How to Manage Your Baby or Toddler’s Nap Transitions

You know what frustrated me most when my oldest son was a baby and a young toddler?

The fact that just when I’d worked out a nice, predictable daytime sleep schedule, he’d get a little bit older, and that would blow my perfectly-crafted routine to pieces.

I’m positive a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about (even those of you who’ve never been able to establish a nap schedule.) The first few years of a child’s life are full of changes, and those changes add up to mean ever-shifting sleep patterns and schedules.

This is really apparent when you consider a child’s typical nap schedule from birth to toddlerhood. Newborn babies take 5 or more naps each day; by 18 months, toddlers are taking one nap. That’s a lot of change. And transitioning between all those nap schedules can be a huge headache for little ones and for their parents.

That’s what we’re tackling today. It’s time to talk all about nap-transitions – let’s get started!

When Do Nap Transitions Usually Happen?

There’s no blueprint, of course, that’ll let you know exactly when your baby or toddler is due for a nap transition. However, there’s a general timeline (we’ve shared it previously in this article) that most babies and toddlers seem to follow, and that will be helpful in pinpointing when nap transitions are most likely to occur:

  • From 1-4 months, the number of naps your baby takes will be variable, but will hover around 4-5 naps per day, depending on how long his naps are and how long he can stay up between naps.
  • By 3 or 4 months old, she will lean towards just 4 naps, rather than 5.
  • From 5-8 months, most babies will have three naps per day. They will start to resist the fourth nap, no matter how tired they are. There are a few babies who will only have two naps at a very young age, but those naps are usually long.
  • From 9-15 or 18 months, on average, your baby will nap two times a day. Although many people believe most babies can transition to one nap at 12 months, the average age is actually 15 to 18 months.
  • From 18 months to 4 years, toddlers nap once a day. The age to transition away from all napping varies a lot, from 2 to 5+ years old, but the average age is between 3 and 4 years old.

The early nap transitions (from five, to four, to three) usually happen quickly and aren’t as problematic. It’s the other nap transitions (from three, to two, to one, to none) that tend to frustrate parents. Those nap transitions take longer, for one thing (my middle son has been transitioning from one nap to none for the past YEAR), and they seem to affect children more noticeably.

Nicole’s Note:
“By far, we get the most questions in the Helpdesk about the transition from 3 to 2 naps and from 2 to 1. The 2 -> 1 transition can be the most difficult, for some, because you now have a toddler who has tantrums and a mind of her own! 😉 It also causes the most sleep deprivation, usually.”

How To Tell If A Nap Transition’s Approaching

How will your baby or toddler let you know that a nap transition is coming? Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Your baby or toddler begins consistently refusing a nap: Most parents find that their little one suddenly starts refusing a nap (usually an afternoon one) that, just yesterday, they agreed to without a problem. That tends to be the classic sign that a nap transition is approaching.
  • The timing of your baby’s or toddler’s naps begins to change: Other parents discover that before a nap transition, the schedule generally goes crazy. Naptime goes from being predictable to being all over the place. This can interfere with nighttime sleep, too — if the afternoon nap doesn’t happen until late afternoon or early evening, for example, it can interfere with bedtime.
  • The length of your baby’s or toddler’s naps begins to change: You may notice that one or more of your little one’s naps are suddenly much shorter than normal. This can be a sign that your baby or toddler is getting ready to drop a nap.

Signs of an Approaching Nap Transition, or Signs of a Sleep Regression?

One thing to remember — not all nap craziness is a sign that a nap transition’s coming on. Let’s not forget about those sleep regressions! Refusing to nap is often a symptom of a sleep regression; in those cases, it shouldn’t be treated as a sign that a nap transition is coming on.

For example, a baby who’s in the throes of the 8/9/10 month sleep regression may start to resist naps. But that’s not a sign that she should downshift from two naps to one — not at all! Most children aren’t ready for one nap until 15-18 months. Similarly, an 18 month old who suddenly starts refusing to nap probably isn’t giving up naps altogether — he’s probably just going through the 18 month sleep regression.

How to tell the difference? Wait a bit. Most regressions work themselves out within a week or two. If the napping issues haven’t resolved themselves within a few weeks, then you can think about making a nap transition.

