Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Allison Brown says

    Hi! My son was a great sleeper from 4-12 months. Since then he is very difficult to lay down. If I do get him down in his crib and asleep, he wakes up a little later, screaming for me. Because I’m exhausted, I usually just end up with him in the bed with me. He also seems to be trying to push back his bedtime. He frequently doesn’t seem tired at 7:30 (his usual bedtime) even though he wakes from him nap at 2pm. Any tips on sleep training this (almost) 15 month old?

  2. Alison says


    I plan on sleep training my 7 month old, and I’m hoping to start tomorrow (Friday night). He is in daycare so naps during the week are in a noisy environment without someone who can give him the same wind down process I do. Do you suggest I start with night time only, or include daycare in the training. How would I get them to train at daycare?
    (Note at home I currently nurse him to sleep, rock or bounce him on a ball with a pacifier for naps, and I am only 60% successful)

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Alison – oh, how’d it go? Did you start over the weekend? As to your question- tough to say for your case. Generally, it’s best to start with nights, but there are exceptions to that rule. But you mentioned daycare is in the mix, so in that case, yes, nights make sense, I’d bet. Do let us know how the weekend went! 🙂

  3. Emily DeJeu says

    @ tracie — no problem! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, too. Hopefully, it’ll go smoothly, although if it doesn’t, don’t be discouraged! You’re starting your sleep training early, which is (usually) a good thing.

    Keep us posted on how it goes!

  4. tracie says

    Thank you for the quick response. We will try with paci first for naps. I hope it works! Crossing fingers.

  5. Emily DeJeu says

    @ tracie ly — thanks for your kind feedback! So glad to know the site is useful to you. 🙂

    Regarding the pacifier situation: hard to say for sure. My guess is that it would be fine to use it for one and not the other, especially since you’re sleep training quite young. Using the paci for naps but not at night would probably be confusing and counterproductive for a toddler, but for a 4 month old, it would probably be okay to switch back and forth.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for taking the time to comment, tracie. 🙂

  6. tracie ly says

    Thank you for this wonderful post and resourceful website. I go on here almost everyday to read as a new mom.

    I have a question: I am planning to train our LO at 4 months. We currently use a paci to put him to sleep for nighttime and naps. I want to train him first for nighttime then naps after. If I get rid of the paci for nightime training and use it for naps (because I think he will need the extra sleep during this nighttime training and i don’t him to stress too much from crying), will that confuse him if I give him the paci for naps to help him sleep? Please help. Thank you.

  7. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Emuna — what an excellent point! I think this is a great observation — just because you’ve successfully sleep trained once doesn’t mean sleep is perfect forevermore. Every family experiences bumps in the road, and I know that for some, those bumps end up being more like small mountains. 😉 And those families do end up needing to re-train.

    Thanks again for pointing this out, Emuma, and for sharing your experience!

  8. Emuna says

    This was a very informative post, thank you! If I can add my own 2 cents, I would say from personal experience that it’s possible you will have to utilize all of those sleep training windows! Just because you sleep trained at 4 months doesn’t mean that your baby won’t need re-training at 7 or 10 months. I have found that it always take a fair amount of work to get back on track after a regression, recovery from an illness, change in schedule, etc. etc. We went through a particularly rough time when our daughter was about 13 months with back-to-back pinworms, diarrhea, bad cold, and meanwhile was transitioning to one nap. It took close to 2 months to get her back to sleeping “normally”. Also when she was much younger we flew overseas, and when we got back we had a horrible time trying to get her to sleep well again. As an aside, some things I have found they DO just grow out of. There was one point where she was sleeping with a nursing pillow in her crib – she would snuggle up to it at night – it was so funny and cute at the same time. Eventually she just didn’t need it anymore. I guess every baby is different, like you say. I guess my main point is that it’s an ongoing thing with ups and downs and rights and lefts.