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  1. Courtney Parnick says:

    My 2 year old was fighting a bad cold and the doctor recommended we co-sleep with us until his cough was over to monitor his breathing. Now a week later he goes to sleep in his crib but wakes up in the middle of the night and refuses to sleep in his crib. Constantly crying and screaming for us to bring him to our bed. Anyway, to help him sleep thru the night in his room? Thank you.

  2. Kristen Devine says:

    Hello! My son is 2 years 1 month. He has been an incredible sleeper his whole life. We followed babywise and he has done very well with overnight sleep, eating, development, growth etc. less than a dozen wake ups after 11 weeks!

    For 3-4 weeks, he has been taking naps that are less than 40 minutes in duration. He normally goes to bed at 7 and wakes at 6:15/6:30 and I get him at 7. His nap starts around 12:30. We do quiet calm activities before napping like reading, white noise, dim room etc. he is not teething, sick or hungry.

    I’ve also tried scaling back his nighttime sleep so he doesn’t get too much and is sufficiently tired for his nap. He is not ready to drop his nap and wAkes from that short time upset. He needs the sleep. I am consistent and all naps are taken in the crib. No stroller naps ever.

    Do you think I should be cutting his nighttime sleep? Or is this making it worse? At the risk of being hated by everyone, we’ve never experienced a true regression until now!

    So my question to you is- WHY WONT HE NAP AND WHAT DO I DO? Thank you for your help 🙂

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Kristen – Thank you for writing to us, and I’m sorry to hear about your 2 years old’s rough sleep lately! As you likely read in this article, it is very common for new 2 year olds to start really fighting naps! Keep offering those naps and don’t give up! Use our free sample schedules to help you plan bedtime and wake time too, to be sure that he’s getting a good amount of sleep offered at the right times:
      If you find that you need more help at any time, please contact us for assistance!! Hang in there Kristen!

      • Kristen Devine says:

        Thank you for responding, Debbye! Do you recommend that I cut his night sleep to make sure he is tired enough for a 2 hour nap? His bedtime was 7, falling asleep at 7:45 or so, but ever since he’s been taking short naps he’s falling asleep earlier. I wonder if he needs less sleep at night to be adequately tired for his nap. Would love to hear your thoughts. I looked at the schedule and he is 7-7 with a 12:30 nap yielding short naps. Thanks again!

      • Danielle says:

        Hi Kristen,
        Thanks for visiting us! We’re happy to help 🙂 Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to your question! If your son is getting enough sleep overall, a short nap might be fine. If he’s not sleeping enough, you might want to talk with a sleep consultant (with a consultation or through the Members Chat, depending on how much help you need), to see how to best adapt his schedule. It really can depend on so many factors. Good luck!

  3. Nicole says:

    My 26 month old use to sleep through the night but now he will wake up around 2am and not want to go back to sleep. I get up every half an hour to put him down in his crib until he doesn’t want to get put down anymore. I end up rocking him until he does fall asleep and then at this point its 4:30am and I have to get up for work at 5am. He will still be sleeping by the time I have to get him up and he gets super cranky because he is still tired. This has been going on for a few weeks now.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Nicole – Thank you for writing to us and I am SO sorry to hear how rough sleep has become with your 2 year old!! PUtting him back to bed every half hour for so many hours is brutal – specially since you have to wake up at 5am! Hang in there Nicole!! For help with this, I would recommend that you consider our e-Book, The 5 Step System to Better Toddler Sleep. It is written specifically to help parents of toddlers with sleep issues. The book includes a number of detailed sample schedules, as well as an explanation of the various sleep coaching methods for you to start right away. It also contains several sleep planning worksheets to help you make a plan!
      You can find out more about this, and order the e-Book directly online here:
      When you visit that page, you will see that there are two options. One option is our “Silver Package” which includes the instant 5 Step System to Better Toddler Sleep e-Book download, an in depth case study, and two informative audio tele-seminars. Our other option is a “Gold Package” which includes everything in the “Silver Package” plus two additional audio tele-seminars, and an Express Sleep Plan, which is an instant and customized plan specific to your family’s history, your family’s philosophies, and your specific goals.
      We hope that this is helpful for you Nicole, and please let us know if you have additional questions at any time!

