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  1. Kerry says

    My first child still isn’t a very good sleeper but my 2nd was, up until recently, a brilliant sleeper. Could put her down in her cot and walk out the room and she would self settle and sleep approx 6:30pm – 8am. She’s now 20 months old. About 2 months ago she stopped sleeping on her own and wanted to be cuddled to sleep every night and would then wake up numerous times. The last couple of weeks have been even worse. We still take her to bed approx 6:00pm but we end up sitting with her for up to 3 hours before she falls to sleep. She then still wakes throughout the night and wakes early in the morning. She also refuses a nap. She used to have a 1-2 hour nap but now she’s refusing to nap in the day meaning she is awake from 7am – 9pm with night time waking also. I’m at my wits end with with what to do :-(. A couple of days ago she has had to go in to her cot bed as she’s learned to climb out of her cot. So now she just keeps climbing out of bed to stand at the gate. We’ve tried ignoring her but she’s cries that much she makes herself vomit and gets in to a mess so we no longer leave her to cry

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Kerry, I am so sorry to hear you have been struggling with your daughters sleep recently!! We would love to help. First, you may want to check out our free guide with tips to get your baby sleeping through the night – you may know many of these tips, but could be a good refresher to make sure everything is in place to set you all up for success:
      You may find the free guide is a good starting point but you need more help to take you through, and we have many resources available that can take you through the next step to better sleep (and we can certainly help with your older child as well if you need). We have offerings from ebooks all the way to working one-on-one with our expert sleep consultants who can create a plan to help you get her back on track with a good schedule (including naps!) and getting to bed and waking at a reasonable hour that works with your family’s schedule. To learn more please visit here: and feel free to contact us directly for more specific information at [email protected]
      Hang in there! We hope to be able to help you through this!

  2. Sarah j says

    My 26 month old has always been an amazing sleeper, 7pm til 6:30am. The last few days whwn i put him in his cot before i leave the room he is up on his feet holding onto the edge and a screaming for cuddles. I have tried leaving him bur he gets so hysterical and bamgs his knees off the side of his cot and makes bruises. He also has a sleeping bag so i get worried he will hurt himself. I always have to go back in eventually and he stays calm, he’ll sit in his cot and watch me as i sit by his bed. I then slowly leave saying ill be back and leave his door ajar and he’ll eventually drift off. But then he wakes between 2 & 4am screaming again and wont go back to sleep. My husband and i are exhausted and have no idea what to do. Granted we are goong through heat wave but i keep bim as cool as i can and have a fan in his room. Help!!

    • Danielle says

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for writing and for using The Baby Sleep Site! I’m sorry to hear you’re having this new trouble with separation anxiety. Based on your son’s age, you may be dealing with the 2 year-old sleep regression, where separation anxiety can spike. Also, sometimes we need a schedule change around this age due to changing sleep needs. We have an article on this regression specifically that I hope will help here:
      Please let us know if you have any questions, and good luck!

  3. Emily says

    My daughter is 2 in 2 weeks and the last few nights she’s not been wanting to go to bed… which is very unusual for her she loves her bed as much as her mum! 😉 from 4 months she’s slept through, she decided she like to wriggle about to sleep so I sleep trained her at that age too. She hasn’t had any problem since, down at 7 and sleep until 8! as she’s got older she lays in bed chatting away to herself to go to sleep and at times a little cry but I never worry as it’s just a little tired cry. But at the moments she’s on and off crying/yelling. I’ve just been leaving her to cry it out .. I know some people may believe this to be harsh but I mean it when I say she loves her bed, twice in her life since 4 months she has fallen asleep on me and that’s when she’s been ill (which she isn’t now). Am I wrong leaving her to cry it out ? I don’t wanna get her up cos she’s a clever little minx and once I do it once she’ll do it every night! And when I go in there she just screams more when I come alway again. Hope this is just a phase and I’m not being too harsh! She’s still sleeping for 11-13 hours through the night so not losing sleep! X

    • Danielle says

      Hi Emily,
      Thank you for visiting The Baby Sleep Site! I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this sudden trouble at bedtime – how frustrating! Many toddlers do go through a short (~2 weeks) regression at this age, but many are also dropping their nap and adjusting bedtimes at this age, so it may be a legitimate change in her sleep needs. It’s hard to know without getting into more detail about her schedule. You might like this article on 2 year-old sleep that goes through some common trouble areas:

      I hope that helps, but if the trouble persists in the next couple of weeks, this is definitely something that one of our sleep consultants would be able to help with too. Good luck!

