is, then bedtime does creep later and later until it gets to be too late and you start transitioning her to no nap. We generally like for naps to last at least an hour. You’ll want to experiment with her nap times to find when it’s just too short to decide what’s a good length and when to wake her.

      It looks like her bedtime “wake” time is about 7 hours, which can be a bit long. Please consider her bedtime routine and ensure that it’s properly calming and long enough – toddlers this age can also start to need a slightly longer “wind down” time before bed. If you’re in the US, DST Fall Back is getting ready to hit in just a few weeks, so you may want to consider that and adjusting her schedule with the time change. You can read more about that here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/daylight-saving-end-tips/

      If you find you need further support, please consider our consulting services here:https://www.babysleepsite.com/services or membership subscription where you can chat live with one of our consultants and have access to all of our ebooks, including Shift Your Child’s Schedule:https://www.babysleepsite.com/diy/

      Thank you, again, for commenting and please keep reading!

  2. Karen says

    Hi, this is my almost 19 Month old’s schedule:

    wake ( between 5 to 6am)
    nap 12.30pm (1.5 to 2hrs, sometimes 1hr)
    bed time 6.30

    She has never been a great sleeper, but have been sleep trained vigorously so she has been manageble and finally transitioned to one longer nap sucessfully (though she still can’t be in a car near 10am)

    She is a bad sleeper in that she wakes easily. She never had an issue going to sleep when put in the crib for nap or bedtime. She used to just lie there and try quietly to sleep even if it takes her 45mins (then she starts to fuss/cry). Mostly though, she is tired and falls asleep w/i 15min.

    A few days ago, she suddenly changed drastically. She now screams and tries to purposely fall out of her crib to not nap. (No problem at daycare!) And now that she is sleeping on the floor so it’s safer, she rams at the closed door repeated until she is too tired and then she passes out. Luckily, after the first night of one hour of ramming, it has been only 10mins the last night cause she was exhausted. She was falling asleep standing up trying to climb out of her crib the first day she did this. She does seem tired, but seem to want to just cling to me. Or does she just get exhausted from all the crying and screaming and climbing/ramming?

    So my quesiton is:
    Is this what they call separation anxiety? She is fine during the day though. Just at sleep times. She is also her normal self at daycare.

    Or does she need to stay up later? I know it sounds like she get 11 or more hours of sleep, but she never sleeps straight through the night. She often wakes and lie awake for an hour. Never used to cry for me, but of course lately, yes.

    BTW, even when I sit by her crib when she tries to climb and escape, she still keeps crying and climbing.

    She is teething, but it’s not like it’s her first time teething. =)

    Is it just her trying to push back and want to stay up longer or wanting to be with us while she sleeps?

    Her behaviour came very suddenly and it seems so extreme. I never knew she would act like this. Is this just early terrible twos?

    Anyone else have had a baby whose personality flipped on them one day just like this?


  3. Debbye says

    @ Mushira- It does sound like he is very used to you being there as he falls asleep, and that this has become his routine. You are in a tough situation, because your #1 goal is to keep him safe of course, but you also want to help him sleep the best that he can with the sleeping arrangements that you have. If you are sure that the room is childproofed, and the mattress is on the floor so he can not roll off and injure himself, than maybe you can slowly give him less and less support as he falls asleep. Maybe you can move a little farther away every day or two, so he begins to learn to fall asleep without you there? You’ll have to use your best instincts to tell you when he is ready to move to one nap, and your instincts to tell you if you need to stay nearby him as he falls asleep too. Good luck!

    @ Kim- If you want him to sleep in a little more, you can first try to shift his entire schedule forward by 15 minutes a day, including naps, meals, everything, and try keeping the 2nd nap for now. Just don’t let him make up the sleep at the next nap! Otherwise, if you think he is ready, try removing the 2nd nap. But if you do remove the 2nd nap, I would not make bedtime later. I think you are fright that if you remove the nap AND make bedtime later, he could be very overtired!
    Good luck!

  4. Kim says

    13-month old with the following schedule:
    6a – breakfast
    8:30/9a-1st nap (approx. 1-1/2-2 hours)
    11:30a – lunch
    1:30/2p – 2nd nap (approx. 1-1/2 hours)
    3:15p – snack
    5:30p – supper
    7:30p – snack
    8:00p – bedtime

    Son has recently started waking up earlier (closer to 5a or earlier) and refusing 2nd nap. Dr. office recommends eliminating 2nd nap all together and pushing 1st nap later in the day while first keeping 8p bedtime and then pushing that to 9p. Is that realistic or is this just setting him up for being ovetired?

  5. Mushira says

    i need an advice, i have a 14 month old boy who sleeps well at nite, usually from 8 pm to 7:30 am.

