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  1. Karissa says

    This article was much needed and reassuring! My son just turned 2 a few days ago and starting a few weeks before he’ll wake literally every 5-10min in the middle of the night. I’ve tried lullaby’s, night light I usually would rub his butt or back and rock him like that, wait a few min lay down and he’s up again… lately he’ll wake up at 7 7:30 nap about 1 for 2-3 hours and go to bed 9-10 most nights 9 9:30. Which is so late?. I feel like he never sleeps, or doesn’t sleep that good. Please give me some advice. P.s I have a 8 year old daughter also which is a struggle in its self. She doesn’t even sleep by her self, which is so awful. I’d try laying with her then leaving in the middle of the night and she’ll wake up like an infant lookin for me. any advice for that too! Thanks for your time

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Karissa, Thank you for writing! I am sorry to hear you are struggling with both of your children’s sleep. It sounds like your 2 year old is certainly hitting the sleep regression, and he may also have some sleep associations keeping him from sleeping longer stretches. Here is a link to more information about sleep associations: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/sleep-association/
      The key in regressions is to stay consistent and not to let any new bad habits form. Additionally, you may find this article helpful to compare his current schedule with so you can begin making changes if needed: https://www.babysleepsite.com/schedules/toddler-schedule/
      I am also sorry to hear your daughter is experiencing night wakings as well. Most of our articles on our site are definitely geared more towards babies and toddlers, but this article may provide a few helpful tips for both of your kids: https://www.babysleepsite.com/toddlers/limit-setting-toddler/
      If you find you need more help with either child’s sleep, I do think you would benefit working with one of our sleep consultants. We have worked with children up to your daughters age, and your son is right in the age range that we super commonly work with – our consultants can offer you specific advise based on your situation and help get their sleep on track. You can view package options on our website here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/ and if you have questions selecting a package you can email our Client Relations team at [email protected]
      Good luck with everything and thank you for using the Baby Sleep Site as a resource for help!

  2. Kesha Golden-Lloyd says

    Spot on.thank you very much.. And I will let my family know that the bags under my eyes are temporary ?

    • Neosha says

      @Kesha – Ha, you’re very welcome! Please keep reading and sharing! 🙂

  3. Beth K says

    My 2.5 yo son has been an amazing sleeper for a long time (with much help from this site!). We would put him in bed and not hear him until the morning, but now we’ve run into some trouble.

    We transitioned him to a toddler bed a couple months ago and he did great. He loved his bed and would even crawl into it and lie down when it wasn’t time for sleep. It was clearly a happy and safe space for him. For the first month he never even left the bed until we came in and said he could.

    Then one night we went out and left him with his Aunt after he went to bed, but we didn’t tell him we were leaving. He got out of bed (for the first time ever at bed time), opened the door (first time ever using a doorknob) and went looking for us only to find we weren’t home. His aunt got him calmed down and he fell asleep on the floor next to the door. We moved him to his bed when we got home and he slept fine the rest of the night.

    But since then, he refuses to sleep in his bed and sleeps on the hardwood floor by the door every night with his blanket and stuffed animal. We’d try putting him back but he’d just go to the floor again. For a while he was sleeping quite peacefully on the floor so we didn’t worry about it too much. We asked why he sleeps on floor and said he cries in his bed. Tried talking him into trying the bed again but he kept choosing the floor and sleeping fine. Figured it was a phase that would pass.

    Then he started crying a lot at bed time and kept asking me to come back and sing more songs. I tried going in for one more song, tried talking through the door, tried ignoring him. He cried for an hour one night and 45min the next night.

    Then we went on vacation for a week and he slept in his portable crib and was totally fine. Since we got home three days ago, he has gone back to sleeping on the floor. He’s crying for 20-30min for me to come back after I leave, and now he’s crying and banging around every sleep cycle for all but maybe 6 hours in the middle of the night. My strategy has been to not go back in but to give him brief reassurances (that we are there and everything is ok) through the door every 5-10 minutes until he falls asleep and then again the first few times he wakes up.

    I just don’t know what to do. Now that he is not sleeping well, I am not sleeping well and waiting it out doesn’t seem viable.

    Not only does it seem that he lost confidence in us being there after the traumatic night he found us gone, I think he’s also beginning to understand that there is a baby on the way and he’s been more attached to me lately in general.

    Any ideas on how I can regain his trust and/or get him to love his bed again? I’ve considered starting fresh with a new bed or new room setup. I’ve considered letting him look at books in bed after I leave and turn his own light out when he’s ready. I’ve considered switching to recorded lullabies instead of white noise since he keeps asking for songs. I’ve considered blocking him from getting to his door with a baby gate and putting his portable crib mattress in the floor. I just don’t know what to do.