  4. Megan says:

    My daughter’s is 25 months old. For the past few weeks, bedtime has been a nightmare. She throws everything out of her crib, then jumps up and down and cries. She also has resisted nap time so she hasn’t had a nap in a while. What do I do?!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Megan – Thanks for writing to us! Sorry that sleep has become so tough these past few weeks with your 2 year old’s sleep! Don’t give up on those naps quite yet, and keep being consistent and offering her sleep at the right times! Regarding the toys being thrown out of the crib, if you’re consistent with your response to this too, she’ll likely slow or stop this behavior! We know how tough this is, so hang in there Megan! If you find that you’d like more help, please contact us for more info!

  5. Sarah says:

    For the last 3-5 weeks my two year old (26 months) has been waking earlier than normal. Before he was consistently going to bed at 7pm and not waking until at least 6.45am, sometimes later. He has a nap of 1.25-1.5 hours around 12/12.30pm every day. He can now wake any time from 6am. How can I ensure he wakes later? He’s quite obviously tired in the mornings if he wakes before 6.30am but he’s has begun singing loudly whenever he wakes! Should I adjust his bed time? We tried putting him to bed earlier when it started, he was in bed by 6.50am and it improved a bit but not much!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Sarah –
      Thanks for writing, and sorry that you’re struggling with your 2 year old’s early waking! We know how tough this can be. Toddler sleep can be so challenging, and early mornings where he’s still tired are especially challenging I’m sure!!
      You may want to check out our free sample schedules for toddlers here, and see if adjusting bedtime or naptime helps:
      Good luck Sarah, and please contact us if you need more help!

    • Carly says:

      Hi. You say be consistently but you don’t say HOW to deal with this regression. My son is waking around 4am. I bring him into my bed, give bottle of milk but he is wide awake and don’t sleep again. I don’t know if this is the right way to deal with the early wakings

      • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

        Hi @Carly – Thanks for writing! Sorry to hear that your toddler is waking at 4 am! hat can be so tough and we understand!! If this has been happening for more than a few weeks, you may need to take a look at his schedule to make sure that he’s getting the right amount of sleep at good times for him. He may be over or under tired. Taking him into your bed is okay if that is working for you, but it doesn’t sound like its going well – especially if he’s not going back to sleep! You may want to teach him that it’s still sleep time and not worth waking for, and do some sleep coaching to help him learn this. Making a plan that will work and that you can stick with is important, and we can help with that! Please get in touch with us if you’d like some recommendations on next steps for personalized help! Hang in there Carly!

  6. Carly says:

    My toddler was the BEST sleeper until about a week before we had a new baby. He would sleep from 7:45-7:30 and lay in his bed for a half hour (by choice) after he woke up, with a 2 hour nap from 1-3. He now screams when we leave the room, and will not sleep unless myself or my husband are physically in the room where he can see us. He tried CIO but he cried for over an hour. Is this just a phase? Should we just wait it out? His past sleep regressions only lasted about 2 weeks, and we are approaching the 2 week mark. With a newborn in the house and him not sleeping, my husband and I are dying.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Carly – Thanks for writing to us! Congrats on the arrival of your new family member, and at the same time, I’m sorry to hear that your toddler’s sleep has been tough since your new arrival was about to arrive! Since he was a great sleeper prior to this, he may just need a little more time to adjust! This article has some helpful tips, and it’s not too late to start on them!:
      Good luck Carly! I hope he’s sleeping well soon – and I hope you are too!

    • Sharon says:

      I am having the exact same issue with my 27 month old daughter. I am due a baby in a week and for the past few weeks my daughter has been protesting going to sleep so much that we thought perhaps she was too big for her cot (she is very tall for her age) so we moved her to a bed… but of course now she just gets out. My husband or I have to sit in the room until she falls asleep and she now comes into our room during the night. She has always been the absolute best sleeper ever (always happy to go to bed, sleeping 12 hours and never waking at night) I just don’t understood what’s going on… and the timing is horrendous! Unfortunately there hasn’t been much actual advise offered here!

      • Danielle says:

        Hi Sharon,
        Thanks for writing, and congratulations on your soon-to-be new addition! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with bedtimes, and also that you’ve been having trouble finding the answer. The reason we don’t have a slam-dunk answer for you is that there unfortunately just isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for this kind of problem! Toddlers this age can have trouble with bedtime for all kinds of reasons, including an inappropriate feeding or sleeping schedule, sleep associations, something wrong in the bedtime routine, a medical condition, potty training, separation anxiety, sleep regressions, and more. You can read more on our site and others and try to work out the problem, and then use all of our free articles to create a new sleep plan and get your daughter’s sleep back on track. We also offer personalized consultation packages which are unique to your baby and family and can help you solve all of the individual circumstances that might be contributing to your situation. I know it can be so frustrating, but please hang in there, and let us know if we can help! Good luck!