Nicole’s Note:
“We tend to be cautious about jumping into a nap transition. Our general rule of thumb is to wait until your baby is skipping a nap more than 4 times a week. All situations can have the ‘What ifs’ of course, so we evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. Many times, your baby doesn’t seem to give you a choice and you know what to do.”

Making Baby and Toddler Nap Transitions Easier

For some babies and toddlers (especially those who are highly adaptable), nap transitions are a piece of cake. They only take a few days, and there’s little (if any) “pain and suffering” involved. If that’s the case in your home, then a sort of “cold turkey” approach to nap transitions might work well. Simply cut out a nap, re-vamp the schedule, and endure a few fussy days. Bam. Done.

For others, though, nap transitions are difficult and loooong. If your baby or toddler is in that second category, you’d probably appreciate some suggestions as to how to make those transitions a bit easier, right?

We hear you. That’s why we’ve included so many nap-focused resources in our Members Area. Check them out below!


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How have you handled nap transitions with your baby or toddler? Share your wisdom with us!


  1. Andra says

    What excellent timing you all have! We just started our transition to one nap this week! We have twins who are luckily quite adaptable, so we went cold turkey. We pushed the morning nap back to 11:30 and cut out the afternoon nap. So far the new one nap is not very long, but I’m hoping once they get used to it, they will stay asleep longer, and in the mean time we’re putting them to bed earlier to make up for it. Life is always full of excitement when dealing with baby sleep issues! I’m going to share this post with all my baby-mom friends!

  2. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Andra — glad you found the article timely! And glad to hear that your twins’ nap transition has been easy to manage so far. Let’s hope it stays that way… 😉

    Thanks for sharing this article, Andra, and for commenting!

  3. Karen says

    We’ve been going through the transition from 2 naps to 1 for what feels like months! Our 18 month old went from napping for 1-2 hrs at a time twice a day to 30-40 if we’re lucky. This is very frustrating and I keep telling myself that this too shall pass, but boy are we a cranky household until it does!

  4. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Karen — ouch! That transition is especially rough, because (as Nicole points out in the article), toddlers tend to be just a little bit strong willed! 😉

    Good luck to you, Karen! And thanks for commenting.

  5. says

    My son is 18 months now, and we’ve been hanging on to that second nap for waaaaay too long. He’s definitely ready to transition, but then he got a cold and started cutting his bottom molars at the same time, and he’s waking up an hour or two earlier than usual… And he seems to need the morning nap! I’m hoping mornings will get back to normal by the end of the week… If they don’t I guess I’ll just give up the nap and hope the mornings correct themselves.

  6. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Meagan — Teething + nap transition = nightmare :( Teething seems to complicate so many things, doesn’t it? Thankfully, your son should be past the worst of it soon; teething never seemed to bother my kids much after 18 months.

    Good luck to you, Meagan! And thanks so much for commenting. :)

  7. Amy says

    I agree…very timely article!! My soon to be 3 year old (how time flies!!) has been resisting her afternoon nap. She naps at daycare 3 days per week but the teachers say she tosses & turns and is often the last one to fall asleep. At home, it takes her so long to fall asleep that it affects bedtime. I was hoping to have a little one who naps until Kindergarten, but it looks like I may not be that lucky!! This week we are trying no naps at home…we shall see what happens! I’m hoping she adapts to it well- I am tired of the afternoon nap battle!

  8. Lydia says

    This is fascinating!! Thank you so much for the wealth of information!! My daughter (almost 19 months) has always been a champion sleeper, spoiling us rotten. But around 13 months, she started crying or playing in her crib through what was supposed to be her entire afternoon nap. It confused me, because I’d always heard that most kids nap twice a day until 18 months. I spent many an afternoon wondering what was going on. Finally, I just decided one day to make nap time from 12-2, and we’ve never looked back. She’s even gotten to the point where she goes to her crib and says “Night, night” as I tuck her in.

  9. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Amy — I know exactly how you’re feeling right now! My almost 4 year old still naps off and on — there’s no knowing from one day to the next when he’ll nap and when he won’t.

