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  1. Weeb says

    Hi ladies ,
    I had same night sleeping problem with my little one 15 months. He would wake up to 3 times a night or even worse every 2 to 3 hours for feeding. He would have a bottle and go back straight to bed. I as so exhausted. I could not keep up anymore. I came accross a life saving book ” solve your child’s sleep problems” by Dr Richard Ferber. According to that book my son’s problem was that he associate waking up with feeding. I stop giving him bottle milk throughout the night until I completely stop. Now he is sleeping the whole night wake up crying time to time trying for food and go back to sleep by himself
    Stay strong ladies your are not alone. Let us share our experience to help someone else

    • Neosha says

      @Weeb – Thanks for sharing and for reading! Dr Ferber has been quite a force in child sleep for many years and we’ve done a ton of research into his work. For any unfamiliar with it, we explain and break down his method a bit here: Please keep reading and sharing with each other! We’re NOT alone!