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Beth K – Thank you so much for writing. I am so sorry that you have been struggling so much with your son’s sleep – that is extra exhausting when you are pregnant (congratulations, by the way!)It sounds like you’ve got a perfect storm of things going on. This is a tricky age for toddlers in general, as it’s when they start testing the limits and seeing where there is wiggle room, and I am sure he is sensing the coming change weather he fully understands it or not. I have a couple articles that will hopefully give you a few more ideas and you can see what works best for your guy. Remember that with any sleep related things it may take a week or two of giving it a consistent shot to find out what works or doesn’t work:
      https://www.babysleepsite.com/toddlers/limit-setting-toddler/ – Here’s an article with some limit setting tips!
      https://www.babysleepsite.com/toddlers/sticker-chart-tips/ – Sticker Chart tips: My son is just over 3 and is SUPER motivated by this, maybe yours will be too!)
      https://www.babysleepsite.com/toddlers/toddler-bedtime-stalling-5-gentle-techniques/ – Here are some gentle techniques for toddlers that like to stall bedtime and how to handle their requests for more time awake.

      I hope this helps! If you find this isn’t resolving before the baby comes, let us know! We have an amazing team of sleep consultants that can help get you get your toddler back on track so you are not getting up at night more times than you’ll have to when the new one arrives. You can view our packages on our website here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/?utm_source=menu&utm_medium=oneonone&utm_campaign=oneonone and email our client relations team at [email protected] if you need help selecting a package for you!

  4. K.lee says

    This articles was reassuring that we are not alone- but still I’m unsure on how to resolve our issue.

    Our two year old typically naps and sleeps independently and does great in her toddler bed! However, since bringing home baby number two she is refusing to stay in bed- naptime is especially bad- but it has affected bedtime too. She will get up the instant we lay her down. We have tried rewards, taking things away, a timer, walking her back a million times- nothing has helped. The only way we have gotten her to sleep is by rocking her. We are worried about creating a pattern of rocking her again, as well as letting her disobey us in regards to staying in bed. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road. Anyone on here have advice or experienced something similar??

    • Danielle says

      Hi K,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! It definitely sounds like you’re bumping into the 2 year-old regression, so do hang in. Often the nap refusals will stop as often as they started. You may also want to consider whether your daughter’s schedule needs any adjusting – sleep needs can change suddenly around 2, and sometimes the nap/ bedtime refusals happen just because the nap/ bedtime timing isn’t quite right. We have a sample one-nap toddler schedule here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/schedules/toddler-schedule/
      I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

  5. Jennifer Baltodano says

    Hello ,

    For the past two months now my son has been , waking up in the middle of the night scared out of his mind ( screaming, yelling , hitting etc ..) the works . In my house hold we have always encouraged early transitions , from crib to toddler bed to now regular twin size bed with no safety bars. My son of course enjoyed the idea of getting a new bed and loved it . Soon I would say maybe 4 months ago , I’ve been noticing my little one waking up in the middle of the night , at that point he was going to my bed making sure I’m sleeping ( touch my face , and my hands ) then walk him self back to bed . Now he’ll stay up for hours 2-4hrs I’m concern that his not sleeping enough what do you suggest .

    • Neosha says

      @Jennifer – thank you for stopping in to our sleepy little village and for sharing with us! Since this article is about 2-year olds, I’m going with the thought that your little guy is 2 (or somewhere roundabout there!). 😉 It’s very common for 2 year olds to regress in their sleep habits and start waking in the night and being afraid or seeking you out for reassurance and soothing. As mentioned in the post, nighttime fears and separation anxiety play a big part in this type of behavior at night. The best thing you can do is be consistent in how you respond to his night time visits (not too exciting or engaging) and ensure his sleeping environment and home is safe and toddler proof especially if he’s up and out of bed in the night.

      You definitely should also try (if you haven’t already) to find creative ways to soothe and reassure him during the day that you’re there and love him very much, even if he can’t see you. You can also consider sticker charts or other motivating ways to encourage him to stay in bed – this article may help: https://www.babysleepsite.com/toddlers/sticker-chart-tips/

      And you likely want to consider his sleep schedule, especially if you’ve been dealing with long wake times in the night for more than a few weeks or so. Toddlers start asking for more awake time during the day, so some of his long night waking could be due to this. Here are more schedule tips for you: https://www.babysleepsite.com/schedules/toddler-schedule/

      I hope you find this information helpful, Jennifer. If you find you need more support or someone to help you look a bit more closely, you should consider connecting with one of our sleep consultants, who would love to work with your family. You can read more about them here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/about/ and our consulting services here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/services Please stop back in to “see” us soon!

  6. Tara says

    My son just turned two and if he naps for two hours im up till 1030 to sometimes 1230 and i work part time but not gettin enough sleep so exhausted and i can only cut his naps when im hope his grandma wont cut them but some days i dont cause im to exhausted and i nap to but its hard doing this and hes my first what am i doin wrong or is it normal

    • Danielle says

      Hi Tara,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with your toddler’s naps – you are definitely not alone. We hear this question a lot, and I myself am having the exact same issue with my 2.5 year-old’s naps. Bedtime is fine when I’m home and can give her a shorter nap, but if daycare lets her sleep 2 hours, we are up until 9 or 10, because most toddlers this age will want about 6 hours of wake time after nap before they’ll sleep for bedtime. Outside of convincing your son’s grandmother to do a shorter nap, or switching childcare providers, there’s unfortunately not many alternatives. Some 2 year-olds are able to drop the nap entirely, so you can go back to an early bedtime, but often children won’t be able to drop until closer to 3 years-old – it will just depend on the baby. Depending on the rest of your son’s schedule, you could consider moving his entire schedule earlier – get him up earlier in the morning, have nap earlier, and then get an earlier bedtime that way. Sometimes that’s not ideal for the parent, either, though. Either way, this is a relatively short period of time before your son will be able to drop the nap and go to bed early again, so try to hang in! Please let us know if we can ever be of further help, and good luck!