    I’ve had great success in implementing a “rest time” at home. Every day, after lunch, I send my 4 year old upstairs to rest. Sometimes he sleeps; other times, he plays with toys and looks at books for awhile. It’s nice — he decides when he wants to sleep and when he doesn’t, but either way, I get a little break. :)

    Thanks for commenting, Amy! Hope your “no-nap” week is going smoothly…

  10. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Lydia — glad you were able to figure out what your little girl needed! Truly, kids are so different — one baby transitions to one nap a day right at 12 months, while another makes the transition after 18 months. And of course, there’s everything in between!

    Thanks for commenting, Lydia, and for sharing your experience! :)

  11. Cindy Badger says

    Somehow I have forgotten how we handled nap transitions with my first, and we’re approaching one with #2 right now, I think. I guess the best advice I can offer is to keep your schedule clean and patiently adjust to the new schedule.

  12. Ginette says

    This is also great timing for my family. My 2.5 year old was always a great sleeper up until a few weeks before he turned 2 (also right before our 2nd was born), and bedtime became a battle some days and easy the next, but nap-time was always effortless. I started shortening his afternoon nap as he would go down between 1 and 2 and somedays would still be asleep at 4:30 if I let him. I would try and keep him within the 5 hours before and after as suggested on this site. Still some nights great others a battle.

    Now, about a month ago he started struggling at nap time too, but when he does fall asleep I usually need to wake him up. Either way he has quiet time, but if he doesn’t sleep he is a nightmare by 5pm and still will fight bed time. Now also in the last few weeks he is waking either frequently in the night, or waking and wanting to be up. Plus night fears!

    With a teething 6 month old as well; I’m exhausted and would love some advice :-)

  13. Victoria says

    Yes, what great timing for this article! My son is nearly 15 months and has started resisting his afternoon nap where he usually goes for an hour and a half and by the time he actually falls asleep he then waking so late it’s the ‘knock on’ effect for bedtime. He stills sleeps for an hour and half in the morning (except for the childminder where he refuses to do that and just has 1 long sleep after lunch). But just a morning sleep won’t last him until bedtime so I’m experimenting putting him down after lunch now today and hoping he will have 1 big sleep to see him through to bedtime..pheww!! This is complicated stuff. He’s been doing this for the childminder so fingers crossed, but I assume it’s nap transition rather than regression and of course the added ‘fun’ of canines cutting through…it will soon pass, it’s not forever…..

  14. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Cindy Badger — thanks for this good advice! Much appreciated :)

    @ Ginette — So sorry things are rough for you right now! That’s no fun (I know from personal experience!) In terms of what’s going on with your 2.5 year old — check out this article ( about the 2 year sleep regression. Sounds like it may apply to your situation.

    You could also check out our free guide on toddler sleep ( to see if there are some strategies in there that might help.

    As for your teething 6 month old — check out this article on teething and sleep ( May be some insights there that’ll help.

    Keep us posted on how it’s going, Ginette! And thanks for commenting. :)

  15. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Victoria — Sounds like you have a good plan! You mention trying one big nap after lunch yesterday — did it work? If it didn’t, you could try easing into it gently (bumping the start of the nap back by 15-20 minutes each day or two).

    Let us know how it went yesterday. And thanks for commenting, Victoria!

  16. Victoria says

    Well on Wednesday and Thursday he only had 1 sleep of an hour and a half for the whole day which is a big drop from his normal 3 hours a day! But he somehow managed to make it to bedtime and went down a little earlier by 7pm. Today he had 2 hours 15 mins which meant much happier lasting until 7.30pm. I still don’t get why he doesn’t always go right off now at bedtime as sometimes he’s still chatting and shaking the cot (!) at 8.15-8.30!! Is this just a bit of sleep regression as he’s non-stop walking and sleep transition and teething etc!!!!

  17. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Victoria — I’d say you’re right on the money with the sleep regression observation. His recent late bedtimes are almost certain to be a sleep regression due to the huge developmental leaps you mention. Things will probably normalize within a few weeks.

    Thanks for this update! We love hearing about how our readers are doing with their sleep training. :)

  18. Victoria says

    Oh heck Emily that is what I feared, but will pass soon I hope and get back to normal…but I’m now not sure if we should be dropping his 1 nap in the day if it’s sleep regression and not sleep transition…today he only had a nap of 1 hour, just got through to 7pm, but don’t know if we should now go back to 1 long morning sleep and 1 short afternoon one, but he probably won’t go down at 7.30 then??? All very complicated how can they one day need 3 hours a day and suddenly barely need 1!!