  4. Brittany Drake says

    We recently went on a week long vacation to Chicago with our 20 month old. Making matters worse, we took an Amtrak train there and back plus she wasn’t able to sleep in the separate room we planned at our Airbnb due to the accommodations that were not as communicated. She slept in bed with me the whole vacation and now she is yelling and crying at bedtime and every time she wakes up. I try to soothe her by not picking her up but that seems to piss her off more, so I end up picking her up and singing. The singing soothes her immediately. I am at my wits end though, I am so tired. She’s been really a great sleeper until recently, always went to bed easy. She was always happy to go to bed. I don’t know what to do. ?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Brittany Drake, thanks for writing! I am so sorry you’ve been struggling after your trip. It can be so easy for toddlers to create bad habits from things that are totally out of your control. I know how frustrating that can be. We have a free guide for toddler sleep help that may give some tips on how to help soothe her during this time but also reestablish the boundaries of sleep so she gets the rest she needs. You can download the guide here:
      If you need additional help we also have an ebook that’s all about toddler sleep if you need more detail than what the free guide provides. You can read about the ebook and purchase online here:
      Hang in there and I hope things go back to normal for you soon!

  5. diane says

    My daughter is 21 months and about 2-3 times a month she’ll refuse to sleep in her crib! she’ll be wide awake in our bed until 11pm. Usually we put her down by 7:45 and she goes down without a problem and wakes up around 6-6:30am! The few days she struggles she seems WIDE awake. When we try putting her down, she non stop screams yells/cries! and since it’s only a few times a month I feel guilty and think she’s going through something. Please help! Soothing her while she’s in bed doesn’t work, she just asks to be picked up.

    • Neosha says

      @Diane – Thank you for stopping by our sleepy little village and for sharing with us. We know how confusing these sudden changes in sleep and behavior can be! There are so many different reasons why your precious girl could be doing this – scheduling, activity or nutrition during the day, nap sleep earlier in the day, bedtime routine interruptions, nighttime fears, etc. We’d definitely need more information in order to be able to help you best. Please consider connecting with one of our sleep consultants who will be able to help you through this. You can read more about our lovely ladies here: and our services here: Hang in there, Diane!

  6. Jenna says

    Our 21 month old has recently hit a regression and it’s been a rough one. I decided to not fight against it and go with it. Prior to this, he was like clockwork. In bed by 7pm and slept until 7am. Now, we have moved towards more of an 8:30-9 bedtime. I kept his routine as normal leading up to bedtime and then I will follow his cues until he seems ready. Lately, he’s been fighting back so I stay by his crib, rub him and speak calmly. Sometimes, I’ll even lay next to the crib to let him know that mama is right there and it’s okay to fall asleep. Yes, it takes a bit longer than our normal routine but I want to negate his fears and lead with positivity.

    • Neosha says

      @Jenna – Thank you for stopping by our sleepy little village and for sharing with us. This age can definitely be a tough one for sleep. Hang in there and let us know if we can be of any help!

  7. Sarah says

    Hi. I have a 20 month old who has naps in the afternoon sometimes less then 1.5 hrs, or maybe longer but not passed the recommend time frame. Lately what seems like forever she’ll wake up hysterical, crying and disoriented. I thought it was night terrors but she calls out for me, looking for me. When it’s time for bed she’ll fall asleep on me rocking her or sometimes just on me with a bottle. I’ll put her in her crib and sure enough a few hours or hour later she’ll wake up and be delirious and call out for me or come to our bed. Howveee there’s some nights even i can’t console her i don’t know what to do, I’m expecting my second in 2 months and I’m so beyond exhausted that everything i read or attempt to do i forget just from the priors night exhaustion. I know she’s tired, i know it’s catching up to her but i have no idea if it’s sleep regression, night terrors, or something else.