  7. kelli says

    my daughter 26 months, wakes at least once in the night, and has for at least 8 months, she’s never been a good sleeper really. When she wakes in the night she insists on sleeping with me, which is fine cause we both sleep better, but then when I get up at 5:30am to get ready for work, she screams and wants to get up too. If I was still laying beside her she’d still be sleeping. The separation anxiety is unreal and has been especially bad in the last few months.

  8. Lorie says

    Glad I found this article, I was worried my little guy who is 2 years and 1 month was I’ll. I did worry that maybe he was afraid of the dark or maybe he wanted more time with mommy. I have never gone through this with my oldest son who is 6 years old. My youngest is a snuggle bunny and he gets a nap almost everyday, depends on if he wants to go to sleep. Lately, I put him down for bed and he wails like a banshee. I do try to calm him first, but the minute I leave the room he’s crying. I am now going back to what I used to do for both boys, let them cry for 20-30 minutes and if they haven’t stopped go in and calm them down and then try again. It usually works and most times by the 20 minute mark he’s asleep. I believe too he doesn’t want to miss out. This just started last week.

    • Jessica Diller says

      @ Lorie, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I am very glad to hear that you found some useful information that may help your family sleep better! Hopefully your son’s sleep issues will settle down within the next few weeks. If not, we are always happy to help! Thanks again for the comment!

  9. Claire Krajnyk says

    I have a 23 month old who has always been a fantastic sleeper – apart from the regression stages at 4 month and 8 months (she skipped the 18 months one). She loved going to bed , would go get her sleeping bag and say night night to everyone and fall asleep on her own. However for the last month or so she has started screaming when we put her in her cot for both naps and night time. The first time she screamed it was for 25 minutes and after that just for 5/10 minutes. We are just leaving her to cry it out which some people may not agree with but I find going back in make her worse and prolongs her settling down. my question is (and I know every child is different) is she going to snap out of it and settle down at some point? I was not aware that there was a sleep regression stage at this age I thought it was 18 months then one around 3 so when this started happening I was a little confused.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Claire,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m so sorry to hear about the sleep regression you’re seeing. There is often a little regression around 2 years-old. However, there are two issues around this age that commonly cause crying. One, we usually see an uptick in separation anxiety around now. We have an article on handling that here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/baby-toddler-sleep-separation-anxiety/

      Alternatively (or additionally), sometimes a schedule change is needed very suddenly at this age. Sleep needs decrease, and sometimes bedtime needs to shift later to accommodate that. If your daughter is crying to a pretty long time, or if she’s not falling asleep for half an hour after you put her to bed, I would consider trying a slightly later bedtime, and playing with it to see if it helps reduce the crying.

      I hope this helps, but please let us know if we can help further!

  10. Dream chick says

    My youngest is starting to go through that right now.
    With our older, we had to discontinue naps around this age. The younger is no longer put down for a nap, but if we take her out in a car she falls asleep and we’ll sit in the car with her and let her nap.
    It’s getting to a point with bed time, we have to put her in bed about half an hour to an hour before our older (6- special needs, still sleeps with us, freaks out if we even say “your bed” and we’re at a loss how to get her in her own bed as well)
    We won’t put the younger in our bed- we tried twice out of desperation and it keeps her up then she asks to go back to her crib.
    The only thing we found is to let her cry until she falls asleep.
    Are there any tips on either issue? We’d love to have our bed back and our room private again.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Dream,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m sorry to hear your family’s having so many sleep struggles right now. You don’t mention what your evening routine looks like now, but if you don’t already have a strong bedtime/evening routine, that’s something that can really help with young kids. If they know what to expect because it’s the same every night, bedtime becomes much simpler. We have a good article on bedtime routines here that I hope will help: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/sleep-training-from-no-cry-to-cry-series-part-1/

      Also, talking to your child/children about bedtime ahead of time can really help. If you can catch her in the morning or afternoon, you can set bedtime expectations, and if she’s verbal at all, you may be able to ask her why she cries. It may be a scheduling issue (she’s overtired or undertired), or it may be that she’s scared/ misses you/ feels left out, and doing something like leaving the door open will help.

      If you continue to have trouble, I’d like to mention that we do work with all of the issues you mentioned in our personalized sleep consultations (which are one sale for Black Friday through Tuesday!), and we do work with kids up to 6 or 7, and kids with all sorts of special needs. You can just buy one package and pay a sibling fee for the consultant to work with both of your childrens’ concerns. You can review our packages here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/

      I hope this helps, but please get in touch if you have any questions!