  19. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Victoria — I’d say go with your gut on this one. If transitioning to one nap right now is causing stress, there’s certainly no harm in going back to a (modified) 2 nap schedule.

    I’d say his shifting sleep needs (needing a 3 hour nap one day and a 1 hour nap the next) is all part and parcel of the sleep regression. He’s getting older, and his sleep needs are changing, but the changing process can definitely be messy and unpredictable!

    Hang in there, Victoria — you’re doing great! :)

  20. Ginette says

    Thanks Emily,

    Thank you, I looked at all the articles you posted and I had already read them when this first started and we don’t seem to be much further ahead. Although my 6 month had 2 teeth come through so hopefully we can start sleep training him now. Last weekend we tried and not sure what was up, but it failed miserably, so hopefully this weekend we have more success.

    My 2.5 year is still throwing us for a loop – like today he seemed exhausted so I knew he would fall asleep at quiet time, but he battled it until 2:30 and I woke him up about 3:30. Figured 5 hours later, 8:30 he should be ready to sleep, but here we are 10pm and the battle has finally just ended. Some nights, like tonight the battle takes hours and drains the life right out of me. Other nights; he had a few nights that he went down great. I don’t necessarily see a connection between if he naps or not and bedtime and it seems long for a regression?

    If he struggles to wake up from his nap he must need it, no??
    Does it become a limited time thing from 1-2 pm is quiet or sleep time and if he doesn’t fall asleep until 1:45 do I wake him up at 2?
    What about those busy days when we aren’t home or done lunch until 1:30 or later?

  21. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Ginette — So sorry to hear that you’re struggling with your toddler’s sleep!

    A few things to consider:

    1. This behavior is perfectly normal for a 2 year old. You can read more about the challenges of 2 year old sleep here:

    2. While it’s wise to wake your toddler if his nap starts going too late, you may want to allow him more than an hour to sleep. For example, if he doesn’t fall asleep until 2:30, try waking him closer to 4:30 or 5. It may impact bedtime a little, but it’ll ensure he gets the sleep he needs.

    I’m wondering if his bedtime battle last night was a result of being overly tired and wound up. It could be that if he starts getting more naptime sleep, he’ll fight bedtime less.

    I can say that my 4 year old still takes an afternoon nap about half the time, and his nap is often 2 or even 3 hours long.

    3. Don’t get too married to the schedule. If naptime is “supposed” to end at 2, but he doesn’t fall asleep until 1:45 (as you mention), don’t wake him at 2. Let him sleep for as long as he needs, and only wake him if the nap starts to bleed over into the early evening.

    4. For busy days — allow the schedule to be flexible then. If you can’t be home until 1:30, lay your little guy down at 1:30 and encourage him to sleep for awhile.

    You may also want to download our free toddler sleep guide and read through it, to see if there are insights in there that may help:

    Thanks for commenting, Ginette! Keep us posted on your son’s progress, and be sure to share any tips that work for you (so that other parents can benefit) :)

  22. Kim says

    Oh, I definitely enjoyed this article, especially since my 16 month old son’s naps have been ALL OVER THE PLACE, and for MONTHS! I have felt like he has been transitioning since September, and it’s December! He started with going to two 30-min. naps at home but at daycare 2x/week he would take a 30-min nap in the morning and about an hour nap in the afternoon, so I figured he still needed 2. Just about the same time is when he transitioned to FINALLY STTN, and now sleeps about 12.5-13 hrs/night (crazy!)
    For the last month or so if he does take two naps they are still only 30-min naps and he has had several days where he skips his 2nd nap all together (maybe 3x/week) and the morning nap is still only 30 min.! Naps seem to be getting later – we have been able to push him to about 11am, but have also tried earlier, later, EVERYTHING, and no matter what his first nap STILL only lasts 30 min. So if he has a 11am nap we try for 3/3:30pm nap which then starts to get late because of his 6pm bedtime!
    SO, SO CONFUSED! Was hoping pushing 1st nap to 11am would get him to one/he would sleep longer but no luck. And it’s driving me crazy that he is all over the place. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  23. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kim — sounds rough :( So sorry you’re experiencing this! It could be, of course, that your son’s just in a weird phase, and that if you give it a bit more time, he’ll work through it and start to nap more normally. It could also be that the “nap regression” that sometimes happens around 12 months is happening to your son. You mentions that it began in September; would he have been around a year old then? Finally, the switching back and forth between daycare schedule and at-home schedule could be throwing things off, too. It’s perfectly normal for some kids to sleep better for their daycare teachers than they will for mom and dad.