  7. Stefanie Franklin says:

    Our son just turned two a month ago. He was sleeping super well in a crib, but we had to transition because he was climbing and falling out and we were afraid he would hurt himself. We have a strong bedtime routine (regular bedtime, bath, brush teeth, read, then sing) we’ve continued, but now he sounds like he is doing a bunch of typical two year old traits. He keeps trying to trying to prolong bedtime and wants me to stay with him until he falls asleep. I usually do because he will get out of bed and start crying if I don’t. I might have to lay down with him for an hour to get him to sleep, but I also have a four year old I need to put down to bed too so this isn’t really working. Our two year old will wake up about 2am and cry for me to come back and sleep with him. I will lay down for a little to get him back to sleep, but the same thing just happens a couple hours later so I will go into his room multiple times a night. I just end up sleeping in his bed with him. If I do end up sleeping with him, he will sleep in until 8, but if I don’t, he will wake up around 6am which makes him a little cranky and throws off his nap time.

    My biggest concern is I can’t continue this since I’m pregnant and due in about 8 weeks.

    Is there a way I can help him sleep more independently? I know he must be experiencing separation anxiety or maybe afraid, but I just can’t continue this especially with a newborn almost here.

    Thank you for any help you could offer!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Stefanie – Thanks for writing to us, and sorry that sleep with your 2 year old has become so tough! We definitely understand how tiring this can be, especially while pregnant (and congrats on your upcoming arrival too!). Toddler issues just like this are common at this age! It sounds like you need some help to get bedtime and night wakings under control, and we can help with that! I’d recommend that you consider one on one help with an email or phone + email consultation package, so that your consultant get dive in and help you through this with a completely personalized Plan made just for you! Please check out our options here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/services/
      Hang in there Stefanie, and I hope that we can have the opportunity to help you through this!

    • Marcus says:

      I have same issue with my two year old. He will lay down and go right to sleep at bed time or when he wakes up in middle of night (if) I lay on floor or sit in chair until he is asleep. Tried the keep coming back every few minutes and he cries less but more than 30 days in and he still cries every night and fights it unless I am in room and it has to be me for some reason he will not lay down or calm down to sleep for my wife and gets mad if she tries to sit in his room or lay on floor next to crib. It has to be me so I give in and stay with him just because he sleeps better and does not fight sleeping if I do so and is instantly at peace and calm if I am with him. He says night night daddy like he thinks bed time is an “us” thing not a him thing. Assume this is were problem stems but after 30 days and him still crying when I leave room it’s just easier to lay on floor or sit in chair to comfort him

      • Marcus says:

        His routine and schedule are completely consistent every night. Bath, story time and bed time. Naps at school everyday. No Major changes Or adjustments. Not potty training yet and Still in crib. Recently started having night terrors once in a while and waking up more frequently at night. Usually at least two times once asleep.

      • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

        Hi @Marcus – Thanks for writing to us! Sorry to hear that you’re struggling with the same toddler sleep issues with your 2 year old!
        For help with this, I’d recommend that you consider our e-Book, The 5 Step System to Better Toddler Sleep. The book includes a number of detailed sample schedules, as well as an explanation of the various sleep issues such as this one, and how you can handle it, step by step! It also contains several sleep planning worksheets and sleep logs.
        You can find out more about this, and order the e-Book directly online here:
        PLease contact us if you need any additional help at any time, and thanks again for writing to us Marcus!

  8. Artemis Diaz says:

    My daughter is 23 months old and she was sleeping well until now. She is waking up in the middle of the night 3 and 4 times with no apparently reason, she sleeps in her crib since she was born in the same room with us (we lived in one bedroom apartment) and sometimes she is screaming and crying at the same time, sometimes she wake up just calling “Mom” but another times sh is fussy, and moving like hitting herself with the sides of the crib and we don’t understand why. When I woke up I tried to put some lullaby and sometimes work another no, if needed I change her diaper and sometimes work and another no, sometimes she ask for “milk” but we gave her “water” instead because her pediatrician said that milk during her sleep can increase chance of cavities and she will get used to drink milk at that time of the night and she will do it again as habit. We tried the same sleep routine and nothing works, dinner, milk, brush her teeth, pajamas, pray, kiss and hug, good night and turn off the light and wait aside until she is full sleep to go out of the room to finish some chores, prepare for next day, have adult dinner time and go to sleep as well. This is happening for about 2 weeks now and we really need help, because she is in a daycare and we wake up early to go to the daycare. We appreciate it any advice, suggestions. Anything that might work we truly appreciate it.

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