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  1. Rickey Drovin says

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  2. Chelsie says

    My son 15mo pretty much has a schedule though he tends to wake early alot. between 5-630. Which sucks specially when he wakes up alot at night. We Co sleep because he refused own bed and room since newborn and he slept better with me. (hubby works out of state alot) now he is still waking 2+ times a night just to cuddle or for sassy. He is very stubborn CIO contains 2+ hours at a time and then I can’t handle it anymore. Hopeing Nichole can help me. Anybody else have this issue? Skyler has always been a cuddler…which I love besides when he wakes in middle of night to do it. 3 mo prg and need to get him to sleep better at night!

  3. Lesley says

    Now my Daughter is 21 months.
    She is going to bed between 7:30-8:00 and usually sleeping through.
    Waking at 6:30 and napping at 12:30 or 12:45 for only 45 minutes to an hour. [she needs a longer nap]
    She usually wakes up extremely tired, and hardly makes it through to dinner… and than at bedtime she refuses to go to sleep…

    I wish her naps were a little longer- what can I do to encourage her to sleep longer?

    Also she REFUSES to eat breakfast unless she breastfeeds first, and then will not eat until almost 9am…usually it’s random food like the evening prior’s left over dinner… we have tried so many things It’s making me really sad that she isn’t into typical breakfast foods like pancakes or eggs. She will eat shredded cheese and pork tenderloin!!!
    Need to break this cycle…

  4. sirisha says

    My daughter v’s is almost 3 yrs old & i tried somany ways but no use she follows her own way…started nap time between 2 pm-4 pm that day she slept at 2 am …then i tried sleeping her at 12 pm – 2 pm then she slept before 11 pm…so friends her time is set after 10 …i excuse her now … its her wish …after she grow hope i’ll follow

  5. Jane says

    Hi mummys;)
    I have never used a routine with my 19 month-old daughter,
    Cause she used to fall asleep nursing and she was bf crazy.
    Now i stopped bf and she wakes up couple of times a night( on good nights 4+) asking for my cuddle and not let me go.
    She sleeps around 22 i know its late but she wakes up late no matter when she sleeps and bedtime becomes struggle for me.
    Also might i be overfeeding her as follows;
    8-9am wake up
    Straight away 200 ml grow up milk
    10am breakfast
    11am snack
    12am lunch
    1-3pm nap
    4pm 200 ml milk
    5pm fruits
    7pm dinner with family
    9 pm 200 ml milk
    10 pm bath story
    10:30 falls asleep

    Tell me honestly what you think?
    The reason why she eats too much is granny is living with us and she thinks motherhood is all about feeding them. She kept squeezing thing in my lo’s mouth since she is born.
    I say no, she gives her when i turn my back.
    Now her tummy got used yo eat often and alot.
    I will try to use these routines maybe we will be a bit on time with everything.
    Please help what should i do?

  6. Jennifer says

    My daughter turned three in September. Lately, she has been not napping or taking forever to fall asleep for her nap. I know she still needs one because she only sleeps about 10 1/2 hours at night and she can be quite teary-eyed. I put her down for her nap around 1:45 and she doesn’t fall asleep until around 3, if she does. She is happy to just talk and sing up there in her bed. If I put her down closer to 3:00, then she doesn’t nap at all. Should I just continue putting her in bed at 1:45 and letting her talk? Should I expect her to skip her nap every few days? She is in bed, lights out at 8:00 and wakes up after 7am. (It could take her 10 minutes to fall asleep or an hour depending on naps.) Are we just in a transition? When do I know to drop the nap all together?

  7. alena says

    My 16 month old:

    Schedule was:
    7-7:30…. am wake up
    8am…. breakfast
    8:30-9am…. cartoon/quiet time
    9-9:30am…. nap for @ least an hour
    10:30-11am…. wake up/play/i fix lunch
    Noon…. Lunch then errands/play outside/go for walk etc
    2-3pm (depending)….. Afternoon nap usually an hour
    4-4:30pm….wake up/i cook dinner
    5:30pm….eat dinner
    6:30pm…. play with dad/bedtime routine/bath
    7:30pm…. bedtime usually goes right to sleep.

    This routine was great however lately he’s been waking up in the night and earlier and earlier…like now he’s at 5-5:30am….maybe because he has a cold?? Or outgrowing his naps?? He also has been waking up crabby. I’m not sure what to do now….

  8. Kay says

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your message. She has already had one nap today but only slept for 1 hour so she will probably have another nap in a little while.

    From tomorrow, I’m going to give the bottle to her before she goes to sleep rather than when she wakes up.

    Thanks for your help!



  9. Jan says

    Hello Kay,

    Thanks for sharing. Please keep me updated on how would your little one transition to 1 nap if she would any sooner.

    With regards to giving milk, I normally give a cup of milk after each meal (so 3x a day), and my little one is in full bottle/formula now. And during the night usually will have her milk just during bedtime but still awake and sleepy then put her on the cot drowsy.

    Hope this can help.


  10. Kay says

    I’ve followed the schedules on here since my DD was about 5 months, now she’s 14 months. However, I’m a little confused now as to when I should give her milk in the routine above? Usually it used to be as soon as she woke up from her nap, but there’s no mention of it on here and I’m a little lost.

    Jan, I used to have exactly the same routine as yours and since we’ve come back from vacation, she has refused to follow her old routine, pushing her naps to much later meaning her bedtime was much later. Today, she woke up at 8am, had a nap for 1 and a half hours at 11.30 and went to sleep at 7pm with a lot less fussing than usual. I’m not sure whether to transition her to one nap or whether it is a case of her going back into her old routine.

    Also, on another note, advice from anybody who bf until quite late – I’m really worried about stopping her bedtime bf and changing it to a bottle as it is obv a sleep association for her. She is usually guarenteed to fall asleep nursing at the breast so has always been put into her cot fast asleep. If I try to put her in awake, she screams and cries until I end up having to lift her out as she is practically hyperventilating. Any advice?