    Have you checked out our free guide on toddler sleep? That might help you. You can download a copy using this link:

    Thanks for commenting, Kim! Keep us posted on what happens.

  24. Kim says

    Hi Emily, thanks for your response! I have read the free e-book and am also a member on the member area so searched around there, too.
    My son turned one at the end of July, so I’m not sure it’s the 12 month sleep regression? I guess if it IS some type of regression, it seems to just be going on a lot longer than I would think it should (3 months). I just don’t know what to do anymore. I guess I thought maybe it was finally time to transition to one since he is sleeping longer at night, naps are all over the place and the nap times are getting later and later? Should I maybe just take the plunge and see if it works out? I know you said not to force it, but I just don’t think this current “schedule” is working. And I hate saying this, but since he is sleeping almost 13 hrs. at night could he maybe just not need a longer nap? I know they are restorative, but I remember reading somewhere on the site to evaluate overall total sleep?
    I’m just so lost!

  25. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kim — you could certainly try moving to 1 nap. Trying never hurts! Since the nap times are (as you mention) getting later, your son may be trying to head in the 1 nap direction. And you’re right about evaluating overall sleep. Sounds like he’s sleeping very well at night, and while you should definitely still carve out a nap time during the day, it’s probably not the end of the world if that nap is on the short side every now and then.

    However, it sounds like the lack of routine is driving you nuts (and I totally get that — I’m a routine-lover myself!) So trying to establish a one-nap-a-day routine might be just the thing both of you need.

    Let us know you proceed with this, and what ends up working/not working for you! And thanks again for commenting, Kim! :)

  26. Victoria says

    Just to say Kim, that my 15 month old son recently started to mess around with his daytime sleeps.I decided that he was maybe in sleep transition to just 1 nap a day. At the moment this is now working but did take a couple of weeks to adjust.I would certainly try a midday sleep, as he now sleeps anywhere from 1 and half to three hours and is then ready come 7.30 to go down and now does not ‘play up’ at this time.It hasn’t helped with him cutting about 6 teeth in one go, but is hopefully settling down now.Thank you to Baby Sleep Site for advising and helping me on this one too, I did go with my instincts and 1 sleep seems to be the trick at the moment!!! :-)

  27. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Victoria — so glad you’ve settled on a routine that’s working for you! Good for you, for following your mommy instincts. 😉 Thanks, too, for offering some insights to Kim. I love seeing our parents use the comment section to collaborate and help each other out!

  28. Kim says

    Thanks so much, Emily and Victoria!

    Update – for a good week/week and a half (even over the holidays!) we finally were able to transition to 1 nap, and it was at least one hour long. I was ecstatic! But these past couple of days he seems exhausted earlier and has only taken his one 30-minute nap again. He also seems to sleep longer for ANYONE else other than me :( He still is sleeping 13 hours at night…should I (gasp!) wake him? Is that what is going on, or did I try to transition him too soon? (He is now 17 months, will be 18 months on the 28th of January.) And just recently my husband was offered a job in a town about 5 hours away so now we might be moving too, which would throw another wrench in this whole plan….The worst part is I am once again blaming myself for this, and doubting my parenting skills. Sigh. Why is this so hard?

  29. Victoria says

    Don’t blame yourself Kim! You cannot control what your son does (if only we could!!). But know how you feel, you just wish they could tell you what they want/what is wrong. I would still try to stick with a 1 nap routine about midday, which being halfway through the day seems to work for us as he roughly has 5 hours wake time either side then. Sometimes he is very tired by the time I put him down for his nap and if he doesn’t sleep for long perhaps you could try him for a 2nd quick nap later on or just put him down a little earlier in the night. Do you think he may be teething which isn’t helping, or is something waking him early from his nap? When he wakes do you get him straight away? Have you tried leaving him to see if he settles himself back to sleep, my son very often does this. Perhaps a little noise generated machine may help him go back off when he wakes (it seems he may be waking when going from light to deep sleep etc and can’t resettle himself maybe)? I hope something works for you soon, it really is so frustrating!