    I think he still need 2 naps, usually i put him down after 3 hrs from his wake up time, sleeping 40 min if im unlucky or 1.5 or 2 hrs if im lucky, if he takes 1 nap he sleeps 1 hr which i think its not long enough cause he is more fussy.

    i think he needs me around him to sleep more, when he wakes up after 40 min or so, i go to his room and pat him a little bit and he goes to sleep. if i wait too much he is too crancky and wont sleep more.

    at nite i stay beside him until he is asleep, cause he doesnt sleep in the crib, i used to have a old crib and now its too small for him, so he sleep in a mattres next to my bed.

    i want him to sleep without me next to him, and cause i dont have crib, for his safety, i stay there, so i think that is the problem.

    any advice??

  6. candice says

    Im confused about the transition from 11 month old schedule which includes formula/breastfeeds to your 12 month old schedule which does not mention anything of bottles or milk (whole milk or formula)….I am currently introducing whole milk mixed with formula (50/50) and am approaching my daughter’s 1 year birthday this week and want to know when she should be having her bottles now?
    I usually gave her bottle first thing in the morning when she wakes up and breakfast an hour later….Does the formula/botttle feeds just stop? confused.

    • Debbye says

      Hi Candice-
      Many people do wean from bottle to cup at around this age, but when you do it, how you do it, and what you put in the bottle (and cup) is really a personal choice. A website that has been very useful to me on baby food and nutrition is this one: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com and: http://www.babycenter.com/ has tons of great info on what to feed your baby and when.
      Good luck!

  7. Jan says

    Hi Jordan,

    My little girl’s schedule is below. She is now 21month-old and is doing very well on schedule and has a good sleeping habit. This is quite similar schedule we followed when she was 18mo.

    7am – wake up (morning hugs/chats :), change nappy, play while waiting for breakfast
    7-30/8am – breakfast (fruits/cereal/bread) followed with milk
    9am – play
    10am – go out with mum for errand if any, if not will go for a quick walk or at the library for story time. depend on the day really normally she will have a activity outside to use up those energy.:)
    10:30 – small snacks if she is keen (sultana/cracker,etc)
    11:30/12noon – lunch
    12:30 – nap (with a bottle of milk), normally naps for 2-3hrs or 2.5hrs on average. (I nap too when she does, then prepare stuff for dinner)
    when she’s done with her nap, normally she plays around the house then around…
    4pm will go out to do activity like either park, play ground, library, museum, etc
    4:30 – snacks
    6pm – family dinner
    6:45/7pm – start bedtime routine (getting clean, put on PJ, bedtime story, bottle of milk before bed)
    8/8:30 – sleep / normally drift to dreamland in 30mins. and sleep through the night.
    7am – wake up.

    My little girl is very active but at the same time i find it easy to wind her down, my trick is reading books. 😉

    Hope this will help.

  8. Jordan says

    My 18 month old son has no schedule what so ever and it is driving me CRAZY! I tried him on one when he was born but no one else would follow with it (his father and babysitter/grandparents) so I just gave up. Now I am being nagged at for not having a schedule and everyone else wants one and although i am frustrated because that is what I wanted in the first place I am relieved to get the chance to have order back into my life and to maybe help to get him sleeping through the night and to have him out of my bed. I am looking for a VERY DETAILED schedule that only has one nap and I am not good at making one at all. I am willing and able to conform my schedule around my son’s I am just not good at making one.

  9. Corrine says

    My 13mo old has been getting up lately bet 4:30 and 5:30 am, used to be bet 6 and 7…I just give him a bottle and then when he finishes I put him back in his crib and he sleeps until 8 am….he gets one nap (at least on the days that he sleeps in) at noon and falls asleep for the night bet 7:30 and 8 pm.

    I like that he sleeps in after that 5am bottle, but I am thinking this should be a temporary thing? Is 8am too late of a wake up time?

  10. Rebecca says

    I am need of some advice and help, please.

    I have a 13 month old boy who sleeps okay, but continually wakes up at 4:30am. He has a very consistent routine of one sleep during the day of about 2.5 hours; with dinner at 5, bath at 6 and bottle and bed at 6:45. He doesn’t have any trouble when I put him in his cot – he settles himself and falls asleep very quickly.

    The room is dark, and he does have a dummy.

    However, he wakes up at 4:30 and while I know I’m lucky not to experience multiple mid-night wakings that other mums can get, the time is really wearing me down as I work during the day.

    I’ve tried letting him cry it out, but he just gets more upset. I’ve tried going in and giving him his dummy and while occasionally this gets him back to sleep, more often than not he already has a dummy and just appears to be ready for the day.

    His Schedule:

    4:30 – Wake and dummy or up and bottle
    5:30 – Up and bottle (if went back to sleep at 4:30)
    7 – breakfast
    9:30 – snack
    11:30 – lunch
    12 – nap for 2 – 2.5 hours
    3 – snack
    5:15 – dinner
    6:15 – bath
    6:45/7pm – bed

    I would really appreciate your help and advice.

    – Rebecca