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  1. Jaimee says

    My 18 month old daughter has always either co slept with us or in the middle of the night come to sleep with us, which we are totally ok with. Recently, probably a good 3 weeks ago, she would wake up come in our room and not go back to sleep. First it was wanting a drink, which I felt like was my outlet to fully night wean her, so a drink she got a she would eventually fall asleep. Now it’s a million times worse. Last night, she woke up at 2 came in our room and thru a fit, layed down between me and my hubs but didn’t fall asleep until around 4. Then woke up at 7 wanting to watch baby Einstein. So I let her bc I was so completely exhausted. She fell back asleep until about 9am. So many things I hate about this, but more then anything I hate the sleeping in, which I am to blame for bc I don’t want to get myself out of bed like I should. Ahh..breath breath breath. At least she isn’t alone in acting this way.

  2. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Lainie — Glad you find the site and the articles helpful! Hard to know exactly what advice to give, when we don’t know more about your specific situation. If you think that snuggling your daughter in the middle of the night is actually making things worse (because it causes her to wake up even more), then maybe gradually extend the time between when you hear her start to cry and when you actually go in to comfort her? That might be a gentle way to wean her off of needing you to come in and snuggle.

    @ Wendi — it can be so hard not to start bad habits during these regression phases! Your nap situation sounds difficult; no wonder you’re frustrated! Maybe you could go and comfort your son in his room, but make sure that you put him back in bed while he’s still awake, instead of letting him fall asleep on you. Let us know what ends up working for you!

    @ Liz — I love your “little bugger” comment; I’ve thought the same thing about my two little boys many times! In terms of dealing with your son’s night waking, I think you’re wise to be wary about getting him up to play when he wakes at night. Maybe you could go into his room and comfort him there, so that he’s still getting the message that it’s bedtime and not playtime. Hope this passes quickly and you’re back to no night wakings very soon!

  3. Liz says

    Loving (and hating) this article! But this seems like my 17 1/2 month old to a T. He has recently started fussing when he’s put down for a nap or bed and he never gave much of a problem before. He wouldn’t always fall right asleep but he’d talk or play in his crib and then eventually nod off. Now most times when he’s put in his crib he wails, sometimes he falls asleep, sometimes he doesn’t! I thought maybe he was getting too much sleep so I tried dropping his morning nap but that didn’t seem to help things in fact it may make them worse sometimes. I’m thinking it’s a combination of teething and the fact that he’s more aware now that things are still going on while he’s in bed and he’d rather be with everyone else and involved.

    My main concern is nighttime waking… He will cry and scream and carry on for extended periods of time. And last night, for example, he started screaming at 1am or just before, my husband went in to check on him and 15 min later just brought him out of bed and downstairs. The little bugger was WIDE awake and was very content playing. I brought him back to his room around 2:15am, gave him a little milk and put him back to bed. He screamed for a minute or two then must have fallen asleep. I don’t want to let him up to play everytime he does this, but I also don’t want to have to listen to him scream for an hour! Not really sure what’s the best thing to do!!

  4. Wendi says

    Ok, so my question is how do you handle a sleep regression without forming bad habits? My son has slept great for months, 11 hours at night and one 2.5 hour nap. The past few weeks he started waking up several times a night crying, i go check on him and reassure him (without picking him up), and then I leave the room. He’s back to sleep within 10 mins usually. The night wakings have started to get better. But naps are a disaster lately. He goes down ok, but then wakes up usually about 45 or so later screaming. I go pick him up and he goes back to sleep instantly. But will wake up as soon as I try to put him down. So I have resorted to letting him sleep on me. I’m really concerned I’m forming a bad habit, any suggestions?

  5. Lainie says

    Once again, thanks for knowing what I’m going through when you write your articles, Nicole. 🙂

    Does this apply for a 22-month-old? My daughter has been waking at the same time most nights, standing and crying in her crib. Because this is so unusual for her, I’ve been going in there to comfort her.

    She’s stubborn and now wants me to hold her until she falls back asleep (which is short). Since I never do this kind of thing, I’m happy to.

    BUT, I think it’s causing more problems. Last night, for example, she went back to sleep when I laid her down. Then she woke up (or maybe she never fell back asleep – not sure) and was up talking, playing and singing for 3 hours! She does this quite often lately (and she did it sometimes as a baby, too).

    She is getting a molar. That doesn’t help. But I have a feeling it’s less to do with the tooth and more a sleep regression/habit.

    I don’t mind giving her snuggles, but I hate that she’s wide awake later. What should I do? And what makes her be wide awake at that point??


  6. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Yolandi — we’re glad you found the site, too! Welcome 🙂 I think it’s safe for you to assume that your little guy is experiencing the 18 month regression, especially since his normal sleeping habits are so great. Good for you for being patient and waiting it out (even though I’m sure the past 4 weeks have felt much, much longer!)

  7. Yolandi says

    I am so happy that I found this site! Our little boy is 19 months now and used to be the best sleeper. He went down easily, had no trouble moving from two naps to one, slept straight through the night (from 6 to 6) and had a two hour nap each day. And literally, the next day, we couldn’t get him down till 8pm, he kept waking up at night and crying. I thought it might be the transition from a cot to a bed, but now I think it might be a combination of the move to a big bed and sleep regression. It has been 4 weeks now and he is only now slowly starting to wake less at night, but it still takes an eternity to get him to settle at bedtime. Best to wait it out it seems.

  8. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Melanie — it very well could be the 18 month regression coming on a little early. It sounds like your daughter was on a nice sleeping schedule, which is fantastic! So I think you’re probably safe assuming that this is a regression and that it’ll pass in a few weeks. Best of luck to you! Hope you’re all sleeping better soon.

  9. Melanie says

    I wasn’t sure what was happening with my almost-16-month-old until I read this article…now I’m wondering if it’s a sleep regression. My daughter has been sleeping on a very nice schedule for months, sleeping around 11 hours at night and one 2-hour nap. She’s slowly been taking a long time to fall asleep, but in the last week or two it’s been horrible! It took her 2 hours to fall asleep for her nap last week, and now tonight, it’s been 1 1/2 hours (fingers crossed…I think she’s finally just fallen asleep as I type this)! I hope this is a regression, so at least it’s only temporary.

  10. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Shannon — You’re right about that; the molars are the absolute worst. The only nice thing about them is that they signal the end of teething is near 😉