  30. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kim — Victoria’s right; don’t play the blame game with yourself! It sounds to me like you’re doing everything you can to help your son nap, and that he’s just off his game lately. Which is normal, of course — in those first 2 years, our babies change so much, and so often, that just when we get them into a nice sleep groove, they grow out of it.

    Also, SO normal that he sleeps well for everyone besides you. As he gets a little older, you’ll probably find that he behaves better for other people (babysitters, teachers, etc.) than he does for you. That’s been true for both of my boys in their toddler years! 😉

    Overall, I’d say don’t worry about waking him from his nighttime sleep. The fact that he sleeps 13 hours a night is fantastic! Instead, I’d just try to ride out this stage, and do everything you can to encourage longer naps. But if you’re doing everything possible, and he’s still taking little 30 minute micro-naps, then don’t beat yourself up over it. Odds are, it’ll pass.

    If you need some practical, hands-on tips for encouraging better nap sleep, you can check out these two posts:

    @ Victoria — Thank you, thank you for reaching out to Kim! Your suggestions are spot-on — her little guy’s napless-ness could be due to teething, or to the 18 month sleep regression. It could also be that some white noise would help encourage deeper, longer sleep.

    I love that you’re supporting a fellow Baby Sleep Site reader through a tough time. That’s what makes our little community so unique, and so special — we’re parents helping parents! :)

    Thanks again for commenting, Victoria!

  31. Kim says

    Thank you both so much for your advice and encouragement! One of the main reasons I continue to visit this site, purchase products, etc is because it helps me feel like I’m not alone. So many people think I’m crazy for his early bedtime, the routines and schedule I have set up and all of the sleep aids (including the white noise machine which has been a lifesaver!), but I know when he needs more sleep and when something is off. And yes, I do like to have a little control 😉 so it sometimes drives me crazy when everything I do doesn’t seem to work out. I have learned so much from this site,
    My personalized plan and these articles. I never thought jake would sleep through the night…(took us to 14 mos. to get there! ) and now that he does it still blows me away! but like you said Emily, just when we think we have it all figured out something else pops up!

    That said, I will continue with the longer night sleeping (which I do think could change when it gets lighter out again?) and keep plugging away at trying to increase nap length. Today and yesterday we had improvement again (almost 1 hr naps) so I guess we just have to hang in there!

    Really, though, I just can’t thank you enough for your help and giving me the confidence that maybe I AM doing everything ok!! As a first time mom I question things a lot! Thanks, again!

  32. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kim — Okay, I’ll be honest — your comment just made my night! :) I’ve passed it along to Nicole, because I know she’ll be just as tickled as I am with your feedback.

    I think you’re right — “hang in there” should be your mantra. I’d be anything that this little nap hiccup will resolve itself. And then just when you’ve relaxed and let down your guard, something else (teething/illness/etc.) will pop up. Such is parenthood. :)

    Truly though, Kim, it sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job. I remember how overwhelming first-time motherhood felt for me, and you are so, so not alone in feeling anxious uncertain!

    Thanks for giving us these updates on Jake’s progress. I’d venture to say there are a lot of other first-time moms of toddlers out there who are benefiting from reading these comments!

  33. Kim says

    Hello! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you we had a stomach bug in the house :(. So glad that you liked my story…it really is all true! And I can only hope others can learn from our story…I have certainly learned from others, including the great team you have! Unfortunately, we are still dealing with some inconsistencies…30 min naps some days, 50 min another. Night sleep increasing too…13.5 hours sometimes! And I know there are probably people reading this who WISH their babies slept this long….believe me, I was definitely there a few months ago too! I just wonder if he is trying to make it up at night, but I know you said to let him sleep so I will! Just hard only doing 30 min breaks and early bedtime (6pm). I will take it though, because us finally getting sleep makes everything more bearable! Thanks again for everything!

  34. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kim — boo to stomach bugs! My husband and I were stricken with that over the weekend. Thankfully, our kids seem to have been spared. (For now, anyway… ;))

    Sounds like you are handling your guy’s inconsistencies like a champ. Keep up your awesome work!