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Sarah, thank you for writing to us. I am so sorry to hear you are struggling! That is a lot to handle, especially while pregnant. Since you are not sure what is causing it and it’s wearing on you so much (and you’re on a bit of a timeline before your next baby arrives) I would highly recommend you consider working one-on-one with our sleep consultants so they can give you the personalized advise you need. They can even help with the transition to 2 if you’d like, it is so nice working alongside someone that definitely understands what you’re going through. If you are interested, you can read about our package options here: or just send us an email directly so we can help answer any questions you may have about them – [email protected]
      Hang in there!

  8. Kay says

    My baby is 20 months and used to sleep 7pm to 7am But now he wakes up screaming. He won’t go back to sleep in his cot and wants to be in our bed. Also he asks for milk which he never woke up for before.

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Kay, I am so sorry you are struggling with your toddler’s sleep! Hopefully this will pass for you quickly. If it doesn’t and you need more help, we have an ebook all about toddler sleep that may give you more tips. You can view the book and different package options here:
      Hang in there!

  9. Kim McCullagh says

    Hi, I have a 20 month daughter who has always been an amazing sleeper. She typically naps for 2 hours at lunch and sleeps for around 12-13 hours straight through at night. She self settles and goes down without a fuss.
    The last 3 nights, she has woken at 4.30/5.30am and has been awake in her cot until around 7.30 when she goes back to sleep for another couple of hours. She doesn’t cry or need me to go in her room but is just awake for hours??? I’m not sure what to do (if anything?) but it’s having an impact on the rest of the day because her nap is getting later. Thanks for any advice you can give

    • Neosha says

      @Kim – Thank you for reading and for sharing with us. It’s so great to hear that your little girl is such a good sleeper! This age can get pretty wonky with a toddler’s sleep, though a few nights “off” here and there isn’t always cause for alarm, thankfully. If she consistently does this over a period of weeks, it could be a signal for you to consider some schedule changes for her. This article goes over other tips for handling too early waking for your toddler – – it includes a link to our e-Book written just for this subject, Shift Your Child’s Schedule, if you’d like more step-by-step support for this. Hang in there, Kim, and good luck!

  10. Fabiola says

    Hi. My boy is about tu turn 28 months and about a week ago he started resisting naps, even though he is clearly tired. It started with naps and now the problem has duplicated to bedtime too. He used to be the BEST sleeper, I used to say “goodnight” or “have a good nap”, close the door to his room and he would sing himself to sleep. He sleeps in one of those floor leveled beds since he was around 22 months and has always loved it and never got out of it, even if he woke up before me he would wait for me. Now he cries in the mornings too when he wakes up.
    We’ve started potty training about a month ago too. And I do notice separation anxiety kicking in a little more lately (when I leave him at daycare for example).
    So I guess I should mark “all of the above” for sleep regression (I didn’t know that existed until I read this article), but I’m in desperate need of advice on how to handle it. For naps the thing is if we have to go somewhere he will fall asleep in the car rather quickly so I just turn back home and carry him to his bed. At night he cries his eyes out if I leave the room, so I stay, but sometimes I loose my temper which doesn’t help the situation (and I hate that I do).
    I’m afraid to start creating bad habits, but he just won’t stop crying if I leave.
    His attitude during the day has also changed, he really does not want to follow any kind of instructions whatsoever. Help! 🙁

    • Nicole Johnson says

      @Fabiola Oh no! 🙁 I’m so sorry your fabulous sleeper has hit a rough patch. You’re not alone and we’d be happy to help! It sounds like you have several sleep challenges right now with the nap skipping, crying at bedtime, and poorer behavior during the day. It sounds like it would be best for you to talk with one of our sleep consultants about all this and come up with a plan to handle this speedbump and possible nap transition. Once we have a full sleep history, we can tell you what to do. If you’re interested, please visit and hang in there!